Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Tuesday and a Hairdo

I will go to Independence this morning to get my hair done and Bob will go visit his sister there. This is Bob's birthday. He is 82 today. I have a card for him. I ordered an over-the-door shoe holder for him so he could get his shoes off the closet floor.

I had another restless night last night. I slept fine until 1:00 and got back to sleep until just before 4:00 but when I woke up then, This time I could not get back to sleep. I think what is troubling me is this hearing aid. I have a terrible time getting it in.  Stan showed me how he finally figured it out yesterday morning but I just couldn't get it in easily this morning. For one thing, I have some arthritis in my right hand and thumb and just don't have enough flexibility in it to do it easily. I tried it like he showed me but it still took me awhile to get it seated. My ear canal is a strange shape too and it's dry. I don't have much ear wax.

I will have to take it out for the hair wash this morning and will just wait until I get back home to put it back in. I don't want to leave it in the hot car so I will leave it home. I hate to pay all that money for something that is so difficult for me to seat. As it is, I will have to pay it out at $100. a month. I can't get into my emergency savings to pay it all at once. I still owe a little over a couple of thousand dollars on my car.  I'd like to just have one debt at a time. I think all this is troubling my sleep.

I'd better go get breakfast for Missy and me. More later...

We've both had our breakfast and are now out on the carport. It's 78 degrees out here but there is  light breeze. I've had to chase her down three times already. She is determined to explore and that may get her into trouble.  She is eating grass so I imagine she needs that. She's wandered off four times now and I have threatened to put her in the house if she doesn't mind me. Darn Cat!

It's a couple of hours until I go pick up Bob. So we may have a fight on our hands.

I descaled my Keurig yesterday afternoon and the coffee and the Chai tastes better. It has needed that for awhile but the descaling liquid cost $12.95 a bottle. That's a racket!  It takes an hour to do it too.  I also changed the filter in my Brita pitcher.  So it was a very expensive trip to the market.

I just put Missy back in the house. She has defied me five times and five times is my limit. She is scratching frantically on the glass to the storm door wanting back out. I'll let her suffer awhile before I give her another chance.

Well, I let Missy out again and after a ten minute break, she tried to sneak off again. She is back in the apartment again now. l am not going to tolerate her bad behavior. We'll see how long she can put up with being in...while I'm out.

O.K....she's scratching on the glass again. I'll wait awhile before giving her another try.

I gave her another chance but it didn't last long. I just put her back  in the apartment. She is just as determined as I am. It's only 7:25 and she could have been out almost another hour but she is determined to have her own way and I am not going to chase her all morning.

Darn Cat!

More later...

My hair appointment was unusual. The electricity was out in the block where the beauty shop was located. It was also pouring down rain. I was able to get my hair done though even though my appointment was originally at 9:00. It came back on at 9:45 and Cathy went ahead and did me.  Thank goodness! Then Bob and I went to Big Cheese and had one of their mini pizzas. Good...good...good!

Then I took him home.

More even later...I am going to clean the carpet in my car and then get the car washed.

I cleaned the carpet in the car again. I am trying to keep this car as nice as possible since it will be my last car. It's a 2008 Honda Civic. I also read in the afternoon.

Bob came back over at 5:20 or so to read the paper and watch the news. While he was here, Scott, Ginger and Jerod called and  visited with me on the phone. When they learned it was Bob's birthday, they asked to to turn on the speaker phone and they sang "Happy Birthday" to him. Marilyn R. also came over and brought him a birthday card and a gift of a frozen dinner of Bar B Q pork. We will have it on Friday.

At 7:00 he went home and I took my bath and watched TV until 9:00, when I went to bed.


Sue said...

It is too bad the hearing aid is not working out. I find mine help me so much. It is so hard to hear more than one person talking to me without the help. I just slide the plug in with a gentle push. When I have to take them out I put them in a special pouch in my purse. I was given the pouch by the hearing aide specialist. I wear them most days. It is such a relieve to put them in. Television is so much sharper. I found that I was getting headaches trying to sharpen my hearing. Now with the hearing aides the headaches are gone.

I hope you can go back to using the hearing aide.

Margie's Musings said...

I intend to try, Sue. This afternoon after my hair appointment I was able to get it right in. Thanks for the encouragement!