Friday, April 7, 2017

Friday and Exercises and Utopia Cinnamon Rolls

I slept well last night and got up about 5:00 which is my regular rising time. I only awoke once during the night and I took my thyroid med then.

This morning Bob will pick me up for exercise class and cinnamon rolls and Utopiachino afterward. I got the apartment cleaned yesterday.

Bob's daughter and her husband from Wisconsin will be here today...sometime this morning. They got in last night but stayed overnight in Independence at a motel and usually sleep late so they will probably not be down to see him until close to noon.

I am not sure what I will do today. I had hoped to meet Myra for lunch but have not heard from her. I e-mailed her yesterday afternoon.

More later....

Bob picked me up for exercise class and afterward a group from exercise class went to Utopia for a cinnamon roll and coffee. I had my usual...a Utopiachino. The cinnamon roll was free. The administrator of Windsor Assisted Care bought everyone's cinnamon roll. She was there again.

Bob's daughter called him while we were there and said she was just getting up so he assumed it would be noon before they came to Coffeyville.  So we left and he dropped me off at home.

More even later....   

I lay down with Missy for a nap after cooking a couple of hamburgers and watched TV.

When I got home I did some puttering. I took Missy outside and let her walk around. I saw my neighbor on the east and went over and visited with her.  When I missed Missy, I went to the kitchen door and found her laying on the doormat and patiently waiting to get back in the apartment until Bob asked me over to visit with his daughters granddaughter and son in law.  I went and visited for 25 minutes after I ate my hamburger. I took Bob the other one.

When I came back home my newspaper was here so I read that. I lay back down with Missy until 5:30 and watched the news. Bob came over then to watch the CBS news. He was very tired. He had missed his nap. He went back home at 6:30 and I took my bath and lay back down again on the sofa   and watched TV until 10:00. Then I went to bed.

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