Sunday, June 5, 2016

Sunday At World Conference.

It was another exhausting day but a good one. This morning was the Communion Service. It was beautiful. We had lunch at the Stone Church basement.  They  serve a  nice lunch and you see a lot of folks you know there.  I saw Jerry Nieft (misspelled) that Scott used to work with when he was a youth minister 30 years ago. He said to be sure to tell Scott "hi".

This afternoon we walked around the Celebration Village out on the World Plaza. We walked around a  bit and then we went into the temporary conference book store and I bought Mark Scherer's latest history of the church. It's called "Journey of a People". It is volume three. I will take it with me Wednesday evening when we attend his reception and ask him to autograph it. 

Then we went to our Elder's Caucus.  After we discussed pending legislation there we went to the Auditorium and had the legislation session.  It ended at 5:00 and we went by Sonic and had a mini Sonic blast for dinner.  Nothing else sounded good after all that sitting.

We did not attend the ordination service this evening.  My feet swelled after all that sitting today.

So we are just doing the "homework" that Steve assigned for this evening..prioritizing the agenda for the session tomorrow.

Leslie and I walked around the block after I helped Joanne fold towels and that walk helped the circulation in my feet this evening. When we got home we just visited  until 9:00 when we bathed and went to bed...exhausted.

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