Saturday, July 24, 2010

Garage Sales

My daughter, Leslie, is coming in this morning to go garage saleing with me. She has never done this before with me. I usually go every Saturday but seldom find any real bargains anymore. But I still like to go and look. She will be in about 8:00.

I was invited to dinner with friends last night. That was good. I had a good time and a good visit with the other three. I am not crazy about Mexican food but I was not about to turn down a meal out with friends.

Sometime today I will make my potato salad for the salad luncheon to be held after church tomorrow. I like it to sit overnight in the frig. The flavor has an opportunity to go through the whole salad.

More later...

I got my potato salad finished and it's in the frig. Then I made some chocolate chip cookies. That's what I am taking to the luncheon.

I talked to my brother-in-law this afternoon. He went to see my sister. It worked out o.k. She did want to come home and asked him several times but he kept telling her he was unable to take care of her anymore. My niece will go tomorrow and I will go on early Monday afternoon. He stayed about 45 minutes and then told her he had to leave but would be back another day. She had forgotten she had been in the hospital and forgotten why he put her in Windsor.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday At Last

I don't know why I am looking forward to the weekend. Except for church and an occasional meeting, my days are pretty much all the same. Scott may come tomorrow unless he has a date.

My brother-in-law is going to sell his pickup. I will sell mine too when I get it back from Keith. Since my sister is now in a nursing home, Bob does not need two vehicles either. Later last evening I ate a TV dinner. Then I went to Arby's and bought a shake.

Today I will do some more house cleaning. I need to vacuum. Then I need to dust. I am trying to stretch out my housework over the week nowadays.

I woke up at 4:00 again this morning and just got up. This gave me time to blog and to read the church's web board too before feeding the animals and watering. That means I will be tired in the early evening again. I doubt I will take a nap.

More later...

I have done my cleaning and also some ironing. I raked the back yard and bagged the clippings. I received my new tags in the mail today. I will mail the one for the truck to Keith.

Jack and Marilyn just called to invite me to go to Caney with them to the Mexican Restaurant there. I am going to go. One has to take their invitations when they come or people will stop asking.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


I didn't get my trimming finished last evening. In fact, I spent the evening in the bathroom. Something I ate, probably the candy on the way home from Bartlesville, did not agree with me at all. I am fine this morning though.

I have nothing more on the agenda but to get that trimming finished.

Then at noon, I have to pick Bob Avery up at Blake's where he is getting his truck's exhaust system replaced. He is going to sell his truck. He took me to lunch and we both enjoyed having someone to visit with and eat with. He is going to go to visit Phyllis on Saturday and I will go on Monday afternoon.

Keith called yesterday evening. He had to buy a battery for his dad's truck. That's two tires and now a battery. He says Phoenix heat just destroys a battery.

More later...I need to feed the animals and water my hanging plants. Then I may take Slinky for a walk. I didn't get that done yesterday.

Well, I feel better. I got the plants watered, the animals fed and took Slinky for a walk. When we got back, I trimmed the back yard. Now I want to do some raking before it gets hot again.

I wanted to add word tosser to my list of blogs but blogger won't let me for some reason.

How about that! I did add her. Her blog is just called "From a Simple Mind".

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I have been on the computer all morning. I came in this morning and had the dreaded blue screen with the message that the computer had a "bad pool header". It advised me to reboot and see if the dreaded blue screen came back. It didn't. Thank goodness. But now I am paranoid about it.

I will go to Bartlesville to visit their Goodwill store. I would like to find some more shorts but don't know if I will stay a ten or get larger or smaller so I don't want to buy some in a store.

I will need to finish my trimming this evening.

More later..

Well, I didn't find any shorts that I liked but I did find a pair of blue dockers and a pair of white cotton slacks and some navy thongs all for $7.50. What a bargain!

Later on I will do the rest of my trimming..after it cools down some. It's 96 here with a heat index of 105-110.

