Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Busy Wednesday

This has been another wild day. I worked my three hours this morning mostly filing but also getting bills paid and put into envelopes and stamped and mailed. Once again I got a lot of paper cuts. Filing does that. Then met Gay for lunch with her class reunion committee. After that, I applied for another job at an office supply store.

Then I came home and by that time it was time to go to my PINCH meeting. I got home about 6:30 and once again watched "When Harry Met Sally". I fixed some popcosrn and had yogurt for dinner. Last night I watched "The King's Speech" on On Demand. It was good even though it cost me $5.99 to see it. I couldn't find it at any nearby theatres so On Demand seemed the best resort.

It was windy and chilly today. In fact, I turned the furnace back on. I cancelled my hair appointment for tomorrow. My hair is so short now that I can wash and dry it myself and it will do o.k. That let me save the $11 it costs to have it done. I preside at church Sunday. Sunday, of course, is Easter.

Friday my eldest son is getting married. I know he will be very happy. He met Esther at church and they spent a lot of time together getting acquainted.


ChuckFu said...

Thanks for the Card mom, Esther wanted me to make sure to tell you she said thanks too

Margie's Musings said...

You're welcome Keith...and Esther. Have a lovely wedding and have a good time on your trip.