Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Wednesday at Conference

Perhaps we will get further into legislation today. Yesterday we spent the entire day on the budget. There were lots of questions because of the financial bind the church is in right now.  Some of us just didn't know how that could have developed so quickly. The presiding Bishopric was able to explain the dilemma very well though and so many of us were satisfied before we voted.

Now we can get on with the rest of the legislation.

I heard from my brother-in-law today. Missy is being difficult.  We'll see how good she will be after he gives her that freedom. She wants to go outside and he has not yet let her out. She's sneaky and will probably try to sneak away from the fourplex. He is going to try to let her out today and sit out with her awhile. 

Tonight Leslie and I will attend an anniversary reception for our church historian and his wife. They are holding it at a facility where they were originally married and had their reception at that time. I need to take the address with us today so Leslie can put it in her GPS in her phone.

I am making a concerted effort  to come back to my room and let Leslie have some time with our host couple without me being there and dominating the conversation. :) This also gives me time to check my e-mail and read my material.  I can receive e-mail but find I cannot send it...for some strange reason.

More later tonight...I do need to read today's material.


Sister--Three said...

Margie, don't over do it. You are not 16 anymore.
Stay in and rest if you are tired. Let the world turn.
You are a very special lady!

Margie's Musings said...

Thank you, Sister-Three. I am trying to pace myself.