I brought Slinky into the kitchen. He is really hot! Missy is also in now.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Slow Tuesday

Since my sister is in the nursing home now, I did not have to go by and sit with her so my brother-in-law could go to breakfast with his friends. Hopefully, he was able to go alone now.

I have been working on my notebook for CMA. I am trying to catch it up with the new material.

Also I am going to lunch with an old friend today at 11:30. She called me last week to make this date.

I have no other plans for the day today. I may read. I received two new books yesterday. I started one of them yesterday when I let Slinky in out of the heat.

More later...

I dropped by to see my brother-in-law after lunch. I wanted to see how he was doing. He felt really bad about leaving my sister at the Alzheimer's Unit yesterday. My niece had called and they said she did fine after we all left and also did fine last night. I would be amazed if that is so.

I mowed and trimmed this evening and just finished at 7:30. I was soaking wet and very hot and red in the face so I took a shower and washed my hair. I am feeling better now. I am just going to watch TV tonight if I can find anything to watch.

My younger son is going to be deployed to Germany in October. That will be good for him although I will miss him terribly. He says he is going to bring me over for a visit. We will see. I have never been a world traveler. I like to sleep in my own bed.

Keith, my older son, called this afternoon just to check in on me. Then Leslie, my daughter, e-mailed me because she had not heard anything from me in 24 hours. I told her I was fine.

I enjoyed lunch with the old friend. I forget how lucky and blessed I am. She has had breast cancer and it is now in her bones. She takes lots of meds. She is a year older then I. She is still very pretty at 75.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Busy Monday

This has been a busy day. After I fed the animals and took Slinky for his walk and watered my flowers, I went out to Leslie's and cleaned her house. It's 2400 square feet and it takes me three and a half hours but when I'm finished, it shines.

Afterward, I went to lunch with her.

Last night about 6:00 I saw a police officer in my yard with his gun drawn. He went into my garage. When he came out, I stepped out and asked him what he was up to. He said there had been an alarm sounded on my block. He asked me if I was alone and I told him that I was. He stepped into the house and looked around the living room. I assured him that I was alone. When he left I noticed that there was a woman officer across the street and she had her gun drawn too. He asked me if I had an alarm and I told him I didn't. He checked with his dispatcher and she told him the alarm was from two doors west of me. So he left. I noticed that in just a few minutes they both got into their squad cars and left. Strange!!

This afternoon, my brother-in-law, and niece and I put my sister in the Alzheimer's Unit at Windsor. She was not happy about it but since she can no longer walk or even stand, my brother-in-law had no alternative. He cannot lift her and she has fallen once and then once she could not get off the seat of the commode.

It's pitiful.

They asked us not to come for four or five days to give them a chance for her to settle in with them. Then, before we come, we are to call to see how she is doing. If she is not doing well, they want us to wait awhile longer. We can call every day if we want.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunday Church

This morning I will go to church. Bill will speak today. Afterward, hopefully, Leslie and I will eat out somewhere and we will invite Bob, my brother-in-law to go too.

I got my lawn mowed last night although I did not get behind the fence mowed and I did not trim. Perhaps I can trim this afternoon or tomorrow afternoon. I need to get gas for the mower.

I will also get back up to the hospital to see Phyllis and Carletta and perhaps Howard. Howard's room is right next door to Phyllis'. Carletta is down the hall. I saw both of them and Phyllis yesterday afternoon. I have to put on a gown, gloves and mask to go see Carletta. Her immune system is not working at all and she is doing poorly. They are afraid of any germs or bacteria. When I was there yesterday afternoon, they were giving her blood.

The three of us went to Independence to eat at Great China after church. After it cools down a bit I will go get stamps and then go to the hospital to see Phyllis, Carletta and Howard. Right now I have Slinky in the kitchen. It is 96 degrees outside and he can't handle that kind of heat. So I have been working on my Sunday newsletters and this blog.

I will go later after it cools down a bit.