Sunday, April 2, 2017

Sunday and Church School and Church

This morning I will go to church. I slept well again last night. I got up about 5:00 AM which is my usual time.  I have dressed, eaten and fed Missy.  I have even read the paper and done the crossword puzzle.  There's not much in the paper. Mostly it is news we have already read online or seen on the TV. There's not much local news. I don't think the locals try very hard to find local news.

I have planned to go over to "Just Us" for lunch. Bob and Phyllis will go too and maybe Karan and her kids. They are there with her for the weekend.

More later....

Well, Ronnie was called back to Oklahoma City to work so only Sheri and Karan came to church. Sheri came in Karan's car so they could not go to "Just Us" to lunch. When they do that, Sheri drives her own vehicle so she can drive back to Kansas City after lunch.

The service was fine. Though I couldn't hear very well. The PA system was down. I guess Leslie is going to call in a tech to find out what is wrong.   I hope they get it fixed before Sunday.

Sue and John went to "Just Us" with us so we were not alone. This Sunday Phyllis had other plans for lunch.

When I got home, I did the newsletters and got them ready for the mail tomorrow.  Then I encountered a computer problem of my own. I worked it over for a half hour or so and got it back in order. My Avast wanted to get rid of my Mozilla Firefox and I prefer that browser to any of the others. They gave me a default of Yahoo and I do not care for Yahoo for a browser.  I finally got my Firefox back and my own Cox home page back again. Disgusting!

In about an hour I will go pick up Gary for the Living that Questions group meeting at Karan's tonight.  Gary doesn't have a car.

I took the new neighbor and her little boy some cookies this afternoon. Then I baked some more for us. She seems quite nice. The little boy is cute too and well mannered.

More later...

Later in the day, I picked up Gary for the Living the Questions  group meeting. Bob did not go. He wasn't feeling well. There weren't a lot there. Only Karan, who was the hostess, Mona and Richard, Gary, Howard and Judy and myself attended. Joyce wasn't there and neither was Marilyn. Marilyn had spent ten days in Oregon with her daughter and just got in on Saturday. I don't know why Joyce didn't make it.  I had e-mailed everyone.

We decided our next DVD study would be "Jesus and the Kingdom of God".  There are 12 lessons on that DVD so that should take care of us for awhile.

I took Gary back home sometime after 9:00. He seemed to have a good time.  After I got home, I took my bath and spent some time with Missy. I went to bed about 10:00.

I have the next group meeting in three weeks. Two weeks would be Easter and that would not work. 

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