Saturday, December 10, 2022

Saturday and Dinner With Sally

I got up at my usual 5:00AM this morning and had slept very well. I woke up once in the night and took my meds but got right back to sleep. 

I had makeup on my jacket where it rubbed on my face and Karan brought it to my attention on Wednesday so I washed it this morning along with my towels, pajamas and underwear. Hopefully it will be dry before I am ready to take my walk....if it's not windy. I have made my bed and got myself ready for the day. I am to pick up Sally at 5:00PM this evening and we will have dinner at Copan Restaurant. 

I am having my breakfast here in the den as usual. It's just now 6:00AM and I set the TV tray up in the living room to hold this laptop computer. One of the parts of it came apart when I did that so I got my Phillips screwdriver and tightened up the screws. I hope it holds.  It would be  a tragedy if it fell apart and dropped my laptop. I may change the TV tray to another one just to play it safe though. 

That's what I did.

More Later... Now I will go check on the cats.

I was in luck. Both cats were out there and just before I fed them, the "weather on the 8's" came on the TV so I took a shot of the next week's weather again.

Today is to be 54 degrees and Mostly cloudy, Tomorrow is to be 47 degrees and partly cloudy, Monday is to be 54 degrees and  PM showers, Tuesday is to be 60 degrees and AM rain, Wednesday is to be 45 degrees and mostly sunny, Thursday is to be 42 degrees and partly cloudy, Friday is to be 38 degrees and partly cloudy. Still two days of rain forecast.The forecast changes from day to day...but that's Kansas and anything is possible.

I think both cats are gone.. The security light is off now so I can't be sure. I will check and if they are both gone, I will bring the food in the garage and cover it up.

They were both gone so that's what I did.

I also folded up the dry laundry and put it away. Now I am back at the laptop computer.

It's 6:54AM now and it's pitch black out there. I won't be even thinking of walking unless it's light out there.

I ordered a 4 foot lighted Christmas tree from Amazon. I will set it next to the small table next to my curio cabinet. I have my Christmas card "sled" setting there now but I can move it and put the tree there.  In fact, I could put it under the tree. I will have to buy more ornaments and a tree skirt if I can find one. Maybe I can find one at Hobby Lobby in Bartlesville. I really want a lighted Christmas tree again...even if it has to be small. I can get ornaments at Walmart pretty cheap. I am supposed to get the tree on the 13th.

It's beginning to get light out now. I will check the weather before starting my walk.

 My phone shows 42 degrees and rain. So I will see if I want to walk this morning.

More later...

There was no rain and no wind either so I put my jacket and gloves on and took my usual walk. It was 7:12AM when I left. It was 7:50AM when I got home. Again, I got a sack full of trash from the street. I put it in my trash receptacle to be picked up on next Tuesday.  

I read this afternoon and then after I got a letter from Medicare and Cigna about an opportunity to pick up a drug plan. I went out to Leslie's to let her read it over and help me decide whether to accept it or not. We decided it would be counter productive because I only take two meds and the blood pressure med is $12.for a three month supply and the thyroid med is $23. for a three month supply. It was actually not a Medicare program at all. I will talk to Medicare about it on Monday and find out for sure. They are not available on the weekend. Leslie says we are to get one medical exam a year as a part of our yearly Medicare coverage. I will check that out on Monday too. 

I picked up Sally after that and we went out to Copan Restaurant for supper. She had won another prime rib dinner and wanted to share it with me. That's the third one she has won a prime rib dinner and shared with me. After we ate, I took her home. 

I took my bath and put my pajamas on and my robe. It's 7:16PM now and I will go to bed at I usually do.


Friday, December 9, 2022

Friday and Cleaning the Apartment

 I woke up once during the night and took some Melatonin tablets and got right back to sleep and slept well. I woke up at almost 6:00AM and it is 6:29AM now and I am having my breakfast here in the den. I imagine the cats are out there waiting for their breakfast so I wont be long getting it for them. I just want to have my breakfast first.  My phone says it's 33 degrees now so I can't be long or they will freeze.

I was right..they were both out there waiting  so I got their food out front and they are eating hungrily.  Scruff got under my feet and I stepped on her little paw.  She jumped away quickly and was more careful where she walked. She rubs up against my legs as I am walking with their food. That's how she got stepped on..poor thing. 

I am eating the last of that cranberry bread I took to Bunco on Wednesday. It was good and most of it was eaten but there were three pieces left and I have been eating on it since then.

