Saturday, September 15, 2012

Home Saturday Afternoon

We got back home about 3:00 this afternoon but had a very nice time in Branson even though it rained nearly all the time we were there. We saw the Presley's show last night and two really good shows at Silver Dollar City. We walked around in the drizzle all Saturday except when we went into the opera house to see the show. We ate a late lunch at Olive Garden there and really enjoyed it. Then last night we went to see the Presley's show.

This morning we went to Panera bread across from the motel and had a great pastry and some very good coffee. By the time we got to Joplin this afternoon we went to the mall and walked around. Afterward we stopped at Crackerbarrel and had a catfish lunch. It was very good too.

When I got home, the library had e-mailed me that the video we wanted to see, "J Edgar", was in and I could pick it up. So I went by the library and picked it up. it. Then I called Bob and he came over and watched it with me. We had a bowl of vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup for supper. Not too nourishing but very good! He left about 9:00.

I took my bath and got ready for bed before coming in here and catching this blog up again.

It's time for goodnight all!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Big Thursday Morning

This is already a big day. I left this morning at 6:15 for my hair appointment in Independence. When I left the shop, the yellow "gas needed" light came on. I drove all the way home and out to South Coffeyville with that light on but I made it. I filled my tank and then went by Gary's to pay my bill. It was almost $300. Between that and my dental bill of $224, I have really hit my savings this month already. Then I went by Bob's home to leave the money to pay the man who hauled away all my limbs from that windstorm yesterday. Then I came home and packed and started my laundry. I just have my makeup to pack in the morning. Everything else is in my bag.

While I was at it, I shifted some clothing from one closet to the other. It's a little early to put my fall/winter clothing in my main closet but at least I put away things that no longer fit.

In an hour I will warm up the hamburger pie from yesterday's dinner. We need to eat our leftovers before we leave in the morning. I am really looking forward to this trip. It's been awhile since we last went to Branson. We will go out to Silver Dollar City after we arrive there and then eat lunch at Olive Garden before we go to the Landing. Tomorrow evening we will go to a music/comedy show...the Presley's, I believe. The one we had planned to see does not have a Friday evening show. Maybe next time.

On the political scene, Romney really jumped the gun with his remarks. Before all the facts were in he sounded as if he were ready to go to war. Neo cons, bah humbug!

We are leaving at 6:00 or before in the morning. I will not be back online until Saturday night. We are forecast for rain but we don't really care. We will take a rain jacket and umbrellas.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Car Repair Wednesday

This morning I will take my car in to Gary's Automotive to have a new timing belt put on it. It has 166,000 miles on it. If the timing belt breaks on a Honda, the motor will be ruined. The manual says that belt should be replaced every 60,000 miles. It's only been replaced once sine I've had the car. When I bought it as a used car, it had 27,000 miles on it. I had the timing belt replaced at 90,000 miles. Now it's past due. Bob will meet me there and bring me home. Then after dinner, he will take me to work and pick me up afterward. Between the dentist and the car, I had to transfer $500 out of savings and into my checking account. I will have to work hard to get that money back in there.

We will have hamburger pie for dinner today. Bob will bring a salad and family sized tea bags for our tea. We will have fruit for dessert.

I worked in the yard yesterday morning and cleaned up a section of the yard that needed some help. As I was finishing up, I noticed I had lost my wedding ring. I got out a new leaf bag and carefully emptied the last bag I had filled into it but I did not find the ring. I knew it was a little loose but did not think it was that loose. Oh well....

I was very busy at work yesterday...just the way I like it.

I was listening to NPR yesterday morning and they were interviewing a man who wrote a book about the 9/11 tragedy. After the freedom of information law allowed new information about the 9/11 tragedy, it seems government agencies knew in advance about the threat. Some just denied the urgency of it and some were really diligent about notifying the president and his advisers about an imminent threat. Some of those people were ready to resign because they were not being heard. Unfortunately, for the 9/11 victims, the naysayers won out.

