Monday, March 27, 2017

Monday and Exercises Again

Yesterday was HUGE! It was difficult getting in and out of the van. Especially for us 80+ people. John R,  Sue R., Bob , and I are all over 80 and there were two that were in their 70's. John, Leslie, Sue J, Johnna and Kim and the two children were the ones under those ages.

It was a great worship service though. We had a great,  though expensive, lunch at Ophelia's there in Independence afterward. There were 16 of us from our congregation. Kelly, Melissa and Mary Beth were already up there. Kelly's son, Caleb lives there and so they went up on Saturday to spend time with him.

This is the organ in the Temple. We can barely see Leslie, who presided and Melissa who had the focus moment and Richard Betts, who was the speaker.
This was our group at Ophelia's after the worship service. There you can see Leslie and their grandchildren. Maia, who is 6 is clowning around and Cheyenne is right across the table from her.  Mary Beth is just to Maia's left.

We got home about 5:30 after driving over to Neodesha to leave John R., Sue R., Johnna and Kim.  Today John and Leslie will return the van to Bartlesville.

I will go to exercise class this morning.  I have a roast, onion and potatoes in the slow cooker for lunch. Later I will add the carrots. Bob will bring a salad.  I have already set the table too.

I stopped on the way to the Daylight Donut shop and mailed off Scott's book.  He should have it next Monday. I sent it by USPS media mail.

More later....

We stopped at daylight donuts after exercise class and had coffee with Howard and Judy and Karan. Bob had a sausage roll too. I hope he didn't spoil his lunch. He should be here shortly to bring the ice and his salad and to read yesterday's newspaper. 

We had a good roast for lunch with the potatoes and carrots. Bob did bring a salad.

I lay down with Missy in the afternoon and had an on again off again nap.   Bob came in at 5:15 to watch the news with me. Keith texted me before he went to bed. It was good to hear from him.

Bob left at 7:00 and I took my bath and put on my pjs and watched Tv until 8:15 when I just gave up and went to bed.

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