Saturday, February 29, 2020

Saturday and a Nightmare Night

Last night I was awake every hour on the hour with my right shoulder hurting. I simply could not get comfortable. Then I had leg cramps and had to get up to take a couple of pills for that.  I finally got up shortly before 6:00AM.

I am going to hunt for my heating pad today and if I don't find it I will buy another one. Joanne gets relief for her hurting shoulder with heat. I can't take Aleve every night or it will damage my kidneys or liver....perhaps both.

I will bake my cake today and ice it and take it to church in the morning and put it in the freezer there. Bob will pick it up on Tuesday and take it to the First Christian Church in Independence for their Tuesday evening dinner. We have been doing that for over seven years. It's a small contribution that is helpful for them.

I also need to dust today. I noticed I needed to do that yesterday.

I have had my coffee, oatmeal and Chai already and fed three cats. I will read today since I went to the library yesterday noon.

More later... 

I got the dusting done and got the laptop back together  and attached to the printer so I can do my newsletters tomorrow after church.

I took my cake over to the church and put it in the freezer. I knew I would have my coffeecake and sermon material and the communion bread and juice and would need to run off the bulletins so while I was there putting the cake in the freezer, I decorated for the communion and ran off the bulletins. 

Then I came home and watched the news and read.

It was an exhausting day and I took my bath about 7:00PM after I fed the cats...four of them...and then at 9:00PM, I went on to bed.

Friday, February 28, 2020

Friday and a Change of Plans

I woke up at 2:30AM with the realization that I was causing a lot of unnecessary work for both my eldest son and my daughter.and was sending off the only computer I had that could use my printer...and I need my printer. Plus, both my son and daughter are very busy people with their own important agendas. So I got up and unpacked the laptop and set it up again so I would have access to a printer until the desktop Keith is sending me arrives. As long as it can use the printer, I really don't need the laptop. The notebook can access the internet and my banking ...even if it will not utilize my old printer. That Cox tech tried to install it for an hour and finally a message appeared on it that said it could not install it.

If the desktop isn't able to use the old printer I may have to buy another printer or just let the old  laptop use it. I hooked up my exterior drive to the laptop and will use it with the desktop computer Keith is sending me when I receive it.. He said it looks brand new but he did not know how old it was until he has a chance to utilize it. He said he bought it from a lady for $20.00. What a deal!

So I will not be going back to Coffeyville today. I will clean the apartment instead.

More later...the cats may be waiting for their breakfast.

How about that!! I have two yellow cats and two gray cats (mama cat is one of them and Big Tom cat is another of them) out there. The other two are two of the younger ones from her litter.

I have been watching the TV news.  I also mopped the floors. As soon as CBS news is off I will vacuum.  I have a lot of time to make up after yesterday.

I got the apartment vacuumed and only have to dust now.  

I picked up Nancy about 1:00PM or so and we drove up to Independence and went to Ana Maes  for coffee and a wonderful muffin. Then we browsed their gift shop and I bought Maia's Birthday gift. 

Then we went to the hardware store and browsed their gifts too. Nancy bought some birthday cards. Then we went to the Dairy Queen and I had my small blizzard and Nancy had a small vanilla shake. We drove out to John and Leslie's and visited the puppies. We were both very impressed with how cute they were and how much they had grown. Hoover, the dad of the puppies, came out to visit us and he was so glad to get some attention. Then as we were leaving, Mini came out too. She wanted to go with us in the car but we slowly left the property and when she found we were not going to let her go, she turned around and went back up to the house.

Then I took Nancy home and I went over to the Caney car wash and washed my car. It was filthy. 

I turned on the news and sat with the notebook and worked on this blog.

More later...

Later I watched the CBS News and at 7:00PM, I took my bath and read one of my library  books until 9:00PM, when I went to bed.


Thursday, February 27, 2020

Thursday and House Cleaning Day

I slept pretty well last night. I went to bed early so I was up early. I discovered that if I put one of my extra pillows under my right arm, that cushions it and I can sleep better. I did take two Aleve again this morning though.

I will watch the news before I begin my cleaning.  I have all day to do it. I have had my oatmeal and coffee and chai and even the hot chocolate I bought on Wednesday.

I fed four cats this morning too. I discovered how to be able to put their food out front without having to worry about them trying to get into the apartment. I opened the garage door and they ran over there to accompany me to the front door where I put their food. Instead I stepped out the front door and set their food out there while they were expecting me to come out the garage door.  I don't know how long I can fool the little critters.  I am trying to avoid being tripped by mama cat because she wants to rub against my legs as I am trying to walk with their food.

More later....

