Saturday, July 4, 2009

Rainy Holiday

There goes the party! Cyndi was having a pool party this afternoon but about 6:00 this morning it started raining and it's still raining at 8:00 AM. The forecast is for rain all weekend. There goes Leslie's part of this party too. They were going to have homemade ice cream and fireworks and we were taking a watermelon. We will still have the homemade ice cream and watermelon but I don't know about the fireworks.

About noon the rain stopped.I hope it stays stopped so Cyndi's party can go on.

Bob has taken Slinky for a walk since it has cooled down.

I will have to get my clothes ready for camp this afternoon. I have several outfits to press and pack for the week. I am wearing mostly what we used to call pedal pushers when I was young...and shorts. It should be very hot. I will take some jeans for the cool mornings though.

My texts came in. Kathy called me Thursday to tell me they got them. So the class is on. I hope I am ready for the class. I re-read my material this week.

I had a couple of short length pants cut off for shorts and Bob picked them up yesterday morning at the cleaners where I had that done. So that will give me two more pair of longer shorts for the week.

I hope I enjoy it. Bob will stay home with the animals and do his physical therapy.

Last night the seven of us went to dinner at the Tavern on the Plaza. We had a good time doing that.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Carpet Steamer

I just bought an H2O steamer to clean my floors and carpets. After assembling it, I cleaned the extra bedroom carpet with it. It seems to work well. They aren't perfect but sure look a lot cleaner and dry almost immediately since it's steam..supposedly at 1500 degrees.

After I finished with that room, I did our bedroom. Then I took the carpet cleaning pad off and cleaned the kitchen floor where "that dog" often sleeps when it's hot. Everything came out real well. The real test though was the office. It's carpet was awful. Well, it's definitely not perfect but a whole lot better. I would love to have new carpet in there since that carpet was originally in the living room when we moved into this house. But I don't want to have to take apart the daybed and trundle and worse then that...the computer and computer desk. That would be a tremendous job. So, if it doesn't come out as well as I want, I will have it professionally cleaned.

How I wish I could find a dry carpet cleaning machine. I used to (20 years ago) to have a man that had such a machine and my carpets always looked brand new and only took an hour to be able to walk on them. Unfortunately, he moved to California.

Today Scott, Ashley and Taresa will come. They want to stay with Leslie and John in their new home this time. That's fine. They are all about the same age and will have a good time visiting. They will also have their own bathrooms.

There is to be a party tomorrow to shoot off fireworks and have snacks. It begins at Cyndi and Jeff's swimming pool. There will be snacks and then after 4:00 the party will move to John and Leslie's home. There will be five couples of them and Bob and me. We will likely not stay long. Bob tires out too early. But we will try. I am to take cookies and there will be homemade ice cream.

Tonight Bob and I will take our kids and Ashley to Tavern on the Plaza for dinner. There will be seven of us. It will break the budget but should be fun.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The End of Overeating

I have been reading a new book by David A. Kessler, MD. It's called "The End of Overeating: Taking Control of the Insatiable American Appetite". It's really been fascinating reading about how the food industry has manipulated our food so that we get a lot of salt, sugar and fat in nearly everything. I saw him on TV the other day and ordered his book. It was an instant best seller. I guess all of us who have yoyo'd for years are interested in knowing why. He has been fat and thin and fat and thin several times in his life

Most of us know what it feels like to fall under the spell of food....when one slice of pizza turns into half a pie, or a handful of chips leads to an empty bag.

Dr. Kessler says his study has led him to know that the food industry purposely loads of food with these three things to make them more appetizing so we'll eat more and more.

Yoshiyuki Fujishima, an executive at Ajinomoto, one of Japan's largest food companies, believes that American food is fundamentally less satisfying than Japanese food. "The food I eat in Japan has complex flavor, and I can get satisfaction with less quantity" he said. By contrast, with American food, "you have to eat a lot to be satiated."

Europeans say the same thing. To more sophisticated palates, our cuisine lacks finesse..."There's no curiosity in are swamped with very strong tastes", one source told me. He called American food, "over the top".

Where traditional cuisine is meant to satisfy, American industry food is meant to stimulate.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Physical Therapy

Bob's physical therapy started today. He did fine. It was mostly brisk walking this first day and that followed his consultation and then following each walk they took his blood pressure and heart rate.

Cyndi did well too. She insists she has too much pain and perhaps has an infection. Her doctor said the foot was well now and that it would not get an infection without a wound. Her therapist told her (at least that's what she told me) that it could get infected up to a year from now. Sounds strange to me.

We stopped by Twigs and bought hanging baskets for our daughter for her birthday. Cyndi bought her one too. We delivered them out to the house while they were gone to Joplin for her birthday. John is working nights so he usually sleeps days except that he was off last night and night before last.

I read all afternoon. I have been preparing for my class at camp and it looks like they may have to cancel the two Temple School classes if they can't get the material. Herald House has been closed for inventory this week. They will try one more time this Thursday. If they can't get the books then, both the classes will be canceled. I have studied all week long and it may be for nothing.

We stayed home all afternoon. It was hot and Slinky was in the kitchen.

I will be leaving in the morning for Independence to pick up Juanita and then on to Tulsa to the airport for her flight to Chicago. If the weather permits, and Slinky can be outside, Bob will go with us.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Quiet Day

I went to stay with my sister this morning and when I got home I stayed home. They called about my car and it was one of the sensors and the cost for the repair was $160. I didn't think that was too bad. I will be giving it a workout this week to see if that was it alright. Tomorrow at 6:40, we will pick up Cyndi for her physical therapy at 8:30 and Bob has his consultation then too. We will leave Slinky out and hope to get back by 11:00 before it gets too hot for him. At 7:15 I get my hair done....color and cut. After the physical therapy, we will stop at Twigs and buy Leslie some hanging plants for her pagoda for her birthday.

