Monday, July 18, 2016

Monday and Bob's Doctor's Appointment

Bob has an appointment in Bartlesville this morning with the dermatologist, Dr. Eslicker. He wants me to go with his. (Four ears are better then just two). After his appointment we are thinking of going top eat lunch at "Pies and More" there in Bartlesville where they bake their own bread and make their own pies.  It's quaint little place that mainly serves sandwiches, soup and wonderful pie. It's decorated with dozens of teapots.

Afterward I will come home and finish my cleaning. I have stripped my bed this morning and am doing laundry. I just cleaned last Thursday and this will be a busy week.  Tomorrow is my hair appointment in Independence and we will eat at Great China there. Wednesday is exercise class, and in the afternoon we will go to Asbury Village for games.  That evening I have the PINCH meeting at the Presbyterian Church at 5:30 and I promised Marilyn I would bring brownies and she will bring the limeade and the rest of the goodies.

I have nothing else planned for Thursday or Friday, thank goodness! On Thursday I do want to go by Stan's office and make some arrangement for the payment of the hearing aid. It's $1500 and I want to see if I can pay it out at $100. a month. If not, I can't buy it. I have too little savings to pay for it all at once.  Stan let Bob do that. Surely he will let me do it too.  He didn't even charge Bob any interest.  It wouldn't be such a problem if I didn't still have the car payment too. We'll try to work it out.

More later...

Missy and I have both had our breakfasts and have been out on the carport for awhile. I had stripped my bed and went in to remake it while she ate some of her food and had a drink of water.  She was not all that happy that I didn't come right back out and let her right back out too.  But we're back out now and she seems happy. I have watered my flowers and remade my bed. Bob is coming by at 8:40 to take me with him to exercise class. His Bartlesville appointment isn't until 11:20 so we should have plenty of time to do both.

So far, Missy has been real good. She is staying close by where I can see her. Right now she is eating some grass.

More later.....

My son on the far left and his son, Jerod and daughter, Ashley.

The beginning of the swimming pool.

Coming right along!

We went to the doctor in Bartlesville and he zapped a few places on Bob and visited with me a bit.  Then we went to McCalister's and Bob bought my lunch.  After that, he brought me home and I went with Karan to administer to a member who was in the Parsons hospital. We were back by 4:00.  He is in bad shape. We are hoping prayer will help him.

I visited awhile with Wayne, our former landlord, and while I was doing that, Bob came back over and brought my flavored water.  He stayed until 6:00 and after he left I took my bath.  It was a little early but I was tired after such a big day.  I ate a couple of small cookies and a few nuts and drank some water. Later about 9:00, I went to bed. . 


Sister--Three said...

Glad you figured out the hearing aid. I am sure he will let you pay it out!
Sure hope it adds quality to your life.

Margie's Musings said...

Me too, Sister-Three.