The cats just finished eating and left. I will get their food in the garage and cover it. 

I missed the "weather on the 8's" because my phone was on "selfie" and I couldn't figure out how to get it back to photo. I finally figured it out...too late for the weather.  I will have to wait for the next time they run it. I never take a "selfie". Who wants a photo of a 87 year old woman. Not me.

I finally caught the "weather on the 8's" on TV. Today is to be 54 degrees and mostly cloudy, Saturday is to be 55 degrees and cloudy, Sunday is to be 53 degrees and partly cloudy, Monday is to be 57  degrees  and cloudy, Tuesday is to be 57 degrees and rain, Wednesday is to be 45 degrees and mostly sunny, Thursday is to be 40 degrees and mostly sunny.

That's quite a bit different from yesterday's forecast for this week. That's why you can't count on any forecast to be correct. This is Kansas and anything is possible. Today the only day they have forecast rain is Tuesday.

I have been watching the news but now I am thinking about mopping the floors and then while they dry, take my walk. It is 37 degrees out there but the floors should be dry by the time I get back home and there is no wind.

Now it's 9:52AM and I just got back home from my walk. I will get the throw rugs out of the dryer and back where they belong now and then start the vacuuming. I will do the bedroom and hall and den and perhaps the dining room before I do the living room. I will need to rest before that. I have to get those heavy dining room chairs into the living room while I vacuum the dining room and then move them back where they belong before I can vacuum the living room. It's a mess. I am sure they weigh more then 15 pounds.

More later..

I need to rest awhile before I vacuum the living room. Hauling those chairs back under the table is exhausting. They are very heavy.

All I have left to do is the living room and then I will dust. That will do it for another week. I usually do the cleaning on Thursday but I went to lunch with Suzanne instead and then just wasn't up to it yesterday. It will be fine today. All I have left to do is the living room and then dust...and empty the vacuum sweeper. No big deal!

O.K. I got that all done and emptied the sweeper. All I have left to do is the dusting and I will wait awhile to do that. I have all day. It's only 10:49AM.  I did change out the furnace filter though.

It's 1:53PM now. I went to Dollar General to try to find mailing labels but they didn't have any. I found some general labels and bought them. Then I wrapped Sage's gift, labeled it and took it to the post office and mailed it off. She will get it in plenty of time before Christmas.

I will eat the rest of the soup Leslie gave me Tuesday. Wednesday I ate half of it that evening and saved the other half for today's lunch. After I eat, I will dust.

More Later...

Now I am ready to dust!

I have read all evening after I ate the potato soup Leslie gave me. I finished it up. It was very good.

Then I went back to my reading after I watched the CBS evening news.

At shortly before 7:00PM, I took my bath and put my pajamas and robe on. I will read until 9:00PM when I normally go to bed. 

The weather on this desktop computer says "Rain off and on".


Thursday, December 8, 2022

Thursday and Lunch With Suzanne

I slept pretty well last night except for one time when I woke up and was tossing and turning trying to get back to sleep. Finally I got up and took some Melatonin and got back to sleep. It's been awhile since I have taken that but it worked and I slept the rest of the night. It's 6:22AM now and I have been up an hour and made my bed and dressed and got myself ready for the day.

Later this morning I will clean the apartment again.  First I will check out the weather and the cats. They are probably out there this morning already.

More Later... 

Only Blondie was out there for breakfast today. Scruff didn't come for breakfast today. Blondie is very hungry after not coming for breakfast or any meal here yesterday. He just left but I will leave the bowl out there a little while just in case Scruff comes after all.

I also caught "the weather on the 8's" and there is a lot of rain in this week's forecast. Today is to be 57 degrees and AM light rain, tomorrow is to be 54 degrees and partly cloudy,  Saturday is to be 56 degrees and AM rain, Sunday is to be 53 degrees and partly cloudy, Monday is to be 59 degrees and showers, Tuesday is to be 58 degrees and AM rain, Wednesday is to be 44  degrees and mostly sunny. So rain forecast for Thursday, Saturday, Monday and Tuesday. We will see if this develops. This is Kansas and anything is possible.

Blondie ate and left and Scruff never came so I waited a bit before I put the food bowl in the garage and covered it.  

There is light rain out there but not enough to make a difference....just enough to keep me from my walk.  

It's 7:28AM and I will start my mopping now. I have finished my breakfast and my coffee and Chai too.

