Thursday, October 27, 2011

Stuff Happens

Yesterday was a real concern. Karan's husband, Bobby, took the garage door opener down and learned that the gear was completely worn out and needed replacing. So when I got home from work, I took it to Independence to be repaired. After an initial hassle of their closing for the noon hour, they sold me the gear assembly but wanted to make a house call in install it on Friday. Bobby wanted to install it to save me some money. So I took the entire thing over to his workbench.

That turned out to be a problem too large for just one day. He called last night and said a part he needed for the mobile home park or his model plane business had come in and he had to make a trip to Tulsa today. So it will be tomorrow before he can get the garage door opener back up. That's not a problem but it is a delay. It can't be helped since I am depending on the kindness of a friend.

Then about the middle of the afternoon I opened my computer to check this blog and blogger had taken it down for some unknown reason. They didn't put it back up until bedtime. I have used this blog as a kind of diary since 2007 and would really miss it. So far as I knew, I had not violated their rules.

Well, it's back up now and I'm ready for Thursday.

I will leave work at 11:00 today to attend the chaplain in-service at the hospital. Then tonight I will drop over to Jack and Marilyn's to have some of Jack's birthday cake. He turns 80 today. At least he made it to 80. He's very frail. They are such dear people. They, among other dear friends, were very supportive after Bob died last year.

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