Monday, April 18, 2011

Terribly Busy Monday

Today was very busy. I had a huge amount of filing to do at work. After work, I had a board meeting for the clinic in Independence. I got home about 1:00 and ate my leftover Chinese food from yesterday and wrote up the minutes and got them sent out to Susie. Then went out job hunting. I applied two more places today. That makes me five applications this month. When I got home I fed my animals and talked to son, Keith, awhile on the phone. He will be married on Friday in Sanoma, Arizona.

After that, I mowed my yard. I did not get it trimmed. I played out. I had the back gate open mowing and looked up to see Slinky across the alley sniffing around. I called to him but he's not only stone deaf but he also ignores anything he doesn't want to hear. He's stubborn. I turned off the mower and went to get his stake out. I clipped it on his collar and led him back to the patio. Then I finished mowing out at the alley and closed the gate after I put away the mower. Funny dog! The peonies are about ready to bloom. In the photo above you can see them all budded up.

We were to have Bible study Wednesday evening at Bobby and Karan's but I called her this afternoon and she is still sick. She has lost ten pounds with this terrible vomiting and diarrhea and she is very weak. But she was able to keep down some applesauce this afternoon and Bobby fixed her an egg this evening and she has kept that down too. So she may be on the mend. Anyhow, I cancelled the Bible study for this month.

Tomorrow, I will try to finish my filing at work. After that I have nothing else on the calendar. That should feel good for a change.

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