Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Our Grandchildren

We have six grandchildren and most of them have stayed in touch with us all their lives. The eldest is Christina, who belongs to our son, Keith, and who is now 29. She is the mother of Mia, one of our our great grand daughters.

Next came Jeromy, who is now 29 too and son of our daughter, Leslie. He is father of Sage, our eldest great grand daughter.

Next came Sara 26, again a daughter of Keith, shown here at her
wedding. She is the mother of Isabel.

Then Keith had a son, Shawn, 20, whose mother moved away
following a divorce and we lost track of him.

Next came Scott's children, Jerod, 21 and Ashley, 18. Jerod is shown here with my husband, Bob, sitting on a bench at the mall. He is gone now...joined the Coast Guard and is in Alaska, out to sea on a cutter.

Last of all, is Ashley, all grown up now at 18. This is one of her senior pictures. She has gone to Texas to live with her mother and attend college. She has a part time job at the mall at a nice clothing store.

Her mother is a nurse. She informed our son, Scott, that she wanted a divorce while he was deployed in Afghanistan. He had been deployed four times in five years and I guess that took it's toll. The children were left alone when she moved in with her boyfriend. I took Ashley so she could attend summer school and make up her junior year. Then our daughter and son-in-law took her for her senior year. She did well in school with them.

I have a problem understanding divorce. Bob and I struggled with our marriage for many years but we never even tried to divorce. We just worked it out. Sometimes I think young people anymore just don't want to work at marriage. They just get a divorce.

No one ever said it would be a rose garden. It has been the hardest thing I have ever done.

I don't believe I would ever be up to it again.
It takes too much energy. Maybe I am just getting lazy in my old age. But this post is not about me. It's about our grandchildren.

They grew up awfully fast.

We used to take them two youngest ones for a month
every summer. We had Jeromy a lot since he lived
nearby. Christina and Sara spent some time in the summers with their dad and we got them quite a bit that way.


Anonymous said...

I divorce my first husband, he was mentally and physically abusive towards me, I didn’t want my son to grow up thinking that that was the way to behave and it was normal for a husband to treat his wife that way.

Margie's Musings said...

I understand that. I would never stay with anyone who abused me either. But some folks just get tired of marriage or they have a quarrel and they think that's a reason to divorce.

I know one girl whose husband didn't help with the baby or the house, and she was going to divorce him over it.

That's what I meant.

Judy said...

The pictures of the children are great. They are all such nice looking people. I know you two are great grandparents and appreciate all your grandchildren and great grandchildren as they do you.