Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Another Painful Tuesday

Last night was another bad night. I awoke at 12:00 with both arms hurting. Missy was also restless and started mewing for one reason or the other. First she wanted her litter box cleaned out. Then she wanted to go outside in the dark. Finally I let her out for a little while. Then when she came back in she began mewing for some unknown reason. I rested in the recliner for awhile and finally just went back to bed. I had to "shhh" Missy a few times before she finally climbed up on the bed and went to sleep on my feet.

I finally got back to sleep about 2:00 and slept until 5:30 this morning.

This morning is Bob's surgery on his hand. They will open the "tube" that feeds fluid into his middle finger so it will no longer "stick" and be painful. His surgery is at 10:45. I will make a quick trip to Independence for my hair appointment at 9:15 and come right back home to take him to the hospital for his surgery. I am supposed to take him home and stay with him for 12 hours for observation.

Tomorrow is rent day. I will need to transfer some money for my checking account.

More later...

Bob's surgery went well. His right hand is bandaged with an Ace bandage that is to stay on for a week and in two weeks they will take his stitches out. They gave him a prescription for Oxycontin for pain. I got him some ice cream to eat to take with his pain medicine. He is very right handed and may have a time getting dressed and undressed with his one left hand. I stayed there with him until 4:00 when he took his pain medicine and then came on home. He can call me if he needs help.

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