Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Tuesday and Cakes

I slept fitfully last night. I was up several times in the night. I finally got up about 6:00AM...late for me.

I dressed and had my breakfast and checked my e-mail and finished yesterday's blog.  Now I will check the cats and watch "the weather on the 8's"on TV and get the cakes ready in the trunk of my car. I will go over to Coffeyville first this morning and pick up the other three at Bob's to load with my own and then head up to Independence to the First Christian Church to deliver them. It's already 7:30AM so I have better get started on feeding the cats and watching the weather and finish this when I get home. I want to be at Coffeyville at 8:30AM so I can be at Independence at 9:00AM.

That worked out! I got the cakes delivered by shortly after 9:00AM and came on back home. 

I have been on the phone and computer ever since. 

Gina, Nancy's cousin's wife and Nancy's son want to put Nancy in a nursing home. Nancy is dead set against it and I don't blame her. She is forgetful but aren't we all when we are in our middle 80's. I tried to think of Nolan Scarberry's name yesterday and I couldn't come up with it until this morning. That happens more then I like. But I certainly am not going to go into a nursing home. I told my kids, if they try to put me in a nursing home,  I will take my laptop computer and my little red car and drive off into the sunset and they will never see me again. :) And I mean it! I am as independent as a hog on ice and no one is going to make me do anything I don't want to do..... 85 years old or not. 

Here's a photo my daughter put on her website on Facebook. These are two of the puppies they are selling. Cute little  guys. They are Cowboy Corgis.

 May be an image of dog

After my lunch I went over to Nancy's and found her at home. It was another beautiful day and I convinced her we should go take a ride while the weather was lovely. She had company come right after  I got there and when the lady left, we took  a nice long ride around Caney and stopped at the Sonic and I bought us a couple of cherry limeade slushes. They were very good.

I just found this one on Leslie's facebook site. It too is a male and is for sale.


Isn't it darling?

I got back home at 4:15PM and will watch for the time for the 4:00PM channel 6 news. After that, I watched the CBS news.

Three cats came for supper. Inky, Blondie and the pale yellow adolescent cat. And then, Scruffie showed up too and another full sized black cat. I think he must be Inky's father. He is just a little larger.

After that I will read in my book and then at 7:00PM I will take my bath. I plan to go to bed at 9:00PM.

Monday, March 1, 2021

Monday and Sleeping on the Trundle

 I slept well last night on the trundle in the den last night. I had the door closed and I couldn't hear the cricket. The minute I got up this morning and went in the bedroom to use the bathroom, it started chirping again. Steve may come today to spray. I asked Suzanne if he would. We will see. She and Steve will come collect the rent check today sometime so I plan to be here. I put away the trundle after I got myself dressed. If Steve can't kill the cricket with his sprayer I may have to pull it back out to sleep tonight.

I have dressed and had my breakfast and am about ready to fix my Chai and turn on the TV for "the weather on the 9's" . So I will get back to this later. I also need to see if there are any hungry cats out there.

There were three hungry cats out there, including Scruffie,  so I fed them in the garage right behind my car. Then I tried to keep track of them so I wouldn't be feeding any possums. After they finished eating, I brought the bowls into the garage and put them on the TV tray I have out there and covered them. Then I filled their water bowl in front of my front door and Blondie and Inky came and drank water. After they left, I watched the CBS news.

More later... 

What do you know! It wasn't a cricket this time. It was the battery of the smoke alarm and that was chirping. Steve was going to spray in there and he noticed the chirping was on a regular spacing and he had Suzanne come listen for him too. I went in too.  That's what it was. I had a package of nine volt batteries so Steve  changed it out for me. That was good to learn. Now I can sleep in my own bedroom.

It's a beautiful day and I tried to call Nancy to see if she wanted to take a ride. She must be sleeping. She never answered and I let it ring 5 times too. I went up town to pay my water bill and went by her house and tried again.  She still did not answer.

I would love to go see the puppies out at the kid's house. I tried texting Leslie to see if she was home or working. She must be working since she didn't get back to me. Then I tried texting John too but he must be delivering his product and he didn't answer either.

Oh well. I can see if I can drop by tomorrow and see them after I deliver the cakes to the First Christian Church in Independence. Maybe their key is still where they used to leave it.

More later.

