Saturday, July 23, 2016

Saturday and Breakfast Out

I slept well again last night and got up about 5:00.  Missy and I came out on the carport about 6:00. I got her food for her and started to make my breakfast when I realized this was Saturday and Bob and I would eat at Sirloin Stockade for breakfast.

So Missy and I came out on the carport at 6:00. We no sooner got out here and she looked across the street and that little male cat that looks a lot like her was out there. She began growling and hissing and I realized she was about to try to go over there to fight him.  So I opened the door and pushed her inside. She was mad at me! She waits to come out on the carport every morning and I made her go back in. As soon as he ran away I let her back out. But she is vigilant about watching for him. She lies here on her little rug and watches across the street.

I have watered the plants  in front and as soon as I can, I will water the tomato plant and the east side  flowers again. I gave them a good watering last evening but it was 100 degrees yesterday evening and it's supposed to be 102 today and with our humidity, that will be more like 108. We have a very humid temperature.

I feel sorry for my older son. He lives in Phoenix and really has high temperatures. ...sometimes 112 or even higher. August should be a scorcher! I dread seeing my electric bill for July and even worse for August.  Thank goodness my boys are helping me.

Missy is being really good and staying right here with me. She has been that way this week. She knows if I have trouble with her, she will have to go in.

I will pick up Bob this morning for breakfast. I'll go get him in about 50 minutes.

Gay e-mailed me this morning to say it is next week that is her very busy week. She wants Bob and me to come next Saturday the 30th. So we have changed our plans. Gay has her 96 year old mother staying with her and Tony and her time away is very limited.  So we can be flexible.

More later....

Well, we had  nice breakfast and when I got home I did a load of laundry and also ran the cat's afghans through the dryer on "fresh air". She had lots of hair on those afghans.  One of them was soiled too so I ran it through the laundry. The clothes are in the dryer now and the white afghan is in the laundry. While I was puttering around, I ran the vacuum. There was lots of cat hair in there too, I have to vacuum about twice a week to keep the cat hair down. I put in a new bag and rinsed out the filter  too.  Missy hates the vacuum. She hides under the daybed's cover when I run it.

Well, that's done for another few days.  It's almost 11:00 now and we don't have much lunch when we have a big breakfast downtown so I won't cook today. Bob is coming over some time today to check out his bank account on his notebook. I checked mine out. They still haven't taken the Prudential life insurance premium out this month. They usually take it out on the 20th.  The Blue Cross Blue Shield comes out on the 28th so it will be next week when they get that out.

More even later...

Bob came over this afternoon and checked his bank account and tried to read his mail. I had to do some maintenance on it to get it to open. He seldom does his updates and so things get sticky from time to time.   After he left I went to the bank and withdrew money for next week. He is not coming back this evening. There's really nothing on TV and I will read.

I texted Bob that True Grit was on the TV on AMC tonight and invited him over for TV and ice cream. He came and we tuned it. It was the re-make. It was not the one I was interested in watching. We found something else to watch for an hour and then at 8:00, he left. I took my bath and sat with Missy until 9:00 and then we went to bed. 

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