In the meanwhile I decided it wasn't too cold to take my walk at 47degrees. So I bundled up and took off at 8:12AM and got back home with a sack of trash at 8:43AM. I stuck the trash bag in my dumpster. 

More even later...

I have had a time with this e-mail at Cox webmail. It is unlike my Outlook program that I had to give up.  I have been trying to reach Mary Don Moore King for days. She is always the first one to e-mail me her news...for the class newsletter ...except for this year. I did hear from her this fall when John Stephens died but nothing since. I am concerned that something is wrong...after all we are 87 years old. So I wrote her an actual letter with my concerns. I think she is living with her son or he is living with her and I think his name is Robert. Hopefully she or he will get back with me and allay my concerns.

Suzanne came by at 11:30PM to take me to lunch (it was for my birthday last week) at Copan Restaurant. We had their small chef salad. and then some coconut cream pie. We split that.

 Afterward we went over to Myrtle's market and browsed. She bought some things for herself and her daughter, Ashley. I just browsed.

After I got home I addressed and sent out some Christmas cards...probably a couple of dozen. I had to go to the post office and buy some more stamps for that.

I decided to clean tomorrow. I have been extremely busy today.

More Later...

Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Wednesday and My Hair Appointment and Bunco

I am having my breakfast here in the den. I slept much better last night and was only up once and took my meds and went right back to sleep after that. I had read until 9:00PM last night.  

I have an 8:45AM appointment with Toni at the beauty shop and after that I need to pick up my meds at Coffeyville at the Medicine Shoppe and then get up to Independence and pick up my keys at the First Christian Church there and get my other meds at Walgreens. 

They called me last night to tell me they found my keys in one of the cookie sacks. How that happened, I can't imagine. I must have laid them on that sack after I unlocked the church on Sunday and then when I picked up the sack, they must have fallen in. Anyhow, last evening they were good enough to call me about it so after my hair appointment, I will go up there and get them and stop at Walgreens and get my other meds too.

I must be losing my mind. 

The only cat that was out there waiting for breakfast was Scruff. I don't know where Blondie is. I have left the food out there for awhile just in case he comes later.

I caught the weather this morning and today is supposed to be 51 degrees and cloudy, Thursday is to be 60 degrees and showers, Friday is to be 54 degrees and mostly cloudy, Saturday is to be 56 degrees and AM showers, Sunday is to be 54 degrees and partly cloudy, Monday is to be 62 degrees and showers, Tuesday is to be 53 degrees and thunderstorms. That's a lot of rain is we really get it all ...four days with rain.

That's terrific! We really need the rain.

I guess Blondie is not going to come for breakfast this morning. I hope he is alright and someone hasn't run over him.

 It's 6:59AM now. I need to leave about 8:00AM for my 8:45AM hair appointment. I will be a little early but Toni never minds that. I always stop at Sonic first and get a medium cherry limeade slush to drink after I finish my appointment with Toni. Then I need to get my two prescriptions and those keys at the church in Independence. That might make me late for Bunco but that can't be helped. That's more important. 

I got my hair done and then went to the Medicine Shoppe and picked up my blood pressure pills. Then I went to Independence to get my thyroid prescription there at Walgreens and those keys at the First Christian Church. Then I came back to Coffeyville for Bunco. I was plenty early for Bunco. I had a good time with everyone there. We finished around 3:30PM and I came on back home. I got back home about 4:00PM.

More even later...

I sent the Chronicle to Dean,  Keith, Leslie and Scott and also Jack Kiddoo, one of my other classmates who enjoys reading it. I asked Keith to let me know if he got it alright since I forwarded it to them. He contacted me and told me he did get it. I hope Dean, Leslie and Scott got it too and Jack Kiddoo. The cox e-mail is so different from Outlook but Cox wanted to stop using Outlook and use Cox webmail. They were going to charge Cox a lot more for those of  us using Outlook. So I really didn't have a choice in the matter. I am hoping I will be able to attach the newsletter, when it's finished, to their e-mail to send it to those who have e-mail. If they can't receive it that way I will  have to have more  printed off and send them by regular mail.  There is no paper clip type attachment on Cox's e-mail but they told me when I asked about it that all I had to do was to drag it in the area where it says "attachment" and there will be an attachment to send it that way. Before I actually send it out to all those who have e-mail, I will try to attach it and send it to Dean, Keith, Scott, and Leslie and see if they get it alright. If not, I will have to print off a lot more letters and address more envelopes and get some more stamps to send it by regular mail.

