Monday, June 6, 2016

Monday at Conference and Another Full Day

I got up at 5:00 this morning and got myself ready for the day before sitting back in my room and reading the legislation for today over again. After 6:00, when I knew Joanne was up, I went into the kitchen to eat a light breakfast.

I wanted to start this blog while we had a little time. Joanne just left for the Stone Church.  Joanne is a bundle of energy. I learned yesterday that Joanne is taking chemotherapy after have a surgery last fall. She has already had her radiation treatments. Where she finds all the energy she has is beyond me. Most people in her situation would beg off that huge job of feeding Conference attendees. But not Joanne.  I talked to some of her kitchen crew yesterday and they think she is Wonder Woman.  After doing the pots and pans yesterday, she brought home two loads of towels and dish cloths. That's what I helped her fold yesterday. She just came in again. She just got started on her way and remembered the food she prepared for the dinner there today. So she came back for it.

I will need to finish this this evening.  It is time to go to our caucus meeting.

It was another exhausting day. The caucus was exhausting because dozens of people spoke into the mike and repeated just exactly what everyone else had said. I think they ought to limit speakers so the agenda could move right along.

Then we went to our morning legislation session. It was another trying day. The delegates were just dragging their feet on getting anything done...trying to be completely fair and let everyone who wanted to speak...speak.

We ate off a truck at noon and had a bar b q sandwich and some fries....very unhealthy, :)  

After the afternoon session......just as frustrating.  Then we went to the shopping center and bought a gift for our hostess.  I wrapped it as soon as I got back to their place.

Now I'm working on this blog but I won't get much done with it. Just too tired.  Maybe more tomorrow.

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