Thursday, July 14, 2016

Thursday and a Trip to Joplin

I slept pretty well last night.  I woke up at 1:30 and lay there awhile and then decided I had better just take a melatonin tablet if I was going to get any more sleep. I got up and went to the bathroom and then took the tablet. I turned on the light and found that it was 4:00. What a shock! I had gone back to sleep and just wasn't aware of it. When I got up a little while later I felt a little groggy. No wonder!

Missy and I are outside and so far she is minding pretty well. Maybe she remembers having to go back inside five times two days ago. She is lying here on her white bath mat listening to the birds chirp.

We were supposed to have had rain last night but I don't see any signs that we got any. We are supposed to get some this afternoon but I am hoping we will be on our way back home from Joplin before it arrives. We will eat at Olive Garden at lunchtime there. Bob has gone to his Lions Club breakfast this morning so he may not be too hungry too early. I had a small bowl of cereal at 5:30 so I will be ready for lunch whenever we get it. 

I text him every morning to be sure he is alright. He has done well since his doctor put him back on the blood pressure pill that also regulates his heartbeat.

We both have a bag of clothing to take to the Presbyterian church this morning before we leave. I am not finished yet but it will take awhile to try things on to make sure they no longer fit.

More later....

Missy has become rebellious again.  She has tried to go around on the east side three times and the last time, I had to carry her back (hissing and spitting all the way) to her little white bath mat. She is lying here now but how long that will last no one knows...certainly not me.

So more later....

About 9:30 Bob came to pick me up for our trip. We also dropped off the clothing we had each sacked up to the Presbyterian Church sale. We got about half way to Joplin and ran into rain.  That was a mess. The closer we got to Joplin, the heavier it rained. In Joplin the outside lanes were flooded and we got an emergency warning on our cell phones that we were in a flood warning. We got to Bed Bath and Beyond and waited in the car for the rain to subside before going in the store. I found a tablecloth the size I needed and bought it. We then went to JC Penney's to look for the shower curtain Bob could not find at Bed Bath and Beyond. He found  one on sale the color he wanted. He is going to ask Marilyn if she will cut down the width and hem the sides for him. She sews beautifully.  It is 72 inches wide and it needs to be 52 inches wide.  Then we went to another couple of stores and just looked around.

After that, we went to Olive Garden for lunch.  Then we drove back to Coffeyville and before we got here the rain had stopped.

I read all the rest of the afternoon. The landlady came by before Bob came at 5:15 to read the paper and watch the news.   She wanted me to sign a lease. I declined. I told her I had no intentions of moving again unless I could no longer afford the rent. I told her Jeannie, Marilyn and I were grandfathered in and would not sign a lease. She was satisfied with that. Bob left about 7:00.  I took my bath and sat with Missy in the recliner until 9:00. Then I went to bed.   It was a big day but a good one. Tomorrow we will go to exercise class and then to Utopia for coffee afterward.

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