Leslie finally answered me. They had been washing out the kennel. She said I could come out to see the puppies so I tried once again to raise Nancy to take her with me. She wasn't near her phone. So I went out without her. I intended to go into the Independence Walmart afterward and get my face wash and some bananas. I will get some for Nancy too.

I got the two things I couldn't get at Dollar General when I left the kids.

Then I came on back home and tried again to raise her. This time I did. She had been outside in the nice weather cleaning up her yard. I gave her the bananas I had brought for her and se insisted on paying me for them. They were only $1.22 for six but she gave me $2.00. (carrying charge, she said).

After I visited her for awhile, I came on back home. I was pretty tired and I still had to put my laundry in the drier.

I read until 7:00PM, when I took my bath and then at 9:00 PM, I went on to bed (in my own bed). :)

Sunday, February 28, 2021

Sunday and Another Cricket

I woke up at 2:00AM to the sound of another cricket chirping...a very loud one. I finally got up and stuffed cotton in my right ear and then slept on my left side. I got some more sleep that way and I finally just got up shortly after 4:00AM. He is the loudest one yet. I will probably sleep on the trundle tonight if I can get enough sleep at all. I am dressed and having my breakfast and coffee now. It's 5:30AM and he is still at it. Maybe I should get some ear plugs.

I finished another book yesterday. 

At 11:00AM I will watch the Toronto Canada worship service. Then this evening at 6:00PM I will watch the Springfield Missouri one. I will record 60 Minutes. 

Keith wanted me to watch "Last Man Standing" last night on the Fox channel but boxing was on our Fox channel at that time. So I couldn't do it.

It's nearly 6:00AM now and I guess I will go watch "the weather on the 8's". In a little while I will check on the cats.

Only Blondie and my neighbor's large yellow cat were out there. It is raining a little so maybe the others are staying out of the rain somewhere. I filled all four of the bowls anyhow...just in case.

The cats, including Inky, came to eat. Unfortunately so did a possum. I ran it off but I believe it ate some of the cat food.  I put the cat food bowls away and lowered the garage door and I guess  I will go back to feeding  them in front of the front door so I can police what comes to eat.

This is just not my day. The cricket is still chirping and it has been since 2:00AM this morning.

I have been watching "Face the Nation" on TV and it is now 9:16AM.

I have been looking at Weathertech products on my computer. Phyllis has them in her new Toyota Camry and I have been considering taking my carpets out of my Honda Civic and putting weathertech rubber mats in it instead. It's a 2008 so I am not sure it is worth the investment.

I read until my Kindle needed recharging and then watched TV for awhile. Then I went over to Nancy's to visit for the rest of the afternoon.

 Scruffie came to eat at supper time so I fed her and then brought in the bowls.  She tries not to come when the others come. She always has to fight them off her food.

I read until the Kindle battery needed to be charged and then I watched "so you think you'd survive" on the weather channel.  At 9:00PM, I pulled the trundle out from under the daybed in the den and got it ready to sleep on. I can't sleep when that cricket is chirping.

Guess what! This time it was not a cricket making all that noise. It was the smoke alarm battery! Steve came to spray for the cricket and he noticed it chirped at regular intervals. He didn't have his hearing aids in so he had Suzanne come listen to it too. I also went along. And, what do you know, it was the smoke alarm battery.  Luckily I had a package of 9 volt batteries and he got my step stool and changed it out. So that was the simple solution. 

I am so glad!

It's a beautiful day and I tried to call Nancy to see if she would like to take a ride but she never answered. She must be sleeping. I went up to pay my water bill and tried again in front of her house but she still didn't answer. So I assume she is sleeping. Too bad! It's a lovely day.

I would love to go see the puppies. I am trying to see if either she or John are home so I can go see them but so far she hasn't answered me.

I texted both John and Leslie to see if I could come see the puppies but they both must be working. Neither has answered me. 

More later...I may go take a ride by myself...

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Saturday and A Good Night's Sleep

I slept very well last night.I didn't know what to expect from my second vaccination but there were no side effects. I was up shortly before 5:00AM after staying up until 11:00PM to finish my latest book.

I have made my bed and got myself ready for the day. I have even had my breakfast and coffee and are now working on my Chai.  I will soon go in the living room and turn on the TV to see what the day will bring. I just had a text from Bob and he said it was very foggy out there. The police had put out a notice about that. It is supposed to last until 11:00AM.

More later. I want to turn on "the weather on the 8's"....and check on the cats. 

