Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Exercises Again and Game Day

I slept real well last night. The arm is still not hurting anymore.

Even though it was raining this morning Bob and I went to exercise class. While we were there it stopped raining.  We set up tables for game day and then he brought me home.

I opened a suspicious link by mistake and got a Trojan worm in my system. I shut the system down and Avast evidently took care of it when I rebooted. I ran the program and it did not find it anymore. I usually am a lot more cautious.

In about thirty minutes, I will begin lunch and then afterward I will go on to game day.  We will have the pork tenders with potatoes and perhaps gravy and a veggie and Bob will bring a salad of some kind.  I still have cupcakes for dessert.

That's the plan anyhow.

More later...

Lunch was good and as soon as I got the dishes cleaned up I got my treats together and left for the game day. Bob stayed and did his small load of laundry and locked up afterward.

He will be back later to watch the news and whatever else might be on TV. Tonight is Nature and Nova on PBS and I always like to watch that.

I went to game day and and afterward stopped by the courthouse to say "hello" to the office staff where I used to work. I sure like all those gals in there and miss that filing and scanning work. 

More even later... I need to go out to Walmart and get some cranberry juice and Chai Latte for my coffee maker.

I got my groceries and came home to read my mail. Unfortunately I got a notice of a raise in premium from Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Kansas. It will be $284.84 in 2017. Then when you add $105 for Medicare every month you have a huge bill for healthcare...especially if you're trying to get by on your social security each month. That's $389.84 each month just for healthcare. I don't have the prescription drug part..thank goodness,  or I wouldn't be able to get by at all. I take one med that is $10.00 for three months and another that is $44.64 for three months.  


Anyhow, Bob came by at 5:00 or so to read the paper and watch the news. He left at 7:00 and Missy and I watched Nature and Nova on PBS, my favorite channel.

Then about 9:30, I went to bed.

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