Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tuesday and A Problem

I was cleaning up after Bob left last night and suddenly I felt I was standing in water. I opened the cabinet doors  under the sink and found it had been leaking under there. I grabbed a towel and sopped up the water and got all the stuff I store under there out.and onto the floor in front of the sink. I tried to call the landlady but she was not home. I called her property manager and she called her maintenance man but he was not available. She tried to call a plumber but they had an answering machine on their business phone and did not answer.  So I left the doors open to dry out the wood and put all that stuff up on the counter top. They are supposed to send a plumber out this morning. If they don't get it fixed by noontime, Bob and I will eat out. I can't cook without water and enough water to clean up too.   What a mess! I didn't think I would sleep a wink last night but I was so tired after yesterday at work that I did. I did wake up a couple of times but got back to sleep until 4:45 when I just got up.

The cabinet floor was mostly dry but my little in front of the sink rug is still drying on a chair out on the the carport.

I will just take the cakes up to Independence and come right back home. I would like to be here when the plumber comes...if the plumber comes.  I would like him to switch the lines correctly to the hot and cold water. For some reason Wayne had them switched wrong. Instead of the right being cold water, the left was the cold water and the right was hot. I have used them that way for the two years because I didn't want to trouble Wayne but I will have them corrected if a plumber is coming, Also, the bathtub faucet drips all the time.

I will be scanning bar codes on all those magazines at work again today. What a mess!  I am already looking forward to the weekend and I still have to work two hours on Saturday to finish making up for the Good Friday holiday. Saturday at noon, I will meet Myra for lunch. Bob will be on his own.

More later...

Well, it's nearly 11:00 and no plumber has come yet. I wonder when I can expect him? I can't cook with the kitchen in such a mess and so I imagine we will have to eat out at lunch.

We did have to eat out at lunch. 

The plumber never came and when I checked on it the property manager said the owner was having her maintenance man come to work on it after he got off work. I waited until 7:00 PM and then called her back. She said she thought he would have been there by 5:00. He never came. I lost it with her and told her I had thawed meat for our dinner and needed to cook it today. She said she would call the plumber in the morning. I will call the plumber myself at 8:00 just to make sure it gets done early. I never dreamt I would have all these problems getting  a simple plumbing job done.  This landlady is the pits. I told her property manager that when one owns property, one has to expect some problems to come up and it is the responsibility of the owner (or property manager in her case) to provide the service needed. I told her Bob Miller and I owned property at one time and we took care of any problems immediately. I also told her the rent I had paid had never been even one day late and I expected better service.  They have never been able to rent the apartment where my brother in law lived and it has been empty since November. It really didn't pay them to raise the rent and do away with the business account for the TV. Now they have lost six months rent on that apartment.

I was angry!

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