Monday, October 31, 2011

Busy Monday

I went out to Leslie's at 8:00 this morning to clean her house. She had had other priorities the past couple of weeks...preparing for the Relay for Life this Saturday. It took me three and a half hours but when I finished, it shined. Leslie's house is always neat even when it's dusty.

After I finished, she met me for lunch. She bought lunch. Then I went home and met Bob A. to pick up our new copier for church. We couldn't get the box in the car. They will deliver it out at church tomorrow morning. Then I will clean my own house tomorrow.

While I was out at the church, I picked up a copy of our sales tax exemption and later took it to the office supply store.

The librarian called to make an appointment with me at 1:30 Friday afternoon to talk to me about orientation. (she has passed me over for a part time position there twice).

I went to the dollar store to get some groceries and a "thank you" card for Bobby.

I made some soft serve ice cream and ate that for dinner and I watched Antique Roadshow while I met my "trick or treaters" at the door. When I ran out of candy, I turned off the light, took my shower and washed my hair and got ready for bed.

I should have bought more candy, I guess.


ChuckFu said...

Life is sweet mom, now the librian has to work kinda of for you.

Margie's Musings said...

That could be, Keith. Don't you leave today?