Sunday, March 26, 2023

Sunday and Breakfast at Church

I slept pretty well last night. I had taken two Melatonin tablets and also an allergy pill. I was up at my usual 5:00AM. I had no trouble with the sinus drainage for a change..

I dressed and made my bed and have mixed up my coffeecake for the church's breakfast and it is in the oven now.  I will fix myself a cup of coffee and a cup of Chai. That should wake me up.

Leslie and John left for Galveston and their cruise yesterday morning. Some of Leslie's classmates planned to go too. I think there will be six couples and one widow. I could be off a couple. It could be 5 couples. They have been meeting on Wednesdays for lunch for some time. They planned this cruise at one of those lunches.

Melissa will be speaking today at church and Kelly, her husband, will run the computer that projects the music and the order of service. I assume Leslie got the bulletins done before she left. 

More Later ..I will turn on the TV and see if I can get the weather forecast and also check on the cats.  

I caught the weather and also the cats. I fed them and they have left now.

Today is to be 56 degrees and mostly cloudy, Monday will be 57 degrees and mostly sunny, Tuesday is to be 55 degrees and  partly cloudy, Wednesday is to be 63 degrees and Mostly sunny, Thursday is to be 68 degrees and Scattered thunderstorms, Friday is to be 73 degrees and Scattered thunderstorms, and Saturday is to be 61 degrees and sunny. That's the week! A couple of days of much needed rain.

My coffeecake is baked and cooling now. I will put the glaze on it when it cools a bit. 

I got the glaze on the coffeecake and read a bit on my latest book. I drank my coffee and am now working on my Chai. I will leave for church about 9:30AM. After church I will see if Phyllis wants to eat at Eggbert's where we can get their small chef salad. I will give her another book then.Then after that, I will go out to Coffeyville's El Pueblo and get Jeromy a gift certificate for his birthday on the 2nd of April. Then I probably should get gas out to the Woodshed. 

More Even Later...

I got my gas as soon as I got near Coffeyville. Then I went on out to church. Melissa had a good sermon. 

We had a pretty good congregation this morning and afterward Phyllis and I went out to Eggbert's in Coffeyville for our usual small chef salad lunch. After lunch we saw Mark Wilson, the pastor of the Church of God in Coffeyville and he was there with Rick and Carmen Simmons. They all came over to our table and gave us hugs. For the life of me I could not recall Mark's last name. When I got home I called him to ask him and apologize for forgetting his last name.  It had been a long time since I had seen him and my mind was just blank. I would like to have introduced him to Phyllis If I could have just come up with his last name. Aggravating!

I stopped at the Dollar General store there and got a birthday card for Jeromy. His birthday is April 2nd. I had gone out to El Pueblito and bought a gift certificate for his birthday.

More Later...


Saturday, March 25, 2023

Saturday and No Home and Farm Show Today

 I may go back to Coffeyville this morning for the Home and Farm Show.I will just play it by ear. If rain is in the forecast I won't go. I slept fairly well last night but not as well as I would have liked. I had some drainage and I should have got back up and taken an allergy pill. I took two Melatonin tablets but with that drainage, that wasn't enough.

I am having my breakfast here in the den.My oatmeal is cold now and I should warm it up, The trouble is, I am out of milk now. I put a little Coffeemate in it and warmed it up that way, That's better then eating it cold,

I should go turn on the TV and watch for the weather on the 8's" and the cats.

I changed my bed this morning and washed my sheets, underwear  and pajamas. Everything is in the dryer now. And the dryer just buzzed,

I got everything dry, folded and put away.

Only Scruff came for her breakfast. I haven't seen Blondie for awhile, The last time I saw him, he had a nasty looking torn place behind his right ear, Something got a hold of him that's for sure, That's been three or four days ago. 

The weather forecast finally came on. There were terrible tornadoes across the south and 23 people so far have been found dead.

More tornadoes there are forecast for tomorrow too...especially in Atlanta Georgia where my granddaughter lives. That's scarey!

Today is forecast for 63 degrees and AM fog and PM sun, tomorrow is forecast for .57 degrees and PM showers, Monday's forecast is for 56 degrees and partly cloudy, Tuesday's forecast is for 54 degrees and partly cloudy, Wednesday is to have 62 degrees and mostly sunny, Thursday is to be 66 degrees and PM thunderstorms, Friday is to have 69 degrees and AM thunderstorms and wind, That's the week!

When I opened the door at 7:00AM, both cats were there for their breakfast. Scruff had already come and eaten but it's been awhile since I had seen Blondie. But they are both eating hungrily now. That torn place behind Blondie's right ear still looks angry.

