Thursday, August 18, 2011

Another Hot Thursday

We're to have a heat advisory this afternoon of 105. I will be in Independence getting my hair done at 1:45 for an hour and a half. Slinky will have to tough it out. I am also picking up Juanita for lunch at 12:30. That means I will have to go straight to Independence when I get off work today. It will probably be 3:00 or later when I get out of the beauty shop since she is working me in around two others.

I will be filing traffic tickets this morning. I got them sorted alphabetically yesterday before I left. Yesterday I filed all kinds of divorce papers. It took 3 1/2 hours just to get them filed. I am amazed at the bulk of paperwork in just this office in Montgomery County ..not even counting the Independence court.

They held court yesterday so this will be a big day.

Keith Skyped me last night at 10:30 and we talked for about ten minutes. I had gone to bed at 9:00 because I was so tired. I awoke to use the bathroom and heard him paging me. It was good to visit with him again.

I went by to visit with my brother-in-law last evening since he had been to see his oncologist. He only got to visit with his NP but still learned quite a lot about his condition. He had also been to see his wife at Windsor Place. She continues to deteriorate mentally. Monday when I went to see her, she was very catatonic. That is a terrible tragedy....a terrible disease.

I heard from Susie this morning, the director of MC3, our clinic for the uninsured. The application to make MC3 a FQHC was approved and SEK will take us over the first of the year. They will be moving it to Coffeyville's hospital site, CRMC...fourth floor. They will lease that entire floor there and the hospital will donate the utilities. It will include physical health care as well as dental and mental health. That will be a huge boon for the county. We are the poorest and least healthy county in the state of Kansas.

It will be interesting to see what today brings.

Again, I was swamped with filing at work today...which is fine. The time flies.

Afterward I picked up Juanita and we ate at Pizza Hut which is near her home. I made it to my 1:45 appointment. I promised her I would take to Joplin to Olive garden in September after it cools off Then we will go to the mall and walk around Penney's. That's about all she is up to anymore. She is looking forward to our trip.

I got my hair done today and look like a human being again. Too bad it doesn't stay longer then a day or two. In this heat and humidity, it will be ultra curly by tomorrow or Saturday at the latest. Drat! If it would stay I would get it done weekly but it doesn't.

I got home at 3:30 and let Slinky into the kitchen. He was so hot. The heat index is 105 today, although it's ONLY 98.

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