It is real foggy out there and there were at least two cats out there waiting for their breakfast. It looked like Blondie and Inky. I didn't see any more at this time.  The minute I opened the garage door, they came rushing in. I see the young pale blond cat is out there now having a drink of water just outside my front door.

More later... The cats are full and gone now. I have closed the front door so the heat won't escape. I put the garage door down and put away the cat dishes on the TV tray and covered them.

I need several things from either the Dollar General store or a Walmart store. There are several things I can't get at Dollar General but I hate to make another trip out of town.  I will wait and see. I may just go to Dollar General and get what I can there and wait for the rest until Tuesday when I take our cakes up to Independence to the First Christian Church for their Tuesday evening dinner. That sounds like the best solution. 

Right now I am waiting for 10:00AM for the Lucky Dog show. That's an hour and a half away so I may make my trip to Dollar General until then.

There were only two things on my list that I couldn't get at Dollar General. I will get those on Tuesday at Walmart. I will be glad when Caney opens their new market. It will cut my gas bill by half.

It's 15 minutes until my Lucky Dog program comes on. I am recording it so if I miss it, I can watch it anytime....and eliminate the commercials.

More even later... 

I read most of the afternoon and finished another book. I downloaded a couple more from Amazon free books. I am sure I am well over 40 books now since this pandemic began...mostly murder mysteries.

Suzanne came sometime after 3:30PM and brought me chicken and noodles and I warmed it up in the microwave and ate it for supper. I had eaten my last banana earlier instead of lunch. The chicken and noodles  were very good. I fixed some sugarless red punch to go with it.

I went back to my book until the CNS news came on and then watched that. 

It's 7:50PM now and I will read awhile longer and go to bed at 9:00PM.

Friday, February 26, 2021

Friday and Process Theology and My Theology

  My belief in Process Theology:

 I believe process theology works for me because it has good ethics. For me it is a better way to think about what the idea of "God" means. Frankly, I find the ethics of the traditional God appallingly erratic and often even demonic. God has been described in the Bible and in other culture's scriptures as directly willing and causing great evils like war, slavery, plague, famine and even the hardness of people's hearts. At best, God has been described as standing by and allowing needless suffering that the traditional idea of God could have easily prevented. To defend these ideas about God, we are forced to turn our ideas of good and evil inside out to explain why it is really all right for God to allow such great suffering.

That's why process theology has taught me that there is simply no reason to let our old ideas about divine power force us into a corner where we must persuade ourselves that gross evil is really good. It gives me a concept of a God who is genuinely loving in a straightforward and intelligible sense. The God of process theology does everything within divine power to work for the good.

Because of our freedom, each individual creates itself out of all that has gone before. Our past decisions both provide and limit future possibilities. Within these limits, the future is open.

Our universe, thank goodness, really does not center around human beings. Dominion has proven to be a tragic theological model for understanding our ethical relationship to the world. Instead we should come to understand our place is as just one of God's creatures in a complex and fragile world. And the world God envisions and Jesus taught is a peaceful world.

God's power, is necessarily persuasive, not coercive. Because God loves the world, God suffers with the world, calling to us in each moment to share a vision of the good and beautiful....God's community on earth is one where humans can live together in peace with all other of God's creatures. But God awaits our free response and does not use force.

I believe God is omniscient and knows everything there is to know. But because the future is open, and has a range of possibilities, it is not fixed or settled. I believe we always have the right to choose. And I believe God struggles to reach us but it is up to us to be receptive to God's persuasive spirit.

In process theology, God is constantly, in every moment and in every place, doing everything within God's power to bring about the good. But God's power lies in patience and love...not force.

Ethically, God is worthy of our love because God is perfectly loving. God is with us in our moments of greatest guilt and despair, yet God's love for us never waivers. God calls us to redeem ourselves from these experiences by gleaning whatever good can come from them for the future and sometimes even to help others.

And most important to me, God works with all people who will respond to God's spirit...not just us Christians, to bring about the greatest good for all.

Friday and the Second Vaccine

This morning at 9:15AM, I will get my second Moderna vaccination. 

I was up before 5:00AM and got myself ready for the day and had my breakfast. I am now working on my coffee. It's only 5:45AM now and I have yet to turn on the TV for the "weather on the 8's" or check on the cats. It's plenty early yet.

I slept well last night and was only up once to go to the bathroom.  I went to bed very early. I was very tired.

