Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Tuesday and Hairdo Day

Today Bob and I will go to Independence to get my hair done. Afterward we will go out to Walmart there in Independence and get my few groceries and then go eat at Big Cheese at 11:00. When I get home I will vacuum the apartment...at least two rooms. I can do the other two on Thursday. I will need to bake cookies this afternoon for Bunco tomorrow afternoon at the senior center.

I slept well last night. Did not wake up in the night at all.

I changed the clothing in my closets this morning. I put the fall and winter clothes in the bedroom closet and the spring and summer things in the den closet. I took down the card table and put it away. It wasn't big enough to accommodate the puzzle I was going to do.

In about an hour, I will pick up Bob for our trip to Independence.

I went out this morning just after dawn and saw three little foxes out by the culvert in my front yard. I came back in quietly to get my camera but they ran into the culvert before I could snap their photos. Darn! I stood out there and watched them for fifteen or twenty minutes. They look to be fairly young...not full grown.

Well, I got the apartment cleaned...all but the dining room. I will do that on Thursday or perhaps even tomorrow before Bunco at the senior center.  We will have our leftover tuna noodle casserole tomorrow with Bob's salad. It has peas in it so that is our veggie. I will have the rest of the fruit for dessert.

More later...

We went to Independence and I had my hair done then we went to Walmart and bought a few groceries. I will go to ours shortly. It has some items the Independence store doesn't have.

After Walmart we went to Goody's. Bob found some nice shoes and got a great sale on them. The store clerk gave him two discounts on them and they came out to $25.00 and change. I bought a new purse and a navy T-shirt. Both were on sale and my bill was $25.00 and change too.

Then we came home. I dropped him off at his apartment and I got my mail. I got the cleaner I ordered in the mail and it looks like it might damage everything I wanted to clean with it. I may just send it back. I will wait and see. I wanted to clean the bathtub, stool and the kitchen sink with it.

I did get the cookies baked. I had a couple of them and they're not bad for drop sugar cookies.  I put some pecans in them and that helped. Missy wanted to go out and I took her out but it was too hot for her. She came right back in after a few minutes. Poor cat! She likes fall and spring but winter and summer are just too much for her at her age.

If I am going to get out to Walmart, I'd better go. It's already 2:00.  So more later..

I got my groceries and came back home and put them away. Bob came in at 5:00 to read the paper and watch the news.  He left at 6:30 or so and I took my bath soon after and read the new "Connections" blog. I printed it off for Bob.

About 9:00 I decided to take my allergy med and go to bed. First I wanted to finish this.

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