Friday, July 22, 2016

Friday and Exercise Class

Today I plan to go to exercise class since I missed on Wednesday because of my doctor's appointment.  I did not sleep well last night. I awoke at 2:15 and could not get back to sleep. Finally at 3:15, I got up and took a melatonin tablet. Then I slept until 6:00. I seldom sleep until 6:00.  When I got up, I felt slightly groggy. I am just now beginning to really feel woken up. I've had my breakfast and a cup of coffee and am having my chai now.  I also fed Missy. Next time I go in the house, I need to get her some fresh water.

Missy and I are out on the carport. We didn't get out here until after 6:30. First we both had breakfast and I always like to see the "Weather on the 8's" on the weather channel before I come out. I have the flowers in the front watered but still have to water those on the east side and the tomato plant.  I will do that a little later. I am driving today since Bob drove last time. I will pick him up at 8:40.  It's only 7:10 now.

Gay answered my e-mail this morning. She wants me to come up next Thursday for lunch and I will do that. She is housebound with her mom living there.  I don't know whether she wants me to bring Bob or not. I have asked her but don't have an answer yet. I have put it on my calendar. Juanita probably will have her bank statement by Tuesday when I go up to Independence for my hair appointment.

One of the primary reasons I don't want to go live with either of my sons is my friends. I have many friends here in Coffeyville and I would not know a soul in Florida or Arizona. I would certainly miss them and they would be too far away to come back to visit. I would be lost.

I picked up Bob for exercise class. That went well. The water department had moved all the tables back into the storage room after they used them but they were standing vertically and Delores, the person that works there, could not get them down by herself.  The chair rack was also in the wrong place and Bob and I moved it out and then put all the tables back horizontally like they were supposed to be. Delores was happy about that.

After the exercise class, I took him home until 11:30 when he comes over for lunch. We are having tuna cakes and fried potatoes and a veggie. He will bring a salad. We still have strawberries and shortcake for dessert. When I came by Dr. Miller's office, I noticed a water main break and now we have no water.

More later...

I just saw the latest photo from my son. It is the cementing of their hot tub and pool.

They are coming right along on that pool.

Lunch was good and we even finished off the strawberries. Then Bob went home to take a nap. The water was back on by 11:45...thank goodness!

I have been working on my budget this afternoon. Next month, besides my payment to Stan for my hearing aid, I will also have my tag and taxes for my car registration to pay. That will be another extra $136.66.  I will probably have to borrow that from my savings. I had hoped to get the last $200. paid back but it will have to wait until September to start that.  I still don't have July's electric bill and with these 100 degrees days, I have no idea what to expect.  I have all electric in this apartment.

More even later...

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