Friday, July 15, 2016

Friday and Exercises Again

I slept well last night for a change and I didn't have much trouble getting the hearing aid in either...for a change.

I am ready for the exercise class but first I will have to take Missy outside after we have our breakfasts.

By the way, this photo is one my grandson posted on facebook. It is Ginger and Scott's new home...on the inside.

Looking pretty, isn't it?  I see it is very "open space" but beautiful.

More later...Missy is patiently waiting for her breakfast. ...

We've both had our breakfasts and are outside on the carport. It's nice out here at 68 degrees.  So far Missy has been behaving nicely. I hope she has learned where she needs to be.

I will pick up Bob for exercise class at 8:40. He has been driving and he needs to get gas today and  so it is my turn to drive.

More later....

We went to exercise class at 9:00 and afterward Marilyn met us at Utopia and we had cinnamon rolls and coffee.  She bought! Bless her heart! Then we went to see the house Howard and Judy bought.   We could just see the outside but it was lovely and the yard was beautiful! They should be very happy with it.

Then we came home and I fixed lunch. Bob went home afterward and I cleaned up. He went to buy his gasoline. Tomorrow we will invite Karan over for lunch to have some more of the Bar B Q pork that Marilyn R. gave Bob for his birthday.  It was very good! Bob is going to buy some chicken tenders for us to use this week too.

More later...

This is Scott's son, Jerod, and wife,  Ginger, while eating a gormet dinner she prepared.

I received my John Whitmer Journal in the mail yesterday and read most of the afternoon until Bob came by to read the paper and watch PBS's Brooks and Shields. he left at 7:00 and I took my bath and watched TV until 9:00 when I went to bed.

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