Well I didn't get any housework done. I spent the entire day trying to get an old XP Dell computer to work and pick up my wifi. It works alright but doesn't pick up my internet  even when I moved it into the dining room. I even tried to use the USB internet adapter Leslie bought me for the laptop I am sending to Keith but that wouldn't work either.  Cox Complete Care tried for an hour to get the printer to work on the little notebook but he couldn't get that done either. Finally some information came up to say it couldn't get onto the internet or print either because it wasn't compatible to my old printer.

I finally gave up at 4:30PM and ate my lunch. Tomorrow I want to go over to V & S Variety and send the laptop to Keith. He said he would put Windows 10 on it and clean it up. Right now it has Windows 7 on it and Cox found some malware on it and of course, since January, they have quit supporting Windows 7.

I am watching the news now and having some hot chocolate. It's 5:00PM now.

More later....

I was so exhausted I went to be shortly after 8:00PM. What a day!

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Wednesday and a Big Day in Coffeyville

I woke up at 3:30AM after I heard a loud noise right outside my bedroom window. At first I was going to take my flashlight and go out to investigate. The window was pitch black at 3:30AM except for an area about a foot square and that was light and there was a shadow that continued to drift across it. I opened the blinds to look but because it was so dark, I couldn't see a thing.  But there was a dark shadow that kept moving across the window. Finally I decided it would be best if I didn't go investigate it by myself. An 84 year old woman would be unable to even defend herself if there was someone there..

A couple of months ago, someone had tried to break into the apartment next to mine in this duplex. Whoever it was took the screen off the large window in their second bedroom and threw it up on the roof. Then they tried to force open their door and even bent the hinges in the attempt. There was also blood on my door. The kids that live next door were gone for the weekend. When they got home they discovered the damage and called the police..After I saw the blood on my door I called them too. I asked them to come by our duplex off and on all evening with their lights flashing. I hoped to have the police intimidate the prowler. They did patrol our neighborhood that time so I called the police again to come out and investigate my noise and the dark movement on my window. The officer did that but he found nothing. My back yard, and that of my neighbor, are fenced in with privacy fences with a gate.

I texted Bob this morning after I got up and decided to go on over to Coffeyville for breakfast with him since it didn't snow last night. We had breakfast and then I went by the beauty shop and had my hair done. I was telling Neet there about my experience since she too lives in Caney on State street right across from the library. She said there was quite a bit of that sort of behavior in Caney and in fact, they had installed an security alarm system at their home. 

Then I went on to Auto Zone and bought a new battery...$139,00 worth. What we didn't know is that on my car, if you install a new battery, you have to have a code to reset in the radio or you don't have a radio. Auto Zone tried to discover the code online but wasn't able to do it. I went out to Gary's Repair to see if Brandon could do it but he said I would have to get it from the Honda Agency. He said I might have to go to Bartlesville and pay a service charge to get that done unless I just happened to get a sympathetic service person on the phone. It was worth a try and so I called them. The young man in the service department told me where to find the code and walked me through the process of resetting the radio code.

I was at the library at that point so I went on in and found the book I had been reading from the Caney library and finished reading it in their reading area before I went on to the game day at the senior center.

After game day, I came on home to Caney. It was beginning to snow a little by then.

It was already an eventful day.

I haven't been able to catch Pablo, my neighbor,  to ask him to put those blocks under the headboard of my bed.  I certainly can't lift it.  No big rush though. I haven't had any more problems with acid reflux....if that's what it was.

I fed the cats when they came back for supper. I think there were four of them this time.....two gray ones and two yellow ones.. 

I stayed up until 8:45PN or so but finally went on to bed. 

More later...

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Tuesday and a Slow Day

I slept fairly well last night and got up at 5:20AM, dressed and had my oatmeal. I haven't checked yet for cats. I just finished my coffee and will start on my Chai next. I had better check for cats first. They are probably very hungry.I will get back to this as soon as I feed them.

Sure enough Gray mama cat was out there impatiently waiting for me to feed her.  When I took her bowl out I took the two blue bowls out too. And when I turned on the light after I came back in two other of the cats were out there eating too. One was one of the young gray ones and the other was one of the yellow ones.

I just texted Bob and he is awake and getting ready for the day. I text him every morning around 6:00AM just to make sure he's alright. If I don't hear from him in 5 minutes, I call. Denise, his daughter, doesn't check on him that early and Joanne, his girlfriend, sleeps late. If he doesn't answer, I will either call Denise or Joanne or go over there myself. He has the atrial fibrillation and has been in the emergency room six times over the years. He also has spinal stenosis and uses a cane. He has fallen twice.

More later....

Got a new photo of my son and daughter-in-law's new home.

Image may contain: sky, twilight, house, outdoor and nature
I am dying to see it in person this Christmastime.

More later...

I watched the last two episodes of "Bull" this morning before lunch.  I had recorded them when I couldn't stay up long enough to see them on TV .

I stopped at the food pantry and got some veggies and bananas this morning.I will take some of it to Bob and Joanne if I can get to Coffeyville tomorrow.

