Thursday, June 9, 2016

Thursday and Progress

Today we are to make some progress on the agenda. I certainly hope so. Most of yesterday afternoon was spent listening to comments of dozens of egomaniac delegates who really like to hear the sound of their own voice. Some repeated almost verbatim when previous other speakers had said. Personally,I think the people in charge should limit discussion to thirty minutes before a vote. Sometimes these folks want to go on for an hour just haggling over whether a resolution should pass or fail. I think after we have heard five speakers of each side of the question, we should be ready to vote.

After the afternoon session, Leslie and I attended the reception Mark Scherer held to "celebrate" his retirement. Mark, who has worked for years on a three volume  history of our church was one of those that were "downsized".   They have closed the museum, the archives, and the book store after "downsizing" those who ran those areas. One of my old time friends, who had been there for 28 years was also "downsized".  It was a great evening though. He honored several old and valued friends with a gift of his third volume, which I bought right after I got here.

More later....

About mid morning, I began to lose my voice. By late afternoon I had a cough.The woman who sat behind me at the Elders Quorum on Tuesday morning, coughed constantly and did not cover her mouth. I imagine I caught whatever it was she had. Leslie brought me back to our hosts after the last legislature session and I took a bath and went to bed immediately. I slept all evening and all night and feel somewhat better this morning. But until I've been up awhile, I don't know whether I should try to make the sessions on Friday.

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