Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Wednesday and Exercise Class

I slept really well last night for a change. I got up shortly before 5:00 but had only been up once in the night and then went right back to sleep. And I had very little trouble getting the hearing aid in this morning.

I will go to exercise class today and then we will have the rest of that spaghetti we had on Monday for lunch. I have some more garlic toast too and green beans. Bob will bring a salad. I will take some of it to Marilyn R. since we have plenty. I need to get some more spaghetti sauce or at least some tomato sauce to thin it down again.

I need to do some cleaning in the afternoon. I will be gone tomorrow to Joplin again. Bob and I have decided to go tomorrow. We want to shop some or at least look around and walk the mall there. I could use some more t-shirts if I can find some on a good sale.

Missy is patiently waiting for her breakfast so I'd better get into the kitchen and get it....and my own.

More later...

We've been outside since shorty after 6:00 and (I hate to make this statement too early) it's 7:20 now and Missy has  been very good to stay right where I can see her. Amazing! But I never take anything about Missy for granted. Right now she's lying on the doormat being very good and up until now she has lain right here at my feet on her little white bathmat. She gone in several times for water and food but when she's come back out, she's behaved. So good.

I've watered my plants and soon will water the tomato plant. In an hour I will leave for exercise class.

More even later...I need to walk down the block to the Dollar General store and get some tomato sauce to thin down the spaghetti for lunch.

More later....

Here's a photo my daughter posted on facebook. It is my almost 13 year old great granddaughter holding the baby that is Maia, my now six year old great granddaughter. As you can plainly see, it was taken awhile ago.

I understand Sage, the older one, is moving to Oregon soon. I will miss getting to see her at church camp each summer.  She is really a sweet little girl...soon to be teen.

I attended the Bingo game this afternoon at the senior center and won a couple of prizes. One was a oven mitt and the other was some peanut bars. In about an hour the paper will come and I will read it before Bob comes over at 5:30.  He usually stays until 7:00 and watches the news on my TV.

More later... 


Gert said...

In some ways you sound like me . But you are way busier than I am.,,lol

Blessings to your day

Margie's Musings said...

Thanks, Gert!

Sister--Three said...

They grow so quickly!

Live Sports said...

Great article.. Inspired! You Gonna Love This