Saturday, November 24, 2018

Saturday and a Trip to Independence

I slept amazingly well last night. I awoke at 2:00AM and went to the bathroom and took my med and then got right back to sleep until almost 6:00AM. That's better sleep then I have had in years.

I got myself ready for the day and fed Missy and myself. I have been watching the CBS news but it's all old news. So I decided to begin my blog.

Walgreen's contacted me a couple of days ago that it was time to renew my thyroid med. I get it there for three months. I get it there because it is just half the price of the Medicine Shoppe pharmacy. Pharmacies that hike their prices up unreasonably are just asking for a loss of business. I still get my blood pressure med at the local Medicine Shoppe because it's only $10.00 for a three month's supply and I don't have to drive to Independence.

I need some makeup too today and I have to get that in Independence so I will stop for that too. I may check out their larger Walmart too. I wasn't able to find a table runner at ours. They may still have some. I ordered one from Amazon and it should be here on Monday. But I wanted one for my bedroom dresser too. I had a bunch of neat round and rectangular place mats from last year but I could only find two of the round ones and two of the rectangular ones yesterday. I have no idea where the rest could be. I went through the server storage but they were not there. Wherever they are, they are probably with the table runner. I found those I did find in the cedar chest but the others were not there. My storage is all full. I need to de-junk this apartment this winter.

I heard from Leslie last night that John R's Military funeral will be Wednesday in Neodesha at the First Christian Church and the dinner afterward will be at their senior center. We are to provide desserts and breads and salads. John was a retired senior Chief Petty Officer in the Navy.  They have been very involved in the Neodesha community since they moved there years ago. I am thinking of taking coleslaw for the funeral dinner. John was 85, I believe. Sue will be lost without him.

I want to finish my vacuuming today sometime. I got everything done but the dining room and my bedroom yesterday. The right arm is still fine and not hurting but I am not pushing it.

Missy peed on the bath mat under her litter box last night. She stands too close to the edge of the litter box. Luckily, I had laundered the other two. I washed the floor and put a fresh one under the litter box.   She is here behind me on the daybed.

I got everything back where they belong after the kids left yesterday. I made up the trundle and pushed it back under the daybed. I brought the old Dell computer back in here with it's printer too. Generally I just use that for my Quicken. I put the notebook in my bedroom. It fully charges so if I want to use it, I can just bring it in the living room and use it on my lap.

I still want to decorate my bedroom and the den for Christmas. I would like to find some Christmas towels for the bathroom too. I have one hand towel. I think Leslie may have given that one to me. Also I need to buy three prizes for the Bunco game on the 5th of December at the senior center. It is my turn to provide the prizes. I will buy cute Christmas decorations since it is December by then.

I won't have to worry about buying Christmas gifts this year. Leslie told me the family is only to buy for the children this year. I still want to buy birthday gifts for my kids though. Scott has his. I have too many grandchildren to buy for all of them and too many great grandchildren to buy for too.

More later...

I got my vacuuming done and made a quick trip to Independence to pick up my med at Walgreens. I also went out to their Walmart for a few things.   It is a larger store then ours. I bought my Christmas cards there too and I found a table runner.  I got a text from Karan that Marilyn L. was in town and wanted to see me as well as the rest of our group. I want to go to the Merle Norman store but it didn't seem to be open so I made a quick trip back to Coffeyville to see Marilyn.

I had a call from a classmate, Betty, to meet me at 4:00PM at Braums for a visit. She had come to town to pick up a painting from her uncle's estate and some books she had given him. Unfortunately, her cousin was out of town and she needed to stay overnight in order to see the cousin. I offered her my spare room and she took me up on it.  I am to wake her up at 7:00AM so she can have breakfast before she meets her cousin at 9:00AM.

We visited until 9:00PM this evening and then I took my bath and we went on to bed. A busy day!

Friday, November 23, 2018

Friday and Company Leaves.

Kyle, Christina and the family left last night and drove all night to get home with the girls sleeping most of the way. Keith checked their facebook account and they got home just fine. Keith and Esther will leave this morning. I will strip their bed and wash the sheets to get it ready for Missy and me tonight. I will put the trundle bed away later.

The kids changed their flight number so they could get home earlier since Keith is leaving tomorrow for Morocco.

I slept pretty well last night but was up at 4:45AM, dressed and ready for the day. I ate my oatmeal and fed Missy and then Keith got up. I used my new microwave bacon cooker and made him bacon and scrambled eggs. Esther was still asleep until around 7:00AM. She is packed and ready to go now. She ate some toast for breakfast with some coffee and soon they left. While she was here, she showed me how to record off the TV and watch what I might have missed later. I hope I can remember all that. I did make some notes.

After they left, I immediately started decorating for Christmas. Most everything is done now but I can't find my Christmas table runner. I have looked everywhere.

