Friday, April 10, 2015

Friday At Last

Thank goodness it's Friday. I am always ready for Friday. Standing for four hours at the library always wears me out by week's end. I do have to work tomorrow for two hours to finish making up for the loss of the Good Friday hours.

I got up and got ready for the day before I got the ribs into the slow cooker but they are in there now. They should be finished by 11:00. I will just keep them warm until I get the potatoes and veggie ready.  I already have Bob's salad here.

This has already been an interesting morning. I am in the process of charging my new laptop battery.  This morning when I had it all charged up for the third time, I could not open my browser.  I rebooted the computer and then ran check disc. Now it appears to be running fine. To train the new battery to charge at capacity you must fully run it down and then charge it to 100% and run it down again five different times. That is supposed to train the battery to charge to full capacity.  We will see.

Tomorrow after I leave the library at 11:00, I will go to Bartlesville to meet Myra for lunch.  After I get home, if the weather permits, I will mow. Bob insists he will help me.  He got his mower oil changed and gassed up. I cannot start it so he will have to pull the rope to start it for me. If you recall this landlady refuses to  have the yard mowed every week. The grass is already eight inches high and looks bad so I will mow again this year between the times she has it mowed.

We have a guest minister coming Sunday at church and we are planning a basket dinner.  I will fix my corn casserole and a dessert of some kind. Also Sunday evening Karan and Bobbie will have the Living the Questions group.  I imagine that will start at 7:00.

More later....

Today at the library, I put away a lot of DVDs but not as many as usual. Then I did some shelf reading. We need a new kit to repair and clean the discs. Yesterday the one disc that repairs the disc, came apart. So Katie is ordering another kit.

She came and told me she wanted me to go over to the children's side of the library and find about twelve books that did not get a full bar code scan. Whoever scanned over there did not notice they did not get the entire bar code scanned.  So those books did not get scanned. All Katie could do was tell me the books on either side of the partly scanned bar code and I would have to check for the one in the middle of those two. It took me an hour to find all the books with the partly scanned bar codes but I finally found them all.  Katie must stay up nights looking for work for me to do. But maybe not. The last 45 minutes I was there she had me cut out bar codes and cash redemption coupons on Campbell soup labels. They can redeem those for supplies for the library. Some of the work I do there is just child's play.  Oh how I miss the courthouse. The work I did there was interesting.  Oh well, it's all work.

I came home to read the paper and my Consumer Report Health Newsletter.  Bob came over to watch the news and left at 7:00.  I took my bath and put my PJs on.  Bobby and Karan came over and picked up his dinner from the bar b q ribs. They were good but I will be eating with Myra tomorrow and we have that basket dinner at church on Sunday. So we shared with Bobby.

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