Monday, April 6, 2015

Monday and A Hair Day

I will go to Independence about 9:00 for my 10:00 hairdo and cut day. I will go to their Wal Mart store to do some shopping.  It is a superstore and ours isn't. Ours often does not have advertised items. It is such a dud of a store. I seldom buy my produce there because their produce is rated so badly by Consumer's Report.

If the timing is right, I will go by Big Cheese and buy a small pizza for our lunch before I come home. I do that about every three weeks. When I have my long appointment, it simplifies lunch for me.

Missy wanted out this morning and since it is warmer, I let her out. She wanted to eat grass and since the birds are chirping, she also wanted to be out to hear them. Several years ago, when we lived on Catalina street, and before I sold the house, she was able to catch and eat birds. That always aggravated me but I know that is their nature. Now that she is older, she no longer can do that but she still enjoys hearing them chirp. 

I will work this afternoon. I don't know what project Katie will have for me today. Saturday morning I spent the entire two hours I worked, peeling the green stickers off DVDs that were no longer "new". When books or DVDs are new, they put a green sticker on them and put them in a "special" place so people will know they are "new". When those books and DVDs are six months old, they have me take the green sticker off them and merge them into the bookcases with the others. I finished that project on Saturday morning.

I ordered a new battery for the laptop. Dell says the battery is "defective" and an error message came up and suggested I buy a new battery. It was shutting down suddenly without warning. So I am back to using the desktop for my work. The little laptop needs a new  battery too but I will just buy one at a time. They evidently have not shipped the new battery yet. I haven't had an e-mail telling me it was shipped.

More later....

What an exhausting day! Today Katie said I need to scan bar codes on all the magazines in the back. There are hundreds and hundreds of those. Luckily I had organized the last two years into magazine holders and put them in order too.  I got all of 2015 and 2014 done in two hours by working right along. The sad thing is that Adrian had told me to not worry about the order when I bound the older ones to be discarded or recycled.  He said just make the bundles small enough that I can handle them without hurting myself. Katie learned today that Adrian had not taken them off the inventory when I bound them up. So he is opening the cords and taking all those of the inventory too. But he is getting them put back just where I had stored them.

So now I have to scan the hundreds and hundreds of old Kansas magazines and old National Geographic magazines.. There are seven shelves full of them. Hopefully when I get those done, the worst will be over. Surely it can't be any worse.

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