Image may contain: christmas tree
I got my tree up and the apartment mostly decorated for Christmas.

 Image may contain: table and indoor
This is the ceramic Christmas tree my sister made for me years ago.

 Image may contain: plant and indoor
This is the dining room window above the Christmas cactus. It is getting ready to bloom.

 Image may contain: people sitting, table and indoor 
The dining room table arrangement.

No automatic alt text available. 
Inside living room door wreath.

Image may contain: indoor
My double living room window.

More later...

Thursday, November 22, 2018

Thursday and Thanksgiving Day

I slept well until 4:00AM this morning. Then Missy got real restless and I couldn't get back to sleep. I finally just gave up and got up. I made up my bed and dressed. I still have to go brush my teeth and make up my face for the day.  But now Missy is back here on the trundle again. Darn Cat!

Keith wants to tweak the antenna some more again this morning. Our reservations at Just Us are for noon and I told everyone not to be late. There is a dinner at 12:00 noon and one at 1:00PM and we can't be late. Ours is at 12:00 noon.

After dinner, Esther wants to take me out to Walmart and buy me a birthday gift. My birthday is a week from Sunday on December 2nd.  I will be 83. I don't know what I need and I am limited on space here in the apartment but the thought is nice! I will humor her and appreciate it.

More later...I want to finish getting ready for the day and then feed Missy.

I got all that done and then I baked my coffeecake. Keith and I had coffeecake.  Esther didn't get up until 8:30AM. She was really tired.

Keith has gone out to Walmart to get a clamp to put on the pole that holds the antenna. We will go out again this afternoon after lunch. They want to get me that birthday gift.

I watched some TV this morning and after about an hour and a half the picture began tearing again....just now and then. I may have to mess with the rotor on that TV antenna to tune it in better. I dread that because Kyle said the antenna only turned so far and then just jerked back and forth. If I get it messed up I may not have a picture at all. Right now I have six stations....all Tulsa.

We will leave about 11:15 to go to Cherryvale for the buffet. I don't want to be late.

Keith is back with the clamp he wants to put on the TV antenna pole.  So, more later...

He got that fixed well.  And I have more TV now. We left at 11:30AM for the restaurant.

 Image may contain: 9 people, including Leslie Brooks and Margie Miller, people smiling, people standing

This is the entire family at the Just Us restaurant in Cherryvale following our Thanksgiving dinner.
Left to right: Esther, Keith, Leslie, Christina with Kylie in front of her, John, with Mia in front of him, Kyle with me in front of him.

We had a very nice Thanksgiving meal.

Then Keith and Esther took me to Walmart in Coffeyville and bought me a small cart I can take the trash over with and bring the cat food in with. That is my Christmas gift so I won't lift anything too heavy. They bought a microwave bacon rack for my microwave when I want to cook bacon. This gift is for my birthday.

Then we came back to my apartment and Keith helped me take the leaves out of my table and put them away and he also assembled the cart.

More later....

Keith and Esther got their flight changed after all. The airline offered them a ticket change to a n earlier flight for $75.00 additional change each. That beat $200., which s what they originally offered.  So they are leaving earlier so Keith can get some rest before he gets his flight to Morocco.

We watched TV until 9:00PM when we all went to bed. It was another huge day!

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Wednesday at John and Leslie's Home

Once again, everything I had posted has disappeared without warning. I may start doing my posting in Word before copying and pasting it here as a post.

I slept well last night. My arm did not hurt. Missy slept well too. I got up at 4:45AM and dressed and got ready for the day. I fed Missy and drank my coffee and my Chai and put the dishes away from the dishwasher.

Leslie called about 6:00AM and she was at their Walmart buying the kinds of pizzas you bake at home and some pop. She wondered if we needed anything. She did check and their Walmart has that co ax cable we will need for the antenna. She said ours would have it too or even out Ace Hardware would have it. Maybe we won't need it but it's good to know it's available if we do. The big problem will be my flashlight. I discovered the bulb is out. I may have to get one at Ace Hardware so Keith can see up there in the attic. I can use a new flashlight anyhow. I have a small one in my glove box and it has a real good light. It might work.

Keith brought a couple of flashlights. He also bought co axile cable but not enough. He and Esther went back out to Walmart  to buy a longer batch. He is having a time trying to get that antenna hooked up and up on the pole.

He hopes to get that done before we go out to John and Leslie's for lunch.

It was finished and I have seven or eight stations now...all Tulsa. 

Sue's husband,  John, died at 1:00AM this morning after a severe stroke last night. The family was to be there for Thanksgiving so there is plenty of food in the house. They just need paper supplies to feed everyone. What a tragedy! Leslie went out to Walmart and bought those supplies and took them to Neodesha before dinner.