Something weird is going on with my Kindle. It was plugged in all night..charging... yet the yellow light never to changed to green. I hope it isn't dying. This is my second Kindle and I sure don't want to have to buy another. And I have no room for any more regular books.

I am going to have to buy a battery for my notebook as it is. This laptop could also use a battery. It no longer charges either. I just use it plugged in all the time.

More later... I will go check the "weather on the 8's" now and eventually check on the cats.

I see we are going to have rain on Saturday, Tuesday and Thursday this next week. 

There were three cats out there waiting for me to check on them. The new young yellow cat, Blondie and Inky.   As soon as I filled the dishes and opened the garage door, they ran in there to eat. 

I left here about 8:30AM to go to Coffeyville for my appointment at the Montgomery County Health Department and got my second shot of Moderna  there. I had no side effects from it. From there I went by the Happy Nails salon and got my pedicure. It had been awhile and I badly needed it.

I stopped at Sonic in Coffeyville and bought a cherry limeade slush. I drank that on the way home.Then I watched an episode of Dateline I had recorded while I ate my dinner. I had the sweet and sour chicken from Schwan's that I got yesterday. Then I had an ice cream bar for dessert.

More later... It's a little after 1:00PM now.

I had Cox Complete Care go through the laptop and clean it up. Every once in awhile I need to do that. It keeps a lot of undesirable stuff out of that computer. It takes them about 30 minutes to do that but it always runs better after I have that done.

More Later. It is 3:20PM now and I want to read awhile in one of my new free books.

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Thursday and Apartment Cleaning Day

I slept pretty well again last night and was up shortly before 5:00AM. I have had my breakfast and fed three cats. I need to check if they are still eating out there. If they are finished, I will bring the dishes over to the TV tray. I will go check that out. 

They were all gone but Blondie and he was still in the garage. I could not get him to come out until I raised the garage door again and then he ran out. He and Inky are out front here drinking water from their water dish. The pale yellow young cat was already gone.

I am watching the "weather on the 8's" now.  

I will be cleaning the apartment a little later. I mop and vacuum when the commercials are on.

It's supposed to be in the 50's this week.  I am ready for that although we have all of March before Spring. Sometimes we have even worse weather in March.

Blondie and Inky are both lying on the rubber mat outside my front door. They are the only ones that do that. I don't know why.  They aren't going to get to come in...that's for sure.  

More later... 

I got the apartment  mopped and vacuumed while the commercials were on. Now I am very tired. I will dust tomorrow. I have the laundry in the dryer now. Lugging that vacuum around is one thing but moving the dining room chairs out to vacuum under the table and the rug under them is another. It is almost more then I can do. For one thing, I am not supposed to lift more then 15 pounds and I am sure those chairs are heavier then 15 pounds. Oh well, the fun of getting old! When the CBS news goes off in 15 minutes, I think I will get back to one of my books while the laundry is drying.

It is another beautiful day...I shouldn't complain. It's 37 degrees right now. Today...this afternoon, my Schwan's order will come. I only have one frozen meal right now and that's what I ordinarily eat for lunch. It's not even 10:00AM yet so why am I thinking about lunch?

At lunch time I looked in the freezer and saw a meal Suzanne had brought me several weeks ago and I had eaten some of it and frozen the rest. I thawed it in the microwave and ate it with some crackers. 

Then I read awhile in my latest book on my Kindle. I took a letter to the post office. I sent Scott a receipt for my latest monthly donation to NPR and if they want they can take that small donation off their income tax. While I was out, I drove by Nancy's. Both Gina and Dale were there in both their vehicles. I don't know what that was about unless one of them is taking her to her hair appointment. I believe it is at 1:30PM and it's 1:08PM right now.

More later... 

I read all afternoon and finished the latest book. Then at 3:30PM, I went over t Nancy's and visited for a couple of hours. I came home and ate a banana. That was my supper. 

I called and left my name and telephone number with a man who fixes  clocks. Marilyn needs him to fix her grandfather clock and Nancy needs her grandfather clock fixed too. Bob is going to give me my grandmother's antique clock and I will see if that man can fix it too. I left my name and telephone number and Nancy's too with the woman who answered the call. It may be 6 months before he can get to them. 

I am watching the last of CBS news and will take my  bath at 7:00PM and plan to go to bed at 9:00PM or so.