Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Wednesday and The Problems Persist.

If you read last night's blog, you learned that I am still waiting to get the leak under my sink fixed.  In another hour I will call the plumber and tell him Martha will be calling him sometime today to fix my leak under the sink but I wanted to contact him early to be sure to get it done today.  If necessary, I will pay his bill myself and just deduct it from the rent. Or he can bill Martha....whatever...I just want the sink fixed so I can cook and clean up afterward.

Yesterday was another nightmare at work too. Katie had told me to scan bar codes on all the magazines in the back room at the library.  I got all the 2014 and 2015 done on Monday so the ones I had left were all the Kansas History ones for decades and all the National Geographic Magazines  for decades and that included ten shelves of magazines. I started with those on the top shelf and found only a couple with bar codes. As I went through box after box of old magazines, I found only a bar code here and there....usually 2009 or newer. It took me three hours to check them all and scan what I found. Finally, I went to tell Katie what I had discovered. She came back to check what I was talking about. Then she said, that's because we didn't do bar codes until recent years. She could have saved me a couple of hours work if she had told me that to begin with.  Oh how I miss the courthouse! She also told me Adrian had found two stacks of magazines that I had bound that were to be saved. I looked at them and they they were not on the list at all. She then told him to put them on the list. I guess I was supposed to know that by osmosis. I scanned them and then put them in the proper magazine boxes and labeled them.  That's the most unorganized place I have ever worked.'s a library!

Life is certainly not simple anymore. And, at my age, I don't cope well with folks who drop the ball whether it's a library director or a landlady.

Today, even if the plumber does not come until afternoon and Bob has to let him in, I will cook this meat I have thawed. We will have my leftover potato salad and his salad and the baked beans from Sunday. I will just have to stack the plates and wait until I have a working sink to run the dishwasher and wash them.

I wonder what Katie will have for me to do today?

More later...

I reached the plumber this morning at 8:00. The property manager had already called him last evening and arranged for him to come over this morning.   I don't know when... but I'm just happy he's going to take care of the sink leak. I will send her a thank you note with an apology for my temper last night.  I'm going to try to cook today if the plumber is not still here. I am hoping he will be here fairly early so I can.  My meat was thawed yesterday.

Missy wanted to go out this morning so when I had my coffee ready I let her out and went out on the carport to drink my coffee and eat my banana.  When I was ready to come in the apartment, I tried to get her to come too.. This go.  She would not come in. She loves the outdoor and wants to eat grass and also lay in it. I tried to get her with the broom but she just hissed and growled at me. Finally I went in without her.  When I came back out to try again to get her in, she was gone.  I got my flashlight and went looking for her. She was just east of my apartment next to the apartments next door eating grass. I tired once again to get her to come in but she absolutely refused and ignored me. I finally just picked her up under the front legs and carried her into the house.  She was not happy but she did not bite me either.  Now she is in for awhile. It's much too much work to get her to come back in. She just loves it out there in the grass. She eats some and she lies in it.  If there weren't other hostile cats in the neighborhood, I would let her out but she is so fragile anymore that I don't dare. If she got into another fight and lost like she did two years ago, I might lose her. She had a heck of an infection from that fracas.


Betty said...

Did anyone in that library do any work before you got there? Sounds as though they are giving you all the dirty jobs and keeping the easy ones for themselves. I know. None of my business, but............

Margie's Musings said...

I am doing all the dirty work but they can hardly expect librarians to do that work. They check out books and Carolyn, a part time worker, puts away books. They also have a part timer ( a college student) who puts the clear plastic covers on books and DVDs.