Monday, October 24, 2011

Another Monday

Well, it's Monday again. I cleaned the house on Saturday so it doesn't need a thing.

I am not sure what I need to do today. I may do some raking but I need some large yard bags. I do need to clean up the dog messes in the back yard. I know that. And I know I need to go to the market although I don't need much.

Tomorrow is different. I would like to get my hair done although I may just wash it myself. I will have lunch with Gay, my oldest and dearest friend. We will meet at Cherryvale again. This time we will eat at their Pizza Hut for a change. Tony, Gay's husband, is going to stay home. They are getting new living room and bedroom carpet and he will oversee that being laid.

I wish I could have my bedrooms recarpeted. When we moved into this house we only replaced the living room and master bedroom carpet. The living room carpet is still fine but the bedroom has not held up well at all. I had it cleaned after Bob died last year but it didn't help much. The other two bedrooms have grey plush down and that was there when we moved here. I do not like grey carpet and it has not worn well either. But new carpet is out of the question.

I also would like to strip the wallpaper off the bathrooms and kitchen and repaint them. Somehow I just can't get up the energy to do that though. The bathrooms should be easy enough but the kitchen and dining room run together and if I painted the kitchen I would have to paint the dining room too. I have a huge three piece bookcase in there and there is no way I could move that thing out to paint the wall behind it.

And then there's the fence out back. I still have not had it repaired and Richard said he put me on their list to stabilize it. I don't want to paint it until he and Jeff get it stablized again. If they don't get to it pretty soon, it will turn too cold to paint. That's priority. Painting would not be too expensive but that fence is going to be expensive to get repaired first.

Oh well, one project/headache at a time.

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