I have taken my math and have my pajamas on and my robe and it is 7:18PM  and I will read for awhile and then go to bed at usual.


Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Tuesday and Decorating My Home for Christmas

I was up very early this morning..earlier then usual. I checked my e-mail and it's a good thing I did. We have  a Zoom meeting scheduled for this Wednesday evening at 7:00PM concerning Conference legislation to be acted on at the coming World Conference of our church in April. We also have another Zoom Conference February 18th at 10:00AM and an actual  Mini Conference meeting scheduled at our campgrounds on the 18th of March at 9:00AM...all this in preparation for our upcoming World Conference in April. That is held this year from April 22nd through April 28th in independence, Missouri. So I have marked my calendar so I won't miss anything.

Today I will pick up Leslie for a trip to Independence, Kansas to deliver cookies to the First Christian Church there for the dessert for their dinner this evening. Then we will go to Big Cheese in Independence and have a pizza for our lunch. After I take Leslie home, I will come home and decorate my home for Christmas. It will be a big busy day.

More Later.... 

I took the laptop in the living room to have my breakfast and opened the door to find both cats waiting out there for their breakfast. It is lightly raining. 

I see Stephen and Dee Anna are next door at their apartment. I didn't know they came in last night but then I went to bed pretty early.

I caught "the weather on the 8's" right away.

Today is to be 48 degrees and cloudy, Wednesday is to be 51 degrees and cloudy, Thursday is to be 62 degrees and AM rain, Friday is to be 52 degrees and partly cloudy and Saturday is to be 51 degrees and AM showers, Sunday is to be 54 degrees and partly cloudy, Monday 57 degrees and scattered thunderstorms. That's the week...a couple of days of possible rain..that's good. We need the rain. 

Of course, with the rain..light as it is, I won't be taking my walk.

More later....

I picked up Leslie about 10:00AM and we took the cookies up to the First Christian Church in Independence then we looked around in a lovely gift shop and then went to Big Cheese and had a personal pan pizza.She had made some homemade soup and she saved me some of it. That will make a nice lunch this week.

I took her home after that and then came home myself and have worked all afternoon putting up my Christmas decorations. It's after 4:00PM now and I am really tired. I bet I sleep well tonight! 

More later..

I went to the Caney Market and bought some groceries. I also bought the ingredients for my peanut clusters. Sometime in the next week or so, I will get those made. I will put them in decorative cans and give them to my friends and the landlords.

It's 5:00PM now and I will go watch the news or read until time for my bath at 7:00PM and then plan to go to bed at 9:00PM

Monday, December 5, 2022

Monday and a Visit with Nancy

I slept very well last night and was only up once and got right back to sleep until 5:00AM.I feel very rested this morning. I have made my bed and dressed and got myself ready for the day. I even have a load of wash going...towels, pajamas and underwear mostly. I will soon get that in the dryer.

I even balanced my checkbook this morning.

I will get my breakfast ready now and get back to this later... 

I have had my breakfast and checked on the cats too. They were both out there waiting for me to open the door and see them and bring them their food. They are eating hungrily now.  Blondie just walked away but Scruff is still out there eating.

I am waiting for the "weather on the 8's" now. It will be at least 6 minutes before even a chance of it being shown.

Scruff is gone now too.  I will bring the food in and put it in the garage and cover it.

So more later ....I got that done and missed the weather if it even ran this time. I will wait and see if it runs on 6:48AM. It's 6:41 right now. 

It did run at 6:48AM. Here it is.

Today will be 56 degrees and cloudy, Tuesday will be 48 degrees and AM showers,  Wednesday is to be 50 degrees and cloudy,  Thursday is to be 59 degrees and rain, Friday is to be 50 degrees and rain, Saturday is to be 51 degrees and partly cloudy and Sunday is to be 52 degrees and showers..

That's the week's  shows some rain. I hope we get it but this is Kansas and anything is possible in Kansas. It's plain that weather forecasting is not an exact science....especially in Kansas.

It's 7:14AM now and the temperature is up to 40 degrees. When it is lighter, I will make my decision about whether to take my walk or not. 

I am going to take my walk this morning while the dryer is running. I missed it yesterday and I really need to do it every day if it's not too cold. I will take a plastic bag for the trash. It's 41 degrees now and I will dress warmly. 

More even later... 

I got back from my walk at 8:29AM. I picked up a large grocery sack of trash out of the street. I put it in my trash container when I got home. My dryer is finished now and I need to fold out the clothes and towels. I will get back to this after I finish that.

