Thursday, October 27, 2016

Thursday and Housecleaning Day

I slept very well last night and awoke rested. So today is the day I clean my apartment. Bob dropped by after his Lion's Club meeting and so I got a late start on it but by 10:00, I was finished.

I washed both bare floors...the kitchen and the bathroom. Then I vacuumed the carpets. I will dust tomorrow afternoon. In about 15 minutes I will need to start lunch. We are having chicken tenders and potatoes and a veggie and Bob's salad. If I have enough juice left in the skillet, I will make gravy. Then I still have cherry pie dessert for our dessert. I had some left after the game day yesterday.

This afternoon I will read. I hope my new book comes today. If I like it, we will use it for Church School class. It's a newer Brian McLaren book. The Great Spiritual Migration: How the World's Largest Religion Is Seeking a Better Way to Be Christian. His theology makes sense to me.

I need to order Keurig coffees but will wait until after I get my social security on the 9th to do that.

Right now I'd better get busy on lunch. I will get back to this later....

Lunch turned out fine. I cleaned up and after Bob went home I went to the post office and sent off the extra cell phone case that Extreme Cases sent me by mistake.  I ordered what I thought was going to be a soft case to help me hold on to this new phone. It turned out to be exactly like the case on the cell phone ...a hard I sent it back at my own expense. Most of the time, returns are paid for by the selling company. They sent me the second one..exactly like the one I just sent back ...and I told them it was not anything I had ordered since it was identical to the one I did order and I had sent that one back. They wanted me to send this one back at my own expense too....even though I hadn't ordered it. I resisted for a week but today I sent it back to just get it out of my apartment.  Disgusting.

I guess I will read this afternoon. More even later...

I read most of the afternoon. I took Missy out for awhile and also raked some leaves ready to bag them tomorrow.

I worked some more on Sunday's sermon. I hope it's finished now.  I am out of ink in the cartridge. I will remove the black cartridge and hope there's enough colored ink to print awhile longer.

Bob came over after 5:00 and watched TV until 7:00 when he went home. We finished off the ice cream before he left.

Missy and I watched TV until 9:00 when we went to bed. 

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