Thursday, July 21, 2016

Thursday and Bob's Birthday Dinner

I've been up since shortly before 5:00 this morning. It seems I just can't sleep until 5:00 anymore. For one thing, Missy comes in and does a very low "meow" to tell me she wants me to get up. I usually just ignore her because I don't want her to get the idea that she can get me up. When she finally quiets down, I am ready to get up.  Then I sometimes learn she has used the litter box and wants me to know so I can flush it.

I got our breakfasts together and ate and then even while it wasn't quite light out, I took her out this morning. I took my coffee out too.  She has been very good. She is just lying here on her little white bath mat behaving herself.  She loves the outdoors but is very wary of it ever since she got hurt by a stray cat right after I moved in here over three years ago.  I always come out with her to corral her.

Today Bob will try to use his birthday coupon for lunch. I will buy my lunch and he will get his free if Rick, the manager, will still honor it. He thought he had until the end of the month to use it and it turns out he was supposed to have used it by the 19th.  If Rick will not honor it, he will have to buy his lunch too. I have a feeling Rick will honor it.

I am not sure what we will have for lunch tomorrow...perhaps tuna cakes. I just can't seem to get interested in cooking right now.  I really need to go through my recipes and get creative.

I have those brownies I made yesterday for the meeting that was cancelled last night.  I need to send those home with Bob for him to freeze for me. I can use them later.

More later...

I spoke a little too soon. The stray cat started across the street and Missy broke out in a growl. She saw or smelled him before I did and started to go take him on. I had to herd her back into the apartment.  She would have been in a whole lot of trouble. He is young and she is old.

Later, after he was gone, I watered the flowers in the front and also the tomato plant on the patio. She came around and wandered a bit but I was cleaning and washing her litter box and she got away from me. I had to go pick her up and bring her back in the apartment. She was not a happy kitty...needless to say.

Anyhow, now I am doing a  small load of laundry including the little towel I dried her litter box with.  I threw in the rest of my small load. Bob wants to do a small load today too so I hope he will wait until closer to noon....or even afternoon.

More later...

This is son, Scott, and Ginger and in the background, just barely visible, is Scott's son, Jerod.

They are at the new home.

I did a small load of laundry and Bob came just before lunch and did a small load of his laundry too. Then he came back at 11:30 and we went to lunch.

When he brought me back home,  I read until my eyes got tired and then put away my book. Now I am waiting for the mail.  

More later...

The only mail I got was the recall on my car's airbags. The agency said they would order it and then call me to make an appointment.  I hope that doesn't take long.

Now I am waiting for the newspaper...not that there's anything of much interest in it.

More even later...

Bob came over about 5:00 or so and stayed until 7:00.  After my bath, etc,. I watched a movie on TV.

At 9:00 Missy and I went to bed..

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