I got the clothes all folded and put away. About 9:30AM, I will leave for Bartlesville to see Nancy and take her to lunch.

More even later...

I got to Nancy's about 10:30AM. There was fog all the way down to Bartlesville but it began to dissipate on the way down and the fog was not near as bad in Bartlesville. I visited with her while she dressed and we went to the Boulevard Restaurant where we had the worst meal of our eating out experience. It was a steak sandwich and french fries but what made it so bad was that it was completely covered in terrible brown gravy. We could barely eat it. I left half of mine and Nancy barely ate any. I paid a little over $23.00 for the two of our meals but I will never order that again.

Luckily, I had taken some coffeecake down to Nancy and she could have it later.

More Later...

This weird phone of mine called Keith and we visited awhile but I hadn't called him. Sunday John asked me if I had called him and I hadn't but he said he had a call last week from me and I was not on the phone when he answered. It is a weird phone. I had a group of seven who provide cookies for the First Christian Church in Independence. They were in a folder called Congregation for a group message. I was going to inform those seven people about the cookies I would need on Sunday and when I opened the folder, only Leslie was in there. 

It took me awhile to get all seven back in there. I never know what to expect of this phone.

I will take my bath shortly. Then I will copy this blog information into Keith's blog.

I plan to go to bed at 9:00PM this evening. 

I talked to Dale, Nancy's cousin, this evening. He is planning to take Nancy to the hospital in Bartlesville tomorrow to see if they can figure out why she has periods where she blacks out. That has happened twice now. She just suddenly blacks out. There has got to be a reason that happens.

Jeromy, my grandson, came and got my Christmas decorations down from the attic. I have maybe 10 boxes of decorations to use plus a huge wreathe Cyndi made for me. After I get back tomorrow from delivering the cookies to the First Christian Church in Independence and having lunch with Leslie at Big Cheese, I will decorate the apartment for Christmas. 

That should be a good Tuesday afternoon job.

Now I will take my bath and put my pajamas and robe on and read until 9:00PM.

Sunday, December 4, 2022

Sunday and Church

I was up pretty early this morning but I had gone to bed early so I got plenty of sleep. I have made my bed and dressed and am ready for church this morning.  It's  only 5:30AM now but I have the coffeecake in the oven baking and will fix the glaze in a little while. First the coffeecake has to bake and cool before I can put that glaze on it.

I am having my breakfast here in the den as usual. I haven't checked on the weather or the cats yet. They probably won't be out there until at least 6:00AM. It's only 31 degrees here according to my desktop computer. That's awfully cold for them to be out there at all. I'd better check out there now.

No, they weren't out there yet..thank goodness! Poor things would freeze waiting for their breakfast.  

The weather forecast finally came on. Today is to be 48degrees and mostly cloudy, Monday is to be 56 degrees and cloudy, Tuesday is to be 46 degrees and cloudy, Wednesday is to be 46 degrees and showers, Thursday is too be 55 degrees and showers, Friday is to be 50 degrees and mostly cloudy. A couple of days rain is forecast. I hope it develops. We sure need it.

The cats finally came about 6:15AM and ate.

They have eaten and left so I took their food in the garage and covered it.

After lunch I will go attend the Open House at the Food Bank, I will take a can of Amy's soup. It is very good! Gay put me on it a few years ago. I have bought it for years and it is  very good!

 I don't think I am going to be able to take my walk today. It is very cold at 32 degrees.

I went to church this morning and Karan had a very good sermon.The service was pretty long but we had a good attendance. I am up next week.

I went out to the Food Bank this afternoon and took a tour of their new building. It is very nice.I bought six tickets for $5.00 for their raffle. I took a can of Amy's soup. It is very good soup. I have never won anything in my life but it is  a good cause. 

It's 2:25PM now. I don't know when the drawing is. Probably later today after the tours are over.

I got back home about 3:00PM after taking the tour of the Food Bank. I watched some TV until Leslie texted me about the Zoom meeting.

It's 7:03PM  and I am going to take my bath now and put my pajamas and robe on to watch 60Minutes. I recorded it.

I'll come back after that and put this Blog on Keith's blog.

Tomorrow after 6:30PM, Jeromy, my grandson, will come get my Christmas Decorations down from the attic. My kids don't want me climbing up that pull down ladder for fear I will fall and break my neck. It probably wouldn't happen but to play it safe, I will let Jeromy do it.