Monday, October 24, 2016

Tuesday and Hair Day.

This will be another very busy day.

First I will pick up Bob about 8:20 and take him with me to Independence and drop him off at his sister Betty's home for his visit. I will go on to Cathy's shop and get my hair done and cut. After she finishes that, I will go over to Juanita's and balance her checkbook. Then I will pick up Bob at Betty's and we will go have lunch. After lunch I want to go to the Social Security office. I have some questions about my social security. I hope I can get in without an appointment.

By then I should be tired. We will come back to Coffeyville and I will take Bob home.

More later...

I tuned up my computer with free Glary Utilities. Years ago, PC World magazine recommended that free utility and it keeps my computer running smoothly most of the time.  It runs well when I use that utility on a fairly regular basis. I use the free Glary Utility too. You can buy a more comprehensive edition but the free one has worked for me for at least fifteen years.

Bob and I ate at Big Cheese again and we had the small pizza this time too. We usually have a mini each but discovered last time that the small one fills us up better.

More later... 

I read this afternoon and later Bob came over and we watched  the news and an old episode of the Big Bang Theory. He went home after awhile and I took my bath and watched PBS. At 9:30, I went home.

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