Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday At Last

I really enjoy my Fridays. I get my hair done very early...about 7:00 AM. Then, while it was still cooler this morning, I raked leaves. I still have to bag them but it got too hot to bag them today. Maybe tomorrow I can get some of it done.

Bob will be here in twenty minutes to pick me up to go to Just Us for lunch in Cherryvale.

I don't know what I will do this afternoon. I have most everything done here at home except that bagging the leaves. I can't do that right now. It's too hot.

I called Juanita this morning and she is doing better. She does need to go see Dr. Eslicker and I told her I would take her. She's supposed to call me tomorrow with the date and time of her appointment.

Maybe later...more later..

It was too hot to do anything outside after we returned from Cherryvale. We did stop at the church and cleaned. It is Bob's month. Mostly, though, I stayed home and watched TV and stayed in out of the heat. I fed both cats and read the newspaper and that was about all.

Tomorrow we will eat our leftovers. I will be happy to get my refrigerator cleaned out. I have leftover chicken, gravy, potatoes, tomatoes, some veggies. and strawberries too. It should make a good dinner.

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