Friday, June 10, 2016

Friday...The Last Full Day

I still have not decided whether to attend the sessions today. Until I've been up awhile I won't know how well I feel. I slept all evening and through the night as well and I feel much better today.

We will not have our quorum work today. Instead we will have morning and afternoon legislation sessions and try to get most of the work finished today since the Conference legislation sessions will break up at 10:30 tomorrow. After that, there is a worship service before we leave for home.

More later....

My son posted another photo of the house today. This is the living room/family room.

I really like that floor!

Well I made it through the day! Many items moved right along. We have two hours tomorrow before we leave for home. The worship service is right after the 10:30 end of the  legislation. I feel better but certainly not 100%.

Leslie and I just stopped for a small milk shake for supper. We had a filling lunch.

She has gone to the International Hymn Celebration. I have very little voice so there was no point in my going.

Perhaps more later...

Joanne made me a cup of Camomile Tea  and then I took my bath. I still have a very rough voice but it is a little better today. I still am very tired. I am looking forward to getting home after the business meeting in the morning and the Worship Service afterward.  I am mostly packed and ready to go. I just have to pack my cosmetics after I finish getting ready in the morning.

Good night, friends!

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