Monday, August 6, 2012

A Little Cooler Monday

Today is to be a little cooler...if you can call the high 90's cooler. It's certainly better then Saturday's 112. Any relief at all is welcome.

About 9:00, I will go to the Dearing post office and return some shoes. I bought these shoes from QVC a couple of weeks ago and wore them once. They wore a blister on my left foot. I gave them to Leslie and she wore them at the mall on Saturday and they hurt her feet too. That's strange because they were made by Birkenstock and those are usually superior sandals. I called QVC and told them about it and they sent me a paid return label and gave me permission to return them. That's another good reason to buy from QVC. A local shoe store (and we only have one) would undoubtedly not let me return them after they had been worn.

Yesterday afternoon I got the Sunday church newsletters out and last night I watched Sixty Minutes on TV and saw an interesting story about a group of scientists who say all this sugar we are ingesting is causing all these health problems we have in America. They say not only obesity but also heart disease and cancer are likely caused by the huge amount of sugar and high fructose corn syrup we ingest. That's fairly new news and very interesting. I will watch the amount of sugar I ingest now and see what that will do for my health. I eat a lot of ice cream and I certainly don't need it. They said almost all the food we buy already prepared, including frozen dinners and restaurant food is loaded with sugar to enhance the flavor. I am cooking again now and not adding any sugar to anything I prepare so perhaps that will be a lot healthier.

Around 11:00, I will begin dinner for Bob and myself. We will eat around 11:30. We will have chicken fried steaks, mashed potatoes, gravy, veggies and some kind of salad that Bob will bring. He does not require a dessert so hopefully we will not gain weight.

This evening I will bake my two cakes for the dinner at the First Christian Church in Independence. I will work this afternoon.

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