It's 10:00 AM and I will be going to the Pizza Hut here in Caney for an open house. They have completely redecorated that Pizza Hut inside and out and they are having an open house to celebrate their 40th year of being open in Caney. The manager has also been there with them for 40 years. It is at 11:00AM. I plan to attend.

My son, Keith, just called. They will come for a visit with me and John and Leslie on the 7th of April until the 10th of April. Then the Department of Defense will move them to Germany for three years. They plan to come back occasionally to visit. He says they are bringing me a newer printer and a new laptop. My printer will only work if I copy what I want to print into "Word". And of course, the laptop has died. It will no longer connect to the internet at all for some weird reason.

More Later...

I called Cox Complete Care and talked to an agent there. He couldn't help me with the computer problem because the laptop is not online and I can't get it online so I really need to have someone check out the hardware.  I suggested that Keith might do that while he is here next month.  He and I thought that since we don't have any computer techs in this area that might be the best way to handle it.

So More Even Later..

I watched the CBS news this evening and afterward, I took my bath and put my pajamas on and my robe. I will read until bedtime at 9:00PM or thereabouts. I will take some Melatonin and probably an allergy pill too. Last night my sinus' drained most of the night and that kept me awake too early this morning.



Friday, March 24, 2023

Friday and Reading Again

I slept pretty well last night and was up shortly before 5:00AM. I made my bed, dressed and got myself ready for the day.  I don't have a plan for today. It's Friday. I will change my bed Monday morning before I go to see Nancy and do a load of laundry. It's 5:26AM now and I will fix myself some breakfast, check the weather forecast and check on the that order. I would like to take my walk today but rain may be in the forecast. My phone says it's 44 degrees this morning here in Caney, Kansas.

Breakfast first though. 

I have had my breakfast now and also caught the weather forecast.  No cats yet though.

Today is supposed to be 49 degrees and rain, Saturday is suppose to be 61 degrees and partly cloudy, Sunday is to be 61 degrees and mostly cloudy, Monday is to be 59 degrees and mostly cloudy, Tuesday is to be 56 degree and mostly sunny, Wednesday is to be  63 degrees and partly cloudy, and Thursday is to be 67 degrees and thunderstorms. A couple of days of rain..sorely needed for the river to refill.

Still so cats. 

I never did see either cat this morning. 

It's 44 degrees out there now and I just got home from my walk. Once again I picked up a big grocery bag of trash along the street. Of course it had been a few days since I had been able to take my walk because of rain or wind.. But it's not getting any cleaner along the street day to day. Pitiful!

It's 8:50AM now. More Later...

I almost forgot! Today is the first day of the Farm and Home Show in Coffeyville at the college. I will go over there and walk through it.

More Later...I went to the Home and Farm show but it was only 10:00AM and it didn't begin until 1:00PM. I visited briefly with John Leonard, the sales manager at the radio stations and then left to go to Leslie and John's to see the puppies. Actually they all but one were gone...sold.  So I held that one. Then Leslie and I went up to Big Cheese and had lunch. Then I came back home. Too bad about the Home and Farm show but I wasn't going back to Coffeyville.

I have been reading all afternoon. Today I never did see the cats. It's 4:23PM now

It's 7:52PM now and I just finished my bath and put my pajamas on and my robe. I plan to read until 9:00PM or so and then take some Melatonin and go to bed at 9:00PM. 


Thursday, March 23, 2023

Thursday and Reading

I slept fairly well last night but was up thirty minutes earlier then usual. I had a long discussion with Cox's business office last evening.. I want them to just send me a paper bill from now on.  When I pay their bill online from my bank, they often say I over pay or under pay and then I owe a little more separately the next month. I just want them to send me a paper bill and I will write them a check, I am tired of never knowing exactly what I owe so I can budget it. Their bill fluctuates from month to month and I never change anything so it should be the same each month. It's just basic TV...the cheapest available and the internet. But it is always different each month. I never know how to budget it. So I will call the bank this morning and tell them not to pay Cox from the internet and I will just send them a check each month from the paper bill. That's like the City of Caney wanted me to do. They did not want to get their payment from my bank account. They want a paper check that I drop into their drop box.


I will go check the "weather on the 8's" on TV and also check on the cats. It's a little early for them. It's only 5:28AM now.

No cats yet but I did catch the weather report. Today is supposed to be 69 degrees  and Isolated thunderstorms, Friday is to be 50 degrees and showers, Saturday is to be 57 degrees and partly cloudy, Sunday is to be 60 degrees and PM showers, Monday is to be 57 degrees and mostly cloudy, Tuesday is to be 53 degrees and partly cloudy, and Wednesday is to be 64 degrees and mostly sunny. That's the week! Three days of possible rain!