We all went out to John and Leslie's home and everyone had a great time. The pizza was excellent and the kids enjoyed having someone to play with. Eventually even my grandson, Jeromy, came to visit. My niece, Denise, dropped in to buy a puppy for her daughter, Dee, for her birthday and Christmas. I believe even Christina bought one. There is only one puppy left now and he is a male.

Everyone ate and then went outside to play with the dogs. I stayed in out of the wind and cleaned up the kitchen. The wind made my sinus' go crazy.

Later we all came home and Kyle and Christina and children went back to their motel.

Keith and Esther and I had a bowl of ice cream and watched TV for awhile. Esther went back to the bedroom after that and studied her Bible. Keith and I turned to Amazon Prime to watch one or two more shows...without commercials. Then I took my bath and put on my PJs and later we all went to bed. We were all very tired.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Tuesday and the Family Comes

I slept fairly well last night and the arm didn't hurt much. Missy must have slept well too. She didn't disturb me.  It is 5:05AM now and I will get dressed and get ready for my day. I have an 8:30AM hair appointment and then I will go to Dollar General and get a few things before I come home and start my stew. I have no idea when to expect the kids.

Scott called last evening and we visited for awhile. Thanksgiving is Ginger's last day at work and then she starts her new teaching job. The hospital she is working for now  have really abused their position once she gave her notice. She will be delighted to leave that job.

They are to start their new home in January.  This is the new plan.

Image may contain: sky, house, cloud, outdoor and nature
I will post other photos of it as I see them.   Eventually they will have a pool too. First priority is to get this built and get out of the condo.

 No automatic alt text available.
This may be at the back of the house.

Image may contain: cloud, sky and outdoor
This is another view of the front.

More later...I'd better get dressed.

I am dressed and fed and so is Missy. In fact, she is here on the trundle bed in the den now. It is 7:30AM right now. In an hour I will go get my hair done. But first I have to go to the bank. I have spent most of my cash this week. I also need to go to the Dollar General store.

When I get back from my appointment I will start my stew.

More later....

I ate my leftover Chinese dish from Sunday for my lunch, Keith texted me a bit ago and said they were in Wichita. In a couple of hours they should be here. I have the stew cooking in my slow cooker. We will have it with biscuits. I have plenty. I may have enough for Bob and Joanne and even Marilyn. I fixed a large pot. I didn't know if Christina and Kyle and family would eat it or not. Tomorrow we go out to John and Leslie's and have pizza.

Missy is still here behind me on the daybed trundle. She likes that because she doesn't have the climb up on a footstool to get on the bed. She just steps up about eight inches. She is napping.

The kids all came at the same time and that little 5 year old is really a live wire. After we visited for an hour or two, I fixed the biscuits, moved the stew from the slow cooker to a casserole dish. Everyone ate well and  seemed to enjoy the stew and biscuits. Esther even asked for the recipe.

We had a good visit and after an hour or so of visiting, Kyle and Christian and the girls went back to their motel. The girls wanted to swim in their heated pool. Then Keith and Esther and I watched a movie on Amazon Prime. After that I took my bath and we all went to bed. I am sure they were exhausted.

In the morning Keith wants to try to get my antenna mounted on the pole John put up outside before we all go out to John and Leslie's home tomorrow noon.. 

Monday, November 19, 2018

Monday and Laundry

I had a sore arm all evening and even after going to bed. I took two Aleve but they didn't help at all. I did get some sleep off and on. I finally got up about 6:00AM.

I did one load of laundry this morning but decided to wait to strip my bed until almost bedtime so I wouldn't have to quarrel with Missy about lying on it while it is clean. We will sleep tonight on the daybed trundle if I can keep her off the bed.

I have fed her and myself and am ready for the day. It is 8:10AM now but it is 34 degrees outside.

More later...

Leslie just texted me that they are planning to decorate the church for Christmas this morning at 9:30. I will go help now that I have freed up my day. I will do my second load of laundry this evening and put my stew on in the morning. That is a good plan.

Karan and Leslie and I showed up. Later Cyndi came too. We organized the boxes of Christmas decorations after we got the church decorated for Christmas. It looked lovely. If I go out there this afternoon to take the two new wreath hangers out, I will take some photos.

Image may contain: people sitting, table and indoor
This is the pulpit area decorated for Christmas.

 Image may contain: tree and outdoor
The windows were kind of dark this afternoon in the sanctuary.

 Image may contain: indoor

These are the sanctuary doors decorated for Christmas.

 Image may contain: christmas tree

The Christmas tree near the piano.

Image may contain: people sitting, table and indoor

Near the pulpit area this decoration.

 Image may contain: 1 person, sitting and indoor
The Nativity in the foyer.

 Image may contain: indoor

The decoration near the screen.

