Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Wednesday and Exercises and Bunco

I slept very well last night even though we had storms all evening and most of the night.  We even had some pea sized hail. We have had some much needed rain.  There are severe storms all over the nation right now but mostly in the south east. I worry a little about my son and his wife and my granddaughter. They live in Florida and Georgia.

I'm going to have to take an allergy pill today. My nose is already running and I have had a sneezing spell when I first came into the kitchen to feed Missy.

We will go to exercise class this morning. I will pick Bob up at 8:40. Afterward we will finish off the hamburger pie. Bob will bring a salad. I have cupcakes for dessert.

After 1:00, I will go to the senior center to play Bunco. I will need to fix a treat for that.   I will either take cookies or buy something.

Betty has not rented the apartment behind me yet. As far as I know, she hasn't even shown it since Jeannie moved out last Saturday. I hope she's very careful who she rents that to. Jeannie wasn't a bit of a problem. Marilyn and the Russells are great neighbors. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

More later.....I went to the Dollar general store and bought some trail mix to take to the Bunco party this afternoon. Some of the participants are diabetic and that's a treat they can handle. Besides if they don't use it all, I can bring it home and put it in my candy jar. I like trail mix.

It's very windy out. My hair will be a mess after I get to exercise class. It's always something. If it's not rain, it's wind!

More even later.

I bought some trail mix for the treat at Bunco and am also taking a dozen cookies.  That should suffice.  I have the hamburger pie in the microwave ready to be heated up for lunch. Bob is bringing a salad. I have made up peach tea and we have cupcakes for dessert.

Betty came by to tell me that she would have my windows in a week. She also told me she was angry with Marilyn for being rude to Kenny who then quit the job of being her maintenance man.  She says that made two maintenance men that Marilyn was rude to and that Betty lost. Kenny was just being too familiar with Marilyn and she did not appreciate that. But I did not tell Betty that. I figured Marilyn could do that if she wanted it told.

Dinner was fine and I sent the rest of the hamburger pie home with Bob. After that, I went to the Bunco games and had a good time there. I didn't win anything...not surprised. I seldom do but I still enjoy it.

The paper will be out in about an hour. All I got in the mail was junk mail.  The paper usually has little or nothing of any interest except for the crossword puzzle.  It's strange...the Chronicle is a weekly that I get in e-mail and it has five times more local and area news then either the Reporter or the Journal.  The Journal comes out twice a week and the Reporter five days a week.

Bob will likely be over at 5:15 and reads the Reporter and watches the news here.

He did come and watch the news and old episode of The Big Bang Theory.

After he left, I took my bath and Missy and i watched "Nature", her favorite TV program. 

About 9:00, we went to bed.

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susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

How cute that Missy watches the Nature TV program. My little Fuzzy Pomeranian is completely oblivious to anything on TV, dogs barking, wolves howling, nothing at all. He ignores it. I know his hearing is good. He will bark to tell me if a rabbit hops across the front porch over snow. But he does love to see himself in the floor length mirror and always checks to see if that dog is still trapped in that mirror.