We are forecast for snow tonight and tomorrow so I drove up to Independence to the Walmart there this morning. I knew I had several things on my list and am not sure I can get to Coffeyville tomorrow if we have snow tonight and tomorrow . Especially since I drive over there very early to take Bob to Eggbert's for breakfast. So I bought my $30.00 worth of stuff there in Independence. Then when I got home I had a reminder from Sherry Epp about our trip with the Gone For Awhile Tour  to Overland Park on April 1st to the New Theatre dinner theater. I was supposed to have my $90. in to her on Friday so I wrote my check and made a trip up to the post office to get it in today' s mail.

Then I got a reminder from Shirley Wilson about the women's retreat the last weekend in April and that three day retreat will be another $70.  Always something! My Blue Cross/ Blue Shield Medicare supplement comes out the 28th of every month and that will be another $312.72. As I said, it's always something. But I am sure that is true of all of you that read this blog.

Well I had better get off the computer or I will have another sore arm this evening and it will interfere with my night's sleep. Pounding on the keys aggravates it.

So more the morning.

I read all afternoon and finally took my bath at 7:00PM and went to bed at 9:30PM.  

Monday, February 24, 2020

Monday and Laundry

I slept fairly well last night although I did have to take two Aleve because of the pain in my right arm. I finally did get to sleep though.

I got up at 5:00AM  and stripped my bed. I try to do most of my laundry on Mondays. I put my older brown sheets on the bed. There was a three corner tear on the bottom sheet and I got out a needle and thread and tried to mend it. I hope it holds until I can get some of that iron on mending tape. I intend to go to Bartlesville on Thursday to get the prizes for the Bunco game on March 4th. I am in charge of prizes for that one. I will try to find some at their Walmart.

Then I had my breakfast. It was raining hard so I didn't try to feed the cats until after 7:00AM when it let up long enough for me to set the double dish out for the gray mama cat. I didn't see the yellow ones or the young gray cats. They may be out there now. I will check in a little while.

More later...

There were no cats out there and the rain has let up for awhile. Mama cat has even eaten her fill and is gone. I put the two blue bowls out there just in case the others can make it since the rain has let up. I will need to go out to Dollar General and get some more cat food later this morning. I also need to put coffee cake mix on my Walmart grocery list for Wednesday.

More even later...

For lunch I had the other half of my cashew chicken from Great China on Sunday.

Then I read all afternoon until 4:00PM when I went over to Nancy's. We had a good visit. I took her the two pieces of coffeecake I brought home from church on Sunday.  She had dressed and later asked is I wanted to get get some supper. I don't generally eat supper but she had not eaten all day so I took her to the Copan Restaurant and we had hamburgers and french fries. She insisted that she pay for our supper since I had driven. Nancy doesn't drive out of town anymore.

After I took her home I came back home and watched TV for awhile. I couldn't keep my eyes open for "Bull" so I recorded it and took my bath and went on to bed at 8:30PM.

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Sunday and Coffee Cake

I slept off and on last night. It's seldom a full night's rest.

I got up about 5:00AM and made the bed and got myself ready for the day. I came in the living room with the notebook to check my e-mail. There was not a lot of e-mail except for spam.

Soon after I came into the living room I heard some of the cats outside my door so I got the cat food ready and was going to take it out the front door but the mama cat was all ready to push her way into the doorway. It had been raining.... so again I had to go out through the garage and walk over to the front doorway. Mama cat follows me all the way and gets right under my feet so I have to be very careful not to trip over her.

After they began to eat I was able to walk back to the garage without her getting under my feet.

Then I began working on the coffee cake and soon had it in the over. It is baking now.

I am going to try to do my typing in the mornings instead of the evenings. When I do it in the evening my right  arm hurts and keeps me from being able to sleep. I took two Aleve to even get to sleep last night and even then, it was spotty.

So, more later...I will need to get the coffee cake out of the oven cooled and then iced. I want to leave for church at 8:30AM and it's 7:30AM right now.

I got the coffee cake finished and iced and left for church at 8:30AM. We had a good Church school class  and a good worship service too. We had visitors this morning too. It is a young Native American man with three small boys. He works with Johnna and she invited them. They are very nice. He thinks a lot of Johnna and I can understand why. She is a wonderful woman....very caring and generous. He has total custody of the boys and has to work hard to manage a schedule for them and his work too,

After church Phyllis and Bob and I went to Great China for lunch and had a good lunch.

I read all evening after 60 Minutes was over and finished my second book. One more to go. Then I will go back to the library for another three.

I never did see Pablo this evening. I was going to ask him to put the blocks under the headboard of my bed.  They spend a lot of time with their parents on the weekends. Maybe I will catch him sometime tomorrow.

After 7:00PM, I took my bath and at 900PM I went on to bed.