I have remade the bed with the clean sheets. I have clean towels too and clean pajamas. I am ready. Tomorrow I will have my hair done and make my stew for lunch or supper. It depends on when the kids get in.

After we finished at 2:20PM, we went out to El Publito and had lunch.  Then I stopped by the Family  Dollar store and bought two wreath over the door hangers for church.

I have my bedding in the dryer right now. I have stripped the bed in my bedroom and Missy and I will sleep on the daybed trundle this evening so the bed will stay clean for Keith and Esther this week.

Notice Missy has already accepted that change!

Image may contain: cat and indoor

The company all leave on Friday.

More later...

I am watching the news now. It is 6:10PM. In a little while I will take my bath and get ready for bedtime. Then I will stay up until 9:00PM or 9:30PM.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Sunday and Church and Coffeecake

I have slept fairly well last night. I got up the last time at 5:00AM. I awoke at 2:00AM and again at 4:00AM and finally just got up. For most of the night, my right arm hurt and it kept me awake from time to time. Maybe it was the vacuuming.... but I had used my left, I just don't know. I took two Aleve before bedtime to try to avoid the pain. It didn't work.

This morning I dressed and got myself ready for the day.Then I bribed Missy into getting off the bed so I could make it by offering her treats. She jumped right down. I have fed her now so I will get my oatmeal made in a little while and go ahead and mix up the coffeecake for the Church School class and get it in the oven after I eat.

The arm has begun hurting again so I have better get off the computer for now.

More later..

I have had my breakfast and made up the coffeecake and have it in the oven. I checked on my brother-in-law and he is up and eating his toast and having his coffee. I will pick him up this morning too.

The coffeecake has about 20 minutes left in the oven and then I will test it and get it out of the oven if is done and set it on a rack to cool before I ice it. About 8:00AM, I will call Phyllis to tell her I will pick her up at 9:00AM.

I have cleaned out the litter box and Missy is in on my bed napping.

Image may contain: 2 people, including Margie Miller, people smiling, outdoor
This photo was taken on Tuesday when we went to Scottsdale, Arizona, and walked around looking in at neat stores. 

 Image may contain: 2 people, including Margie Miller, people smiling
This photo was taken on Keith and Esther's patio after we got home from Sadona.  Keith is my eldest son.

 Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling
This is Keith and Esther in front of the wedding chapel in Sadona where they were married nearly eight years ago.

 Image may contain: 2 people, including Leslie Brooks, people smiling, people standing, mountain, outdoor and nature

This is Leslie and Esther having Chai Latte on the patio in Sadona, Arizona.

 Image may contain: 3 people, including Leslie Brooks and Margie Miller, people smiling, people sitting and table
This one is of three of us having our chai latte. Notice John, my son-in-law, in the background.

That's all the photos of our trip to Arizona for awhile.

After lunch, I will come home and do the congregational newsletters. This evening I am to go to Independence for the group meeting and dinner before that.  If I can't ride with Karan I will not go. I do not drive at night anymore. There are too many deer out at this time of year and I cannot afford to buy another car. And also I don't eat two large meals in the same day. It influences my sleep to eat that much in one day. I will play it by ear.

More later...

I got the coffeecake out of the oven, iced it and  then remembered I was supposed to get some bowls for the church. I went over to the Dollar General store a couple of blocks away and bought some. I will put the receipt in the offering tray for Leslie, who is our CFO at church.

More later...

We had a small congregation today since it was 30 degrees and were forecast some bad weather. Our congregation comes from miles away as well as Coffeyville and Independence. Some even come from Neodesha.  I made coffee cake for the Church School class but that was small too so I brought several pieces home with me. I took some to Marilyn, my neighbor and will give some to Bob and Joanne. Then I kept some for me.

The three of us were joined by Karan and her stepdaughter, Becky, at Great China for lunch. I brought home some lemon chicken. Karan will pick me up to go to Mona and Richard's this evening.  That's good. They sold their country home and moved into Independence so I have never been to their most recent home. I don't even know where it is in Independence.  Karan has been there.

I got the newsletters done and took Missy out to let her see that she does not like 30 degree weather. She came right back in. Now since I am working on the computer in the den, she wanted up on the daybed behind me. So I lifted her up there. I put a chair next to the daybed so she can carefully climb down. I don't like 30 degree weather either.

I went with Karan and later Judy and Howard to Independence for the group meeting at Mona and Richard's home and we had dinner and afterward a great time discussing the video. I have offered to buy them books at Amazon because we can get them used there for $4.95. ...and free shipping. I don't know if any of them are interested in reading the book. They sure like the video.

I got home after 9:00PM and Missy was not happy with me for being gone. I had to coax her to come lie down with me and watch TV after I got home. I took my bath and got my PJ's on first.

We went on to bed about 9:30PM.