I read Michael Lewis' book "The Big Short" about the causes of the financial disaster. Now there's Kurt Eichenwald a writer for Vanity Fair, and author of the new book "500 Days: Secrets and Lies in the Terror Wars," and also author of an opinion article in the New York Times. He is the author of the new book exposing the incompetence of the Bush administration in preventing the 9/11 attack.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tired Tuesday

It was one of those nights. For one thing, I did too much yesterday and went to bed at 9:00. That's always a mistake. I woke up at 3:30 and could not get back to sleep. This will be a very busy month and I couldn't get all that activity out of my mind. I have a hair appointment at 8:00 this morning and library board and foundation meetings after work this afternoon.

Then I have a new timing belt put on my car tomorrow. Bob will bring me home from Gary's Automotive after I leave my car there. Then after dinner he will take me to work and pick me up after work to go get my car.

Thursday is free...thank goodness. Then Friday morning early Bob and I leave for Branson. I am really looking forward to that break. Cyndi will feed my cats while we are gone.

On the 18th, I feed Cyndi's cats, take cakes to Independence, Kansas, and have my hair done. I come home to fix dinner after that and then go to work. The PINCH meeting is at 5:30 that evening on the 19th.

I will work Thursday morning the 20th because I will leave that afternoon with Leslie to go to the John Whitmer Historical Association's long weekend in Independence, Missouri. Bob will feed my cats while I am gone. It's going to be a very busy rest of the month.

Next month is every bit as busy.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Back to Work on Monday

It's back to work this afternoon but first I have some business to take care of and also dinner to fix at 10:45. I received a bill from our Ace Hardware Saturday for the shelving and shelf brackets I bought last month. I had returned the brackets because they did not fit into my shelving strips. They have neglected to give me credit for that return so I will have to go up to the store and try to get them to take that off my bill. Unfortunately, when I cleaned out my purse a week ago, I accidentally threw away the receipt showing that. Then, I sold another book over the weekend and I need to get it in the mail.

I need to go to the market to get a few things for tomorrow's dinner. Today we are having chicken tenders, potatoes and gravy and salad and veggies. Then we have some of my dessert from last night left and we will have some of that for dessert.

I slept really well last night after all that activity yesterday. This morning I stripped my bed and am washing my sheets and some underwear.


After dinner I went to work and when I got home I changed my clothes and mowed and trimmed. The yard looks pretty good. It still hasn't completely recovered from the drought. It has looked a lot better in the past. But it is done and it looks neat.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Again

It's Sunday again and I will have the sermon at church today. The theme is "All Are Worthy". It's taken from the scripture in Mark about the Syrophoenician woman who wanted Jesus to heal her daughter. That's one of those mystery stories. Jesus appears to be rather hardhearted when it comes to healing anyone who is not Jewish. Yet he accepted all sorts of untouchables in his own culture. Many Bible scholars believe the story was added later by the early Christian movement to justify converting Gentiles. Yet it portrays Jesus in a very un-Jesus way. It will be difficult to justify the scripture as authentically from Jesus because of that. Jews not only considered all Gentiles as unclean and portrayed them as "dogs" but also the woman, being a woman, in that culture was never supposed to approach a strange man in that way and speak to him.

Yesterday evening I watched parts of two old movies. The first was "The Goodbye Girl" and the second was "Apollo 13" Both were very interesting and though I had seen both, it was good to see them again.

After church we will go eat lunch together somewhere and then I will do my traditional letters. I will need to fix a dessert and spruce up the house a little for the "Living the Questions" group tonight. It meets here at 7:00. >

More later...

I got my dessert finished and iced later this afternoon and the group came about 6:45. They trickled in until 7:10. We had a good discussion. I had twelve. That's about all my 15 by 15 foot living room can seat. Everyone liked my dessert and tea afterward. After everyone left I did my dishes up and put away my chairs and then took my bath. That's such a good group. I will go to bed now.