Sunday, July 17, 2016

Sunday and Church

Today I'll go to church and then possibly go to "Just Us" in Cherryvale for lunch afterward. Karan will be at church. Perhaps she will go with us. She has been at camp all last week. Phyllis is in Overland Park visiting her older daughter and grandchildren.

Tonight is our Living the Questions group. It will be held at Marilyn's home. So far Bob and I and Gary and Mona's family are all I've heard from. Hopefully Marilyn will be prepared for seven of us unless Joyce decides to come at the last minute.

Missy is patiently waiting for her breakfast and I need to get mine too.  So I'll get back to this later.

We've both had our breakfasts and are out now on the carport. It's a lovely morning with a slight breeze. Missy is being so good.  So far. I never take her for granted. Sometimes she will surprise me if the birds get too loud. She thinks she's still the mighty bird killer but she's too old and too slow. She can barely catch a bug.

I have taken the paper out to the carport too and have read most of it here and done the crossword puzzle.

Bob will be coming by a little later. He made the coffeecake this morning and he wants me to ice it.  I have powdered sugar.

More later...

Bob came by and I iced his coffeecake while he read the newspaper. Afterward we went on to church.

After church, four of us went over to Cherryvale to "Just Us" restaurant. Kay saved us a table.

Then Bob brought us all back home and I worked on the congregation's newsletter.  After I finished that, I read awhile because at 6:40, I will go get Gary for tonight's Living the Questions group meeting at Marilyn's home.

Bob will be over by 6:00 to watch what we can watch of 60 Minutes before I go to pick up Gary.

More later... 

We had a pretty good session although there were only eight of us there.  I got home around nine and took my bath and immediately went to bed. 

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