Friday, June 9, 2017

Friday and Lunch Out

I slept well again last night. Maybe that is going to be the norm now.

I will pick up Bob for exercise class this morning and later we will eat out at Sirloin Stockade.  First I will need to go get some cash from the ATM. My son, Keith, and his wife, Esther, sent me a donation this morning...thank goodness!
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 My social security is very late this month. I was almost out of cash. I used what I had hung on to from May and put it with the donation from my other son, Scott, and his wife, Ginger, and paid my rent.  This is a photo of him.
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My daughter and her husband, John, do a lot of neat things for me too. She is very busy in her job and with her two granddaughters. She is also one of the pastors at our church.

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It is really hard to make my budget when my income comes in so late. When this happens, I often just have to transfer something from my savings. Now that I have the car paid off, I will try to get all that I have borrowed from that back into the savings account. Next month I want to pay off the hearing aid. Then I will be debt free.

I have watered all my flowers already this morning and will think about making an extension to my new flowerbed.  There is an area just north of it that just breeds weeds. I may put some Miracle Grow in there and plant some flowers or maybe some succulents....perhaps hen and chicks.

I will try to get another photo of the new flowerbed after I finished it up yesterday afternoon. I may have to download it on the laptop again. The desktop computer just downloads a black blank photo.

More later....

What do you know! I was able to download it to my desktop computer. Anyhow, here it is completed. Of course, it will fill out as the plants grow.

Exercise class went well. I always enjoy visiting with a new found friend named Coleen. I like everyone who attends there. They are all compatible.

 This afternoon, I want to get some succulents to plant in one more unsightly space. I prepared it early this morning but need to get to the florist to pick out the succulents.  I already have the Miracle Grow.

And here is the hen and chicks I just planted, This is just a weedy area so I put some Miracle Grow in there and planted those hen and chicks. The challenge will be in the fall when a ton of leaves fall and there's no keeping the flower beds cleaned out.

So more later...

I picked up Bob for lunch and he insisted he was going to buy my lunch because I usually cook for the two of us.  So, I let him. That was very nice of him. It was a good lunch too.   He will be back this evening to watch Brooks and Shields. On Friday evenings on PBS they analyze the week's news.

More later...

I got quite a bit done this evening and Bob did come back to read the paper and watch Brooks and Shields.

When he left I took my bath and laid down with Missy on the sofa. I tried to watch TV but fell asleep once. I did stay up to watch "Beyond Reasonable Doubt". I just couldn't watch it all. I finally just went to bed shortly before 10:00...late for me.



Sister--Three said...

Raising three children was difficult I am sure.
Now, you are reaping the harvest from your labor.

Margie's Musings said...

That's true, Sister Three. Thank you for visiting here. Basically, for years I reared them alone. My husband worked a full time job and went to school in the evenings. Both boys had asthma with projectile vomiting. It was a terrible time for a young mother like me. It seems like one or the other of them was constantly sick with an asthma attack.