Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Tuesday and Another Day of Conference

This is another busy day of Conference. I got up at 5:00 this morning to dress and get ready for the day and also read the "Financial" booklet in my Conference packet.

Leslie is ready to leave so I will work on this later this evening.

More later....

Leslie has gone to the evening service. I am too tired to go out again.  I will stay here at the host's home and work on this blog and read facebook.

This was another huge day. They worked on the budget most of the day. This year the church has run into major financial problems, mostly dealing with a housing project they intended to start to be a source of funding. They have laid off dozens of employees. The church's  congregations asked what it would take to save the jobs of several dozen more and an emergency financial drive from the congregations raised enough to save those jobs.  We will institute a new tithing plan now of 10% of the household income instead of 10% of  the increase, which has been our tradition,  I am attempting to do that now and find that if I am careful, I can do it. At least I have managed it the past couple of months.  We have a new female head bishop and she seems very "on top" of the situation.  Hopefully things will work out if more people pay their tithes and if they get that housing project delayed.

This photo is the bar area in my son and his wife's new home. They will move in on Saturday this week.

This is the tub installed now in the home.

The finished kitchen.


French Polynesia group breaking out in song during a break in Conference.

More later....

Tomorrow will be another big day I am sure. Right now, I will get back to this later....

I just ran out of steam and had to go take my bath and go to bed. Tomorrow is another day. 

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