In the afternoon I will probably just read. It will be awfully hot again and I want to stay out of the heat.

Thursday, I pick up Juanita in Independence at 12:00 noon and take her to Tulsa to the airport. Friday, Scott and Taresa are coming with Ashley and that night we will go eat out at the Tavern on the Plaza. That should be fun. They will stay with John and Leslie in their new house this time. Saturday night, John and Leslie are having a fireworks party. We will go out there for that. Then I fix the early breakfast at church Sunday morning and after church and lunch, we will leave to take me to the campgrounds for the week. You will all have a rest from my opinions and daily diary.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Sick Cyndi

Cyndi is sick today so we won't be going to her therapy in Independence after all. I cleaned house all morning and did a thorough job of it. I washed all the floors, cleaned the bathrooms thoroughly and Bob vacuumed and then I dusted everything. I did two loads of wash and remade the bed with clean bedding.

I am bushed!

I also cleaned out Bob's truck. We went to Brahms to get milk and Bob stopped at Greg's to see if he knew what was wrong with my car. He had just looked it over. He thinks it is a sensor and will have to order it if that turns out to be what it is. He will verify it today one way or the other.

Tonight we will just stay home. We enjoyed being home last night but I spent yesterday afternoon working on my weekly letters and then the quarterly newsletter. The newsletter and even the weekly letter go out by e-mail to everyone except six people who do not have e-mail. So I mail theirs by snail mail.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

A Response to Linda

Linda, a friend from these blogs, responded to the post below and got me to thinking even more about the subject. I responded to her response but I want to share my thoughts here too.

Our church talks very little about sin. We are mostly an affirming bunch. We talk about using our giftedness and finding and encouraging others's giftedness.

Once I guest ministered at a congregation that had many hard living people that had been converted to Christianity in a jail Bible Study ministry. They worried a lot about sin. It held some back from using their gifts. I had a different sermon prepared altogether but decided instead to speak about God's marvelous grace.

I've never drank or smoked or frequented bars or clubs but I have done some other things over my life that I never want to do again. I used that experience when I expressed my thoughts. When I decided to change my life, I put all those things behind me. God worked with me to help me to do that. I shared that feeling. I never think about my past sin (if that's what it was), I put that behind me for once and for all. But God forgave me all that. I am assured of that.

I was a hard mother to live with. I tried to do too much and rear three children nearly alone at the same time. I took a paddle to my children if they misbehaved. I wanted to be able to take them anywhere and have them behave well. They did. I intimidated them.

I also took them to every Walt Disney movie that came along. I bought a Sana Pool season ticket every summer and every afternoon, I took them swimming. On Saturday mornings I took them to the donut shop and after that a friend who also had three young children and I took all six of them horseback riding. We hiked (we only had one car and Bob had that) and picked up pop bottles and then sold them for money to buy an ice cream cone. I'll bet the people of our neighborhood thought I was crazy with a child on a small bike, one on a trike and one in a wagon picking up pop bottles. But we did have fun together.

Later Bob got his priorities in order and we bought a small pop up camper and every other weekend we went camping all over northeastern Oklahoma. My cousin gave us a 16 foot sloop and we sailed everywhere on all the marvelous lakes in Kansas, Oklahoma and Missouri. I was strict and I tried to be fair. However, I was just too harsh to those kids. I was nearly suicidal much of the time in those years. I was beside myself with two boys with asthma and projectile vomiting. If one wasn't sick the other one was. Luckily our girl was pretty well. At least she didn't have asthma.

Know how I know I was forgiven? Now all three kids are grown and they never remember the harshness. They only remember all the fun times we had.

I had wonderful freedom with that message that I seldom have and I think it was because that was the message those folks needed to hear. I was amazed that they seemed to be glued to what I was saying.

Afterward dozens came up and thanked me. It must have struck a chord. Here's the thing. People who are converted from hard living or problem living are the perfect ones to minister to those who are hard living or have a tough time with life's challenges. There is no judgment..only caring love. It is best to be a wounded healer.

Reflecting On Yesterday

My belief is that it is sin whenever what we do harms another or ourselves. And we all do it all the time. When I preach anything that is even anywhere near preaching against sin, I include myself in that sermon. It is always "we"..including me. And I try to make it quite clear that I am speaking as one sinner to another.

Some sin we commit just because we are not careful and thoughtful. Other sin we deliberately commit. But we all do sin. Everyday we need to look back one day and say to ourselves, "Have I hurt anyone ? Did I inadvertently hurt anyone? Did anything I did hurt someone?" Then we need to try to make it right.

Yesterday I cleaned the kitchen thoroughly...floor, counters, I went over everything carefully...everything.

After I had finished, Bob came in to get a cup of coffee. Because he was not careful, he ran his coffee over the top of the cup onto the counter top. I moved to clean it up..scolding him that "I had just finished cleaning that!" He insisted he would clean it up himself. In reaching for a sponge, he knocked over the entire cup and it ran down the side of the cabinet spilling it all over the floor. Then I really had a mess. I ran him out of the kitchen and mopped up the mess. He got angry and I got angry and we both said some things we shouldn't.

Now that was sin. Not on his part. His was an accident. But I overreacted, as I do from time to time. Bob is older and slower and a little clumsy in his old age. I should be more loving when I deal with that instead of impatient as I tend to be. These days, those are the types of sins I suffer with. I work on it but I seem to never conquer it completely.

It seems I am a wounded healer.