Now I will go check on the cats again. Neither cat showed up for breakfast..

More Later... 


I got hold of Lisa at my bank and had her drop Cox from the bank payment place on their website. I called Cox again to make sure they are going to send me a paper bill from now on.

It's 9:22AM and I have been reading another book. It is interesting primarily because of the author. It is John favorite author of detective stories.

I went out to Eggbert's for lunch and had their small chef salad.

I read all afternoon after reading most of the morning. I had cleaned the apartment several days ago...I think it was Monday. I went to the post office and mailed off a check to Cox and then stopped at the library and put the book I finished yesterday in the book drop. I will give the Grisham book to Phyllis on Sunday.

That book was excellent. It's 5:30PM now. I plan to watch the evening news and then take my bath at 7:00PM and read another book until 9:00PM when I plan to go to bed.


Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Wednesday and Game Day

I slept very well last night. Of course I had taken two Melatonin tablets and that helped me sleep. I was up at my usual 5:00AM, made my bed and dressed and got myself ready for the day. I  am eating my breakfast here in the den this morning. Around 8:00AM, I will leave for Coffeyville and first, my hair appointment with Toni and then I will read until 1:00PM when I will have game day at the senior center there. That's always fun and the fellowship is always good.

But first, I will check the weather forecast for the week at "the weather on the 8's" on TV and then check on the cats and see if they are out there waiting for their breakfast.

More  Later.. 

So cats. But I did just see "the weather on the 8's".

Today is to be 77 degrees and mostly cloudy, tomorrow  is to be 69 degrees and scattered thunderstorms, Friday is to be 53 degrees and showers, Saturday is to be 61 degrees and partly cloudy, Sunday is to be 61 degrees and PM showers, Monday is to be 57 degrees and partly cloudy, and Tuesday is to be 59 degrees and sunny. That's the week...not bad and some rain...which we badly need.

Now I will check again for the cats... 

At 7:30AM I checked again for the cats and this time they were both there...hungry. I took the food out and I noticed then that Blondie had a huge tear behind his left ear. About the size of a half dollar. Something...possibly  a dog, .. got a hold of an area just behind his ear and really tore it. Of course, these cats are feral and so I can't do anything to doctor that area. It doesn't appear to be bleeding at this time. I hope it heals alright.

They both ate a lot and now have left. I will take the food back in the garage and cover it again.

It's 7:42 now and I will leave for Coffeyville at 8:00AM. My appointment with Toni is at 8:30AM.

More Later... 

I got to the beauty shop in plenty of time and Toni did her usual great job with my hair. Then I went out to the library and sat in my car and read.A little later, I went to the senior center and Janet let me in and  I read there. At 1:00PM, everyone started coming and we played Skipbo...a card game. We played until 4:00PM after we had our refreshments.  I gave Marilyn my leftover treats.

I drove out to Phyllis' after that and took her two of the books Denise gave me that I had read. She will enjoy reading them. I will get back to the one I am reading now. I think I will give every other one to the Caney library. The other ones I will give to Phyllis.

More Later...

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Tuesday and Rain

I didn't sleep well last night, I was awake a good deal thinking about the bills I will need to pay in the next couple of months. In July, I will have my car insurance again. It's $333.63 a half. I have been saving money to use to pay it but I can't get ahead  building up my savings again when my car insurance has gone up so high  because of my wreck last year. I lost my safe driver's discount over that wreck. And the other driver's insurance company sued my insurance company because she was driving a rental vehicle and they lost money while it was laid up in the shop. That more then doubled my insurance. I don't even carry collision anymore because I can't afford the additional cost. I carry liability and comprehensive. It's always something. I know I am worrying in advance. But for some reason I just can't help it.

Anyhow, I was up before 5:00AM this morning. I made my bed and dressed and got myself ready for the day. I cleaned the apartment yesterday morning before going to Bartlesville to visit Nancy. 

I think it rained last night. While I was awake I heard it. I was hoping it wouldn't rain during today so I could take my walk. I have missed a couple of days and I have just been sitting reading and I really need the exercise.

I have eaten my breakfast here in the den. My laptop computer finally died and I am having to use the desktop computer, which keeps me in the den. I will go in the living room to watch "the weather on the 8's" on TV and check on the cats. They didn't come yesterday at all. 

It's still raining and neither cat was out there of course. But the weather came on right after I turned on the TV.  

Today will be 54 degrees and AM rain and wind,  Wednesday will be 80 degrees and cloudy and windy. Thursday will be 68 degrees and thunderstorms,  Friday will be 59 degrees and PM showers, Saturday will be 63 degrees and partly cloudy, Sunday will be 64 degrees and PM showers, and Monday will be 60 degrees and mostly cloudy. That's the week, It looks like we may get some significant and much needed rain this week.

I checked on the cats again and Scruff was out there but Blondie never showed up. They are both feral. You can't pick them up but they eat the food out front. I think Blondie is probably at the house on State two doors from the the corner. A boy once told me he lives there and they have a different name for him.  He told me what it was but that has been awhile ago and I have forgotten what he told me. 

It is 7:38AM and the temperature is still 43 degrees and it's still raining. 

I will probably just read again today. So More Later...

I had some leftover soup for my lunch and read all afternoon. It's 3:05PM now and I am tired of reading. 

So I decided to get back to my blog. There's not a lot to say...all I've done is read after I got back from the market. I went to the market to get my treat for game day tomorrow. I will get my hair done at 8:30AM and read until time for game day at the senior center. That will be over at 3:00PM and I will come back home after that.

More even later.. 

I took my bath at 7:15PM and got my pajamas and robe on for the evening. Plan to go to bed at  9:00PM and this time I will take some Melatonin too.

Monday, March 20, 2023

Monday and A Trip to see Nancy

I slept very well last night and was up at my usual 5:00AM. I have got myself ready for the day and made my bed and am eating my breakfast here in the den. I need to go to the market this morning and get water and breakfast bars before I go to Bartlesville to see Nancy. I ate my last breakfast bar Friday. And of course I was over to the campgrounds Saturday and ate breakfast at church yesterday.

I haven't checked out the weather forecast yet or the cats, I will do that as soon as I finish my breakfast. I no longer have a working laptop computer that can get on the internet so I will have to blog here in the den.

I texted my granddaughter, Ashley, Scott's daughter, last evening and she texted me back. I hadn't heard from her in years. She is a nurse and works 13 hour days and has since the pandemic. It was good to hear from her again. They lived with us awhile after Scott was deployed during the last war.

More later...I will check on the cats and wait for the weather forecast.

I checked on the cats but neither of them were there yet. Then I turned on the TV just in time to catch "the weather on the 8's". 

Today will be 58 degrees and  mostly cloudy and windy, Tuesday is to be 54 degrees and rain, Wednesday is to be 80 degrees and cloudy and windy, and Thursday is to be 67 degrees 67 degrees and thunderstorms, Friday is to be 61degrees and mostly sunny, and Sunday is to be 61 degrees and partly cloudy, That's the week..three days of rain in the forecast and we can sure use it.

That's all for now. Back Later.

It's 8:04AM and I just finished mopping and vacuuming the apartment. I didn't get that done last Thursday like I usually do. I have cleaned the vacuum filter now and washed the part that the filter fits into and the vacuum cleaner is charging now. It will take a couple of hours for it to charge. This is the cordless vacuum that Leslie gave me for Christmas last year. It is lighter then the one Stephen had brought me. That one sets in the coat closet with this one. It's 8:07AM now and it should be charged before I leave to go see Nancy. I usually leave here at 10:00AM or 10:30AM.

Now I need to go to the market. I need a few things, I got some of what I needed at the Caney Market and the rest at Dollar General. I am waiting for the sweeper to finish charging until I leave for  the jeweler that will move my watch forward an hour. I was down there last Monday but the woman who tried to fix it just couldn't get it done and the young man who did it last spring was home sick. The woman said he would be back this Monday.

So More Later today.

I got down to see Nancy about 11:00AM and helped her get her hair brushed and visited with her while she got dressed. Then we went over to the cafe where Sally eats breakfast and joined her for a scrambled egg and bacon,. Sally and Nancy had coffee and I had sweet tea.

Afterward, we went uptown to the jewelry store downtown and the woman there set my watch, It takes the phone to set the one Ginger gave me. I was glad to learn that. Maybe now I can set it myself.

After that was done, I had my car washed at Okie's, the best car wash around the area. I dried it off afterwords. Then I took Nancy back to her assisted living apartment. She is always so happy to get out of that place for awhile. 

More even later... 

I read for awhile this afternoon but I wasn't impressed with the book. So I will take it to Phyllis on Wednesday. Maybe she will like it,  That's the only one of those Denise gave me that I have not enjoyed.

I watched the CBS news this evening and then turned off the TV. There's actually very little on TV that I like. Mainly the news, Most of the programming is too violent or silly. 

It's 6:23PM now and in about 30 minutes, I will take my bath. 

I took my bath at 7:30PM and put my pajamas and robe on. I had read on a new book and this one seems to be a better story.  It's 8:15PM now. I will go to bed about 9:00PM or so.

Maybe more later...