Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday Again

I will meet my brother-in-law for breakfast later on this morning. After that, I'm taking Slinky to the vet. He is having a problem staying asleep and I suspect a bladder infection. He also has a large tumor on his breast and I want to see what Dr. Barta has to say about that. I now have enough money coming in to have that taken care of with my longer hours.

After we get back home I will put him in the garage and possibly go to Bartlesvile. It is very cold today and the garage is much warmer because of the hot water tank out there and the large bulb I keep on my water line to the frig.

I met my brother-in-law for lunch at Arby's yesterday. I had a couple of coupons that came in the e-mail. We had their new fish sandwicch with curley fries. If I ever eat at fast food places, it is either Arby's or Braums.

I took Slinky to the vet and sure enough he had a serious bladder infection and that's why he was getting up all night long to go pee. But Dr. Barta said as old as he was he would just get one after the other and the tumor on his breast was another concern. He suggested at his age, it would be more humane to just put him down. So I had him euthanized and then cremated. Then I cried all the way home. I called Scott to tell him. He evidently called Leslie and she called me. Then Christina, my granddaughter in Kuwait called. Then Keith called. I couldn't stop crying. He was my connection to Bob and I had kept it together for all these months until I lost Slinky. Then the gusher began and I could not seem to get it stopped for any time at all. First I lost Bob and now I've lost Slinky. Missy is eight years old. Hopefully she will live for several more years. She is lots of campany too. ...just grouchy company.

Oh well....

Friday, February 10, 2012

Friday At Last

Slinky woke me up five times last night but I had fallen asleep in the recliner for a couple of hours before I went to bed so I feel fine this morning. I have no idea what Bonnie will have me doing to fill eight hours today.

In the morning Bob A and I will go to breakfast and afterward I will go see Phyllis. I have not seen her since last Saturday. Then I must do some cleaning..especially the kitchen floor. I cleaned the rest of the house Sunday afternoon. But Slinky drools all over the kitchen floor and also tracks in leaves and dirt on his feet after I let him out at night to pee and poo. I've had a time keeping him out of my flower beds. My bulbs are up about five inches. He loves to eat dirt and I have the flower beds mulched so he digs down to get to the dirt.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Hooray! Good News!

I received an e-mail from this morning and found it on my lunch hour. They apologized profusely to my brother-in-law, Bob A. and sent his forms on the the IRS and our state and both were accepted. There were no errors in them. And, other good news...I received my tax refund today too.

I will take a hot bath this evening so I won't get sore.

Tomorrow Bob will meet me for lunch. I have a couple of coupons for Arby's and we will use those for their new fish sandwches combo. He has been a good friend and someone to do things with and go places with too. I am happy we could do his taxes ourselves and save him some money.

Better Thursday

Well, I made it through yesterday and it was a huge day. I did get some sleep last night though. Slinky only woke me up four times and I managed to get back to sleep after I went back to bed.

After I got off work yesterday, I called my brother-in-law to see how his tax hassle went. We did his taxes on Monday and tried to file online like I did. For some reason the IRS kept saying his birthdate was wrong. We checked the hard copy and it was not. All the information was correct. We tried to refile and it was still rejected. He called the IRS while I was at work yesterday and checked out his birthdate. They had it correct too. Still the form would not go and was rejected again. The man at the IRS said he had not included his adjusted gross income from 2010. We looked that form over completely and there was no place for his 2010 adjusted gross income. So we printed off the forms and if the TaxAct support can't help us today, he will send them off in the mail. What a mess for him to have to deal with.

We went out to Braums and had a sandwich. I was very hungry.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Tired Wednesday

I am very tired today. Slinky kept me awake most of the night. I may have had three hours sleep last night and I have to work eight hours now. I don't know how long I can continue this way.

I got my hair done yesterday morning, delivered the cakes to the Christian Church and ate a quick mini pizza at Big Cheese. Then I rushed back to town to get to work at noon. I left at 4:00 and have made up some of the hours I lost Tuesday morning. I took a calendar to my boss showing the schedule I can keep and the day I will take off each week. She had told me I could work whatever schedule I wanted as long as I got my 28 hours in. When I gave her the calendar she did not act very happy about it. I don't know how this will go. It's a lot more hours than I want and I don't know when I am supposed to job search.

I moved my next Monday doctor's appointment to Tuesday next week. The doctor had scheduled surgery for Monday anyhow. I don't know when they intended to tell me. If I hadn't called to switch my appointment they may have waited until the last minute. I am not happy with the doctor situation at all. He will not renew my prescription for my thyroid medicene without seeing me first. I only have two pills left and I don't see him until Tuesday next week.

My time sheet goes in today with the new hours listed. I have nothing else scheduled the rest of the week. Next week's Tuesday will be busier with the doctor's appointment at 11:30, a class reunion planning meeting at 2:00 on the same Tuesday, the Valentine dinner that same Tuesday evening and a PINCH meeting the next day on Wednesday. The rest of the month is fairly clear and we are closed on President's Day on the 20th.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

More Surprises

I had a phone call yesterday afternoon, right in the middle of working on Bob A.'s taxes. It was from Nancy, the clerk of the district court. She had heard from Amie, the director of the program under which I work at the district clerk's office, the SER Corporation. Our hours have been raised from 12 a week to 28 a week. She realized I couldn't come in that afternoon (Monday) but she wanted me to begin today. I take the cakes to Independence today so it will be afternoon before I can begin. I called Bonnie, my supervisor, and explained how busy my life is and asked her if they were going to have enough work for me to work seven hours a day four days a week. She assured me they did. She said I could arrange my schedule any way I could to work in those hours.

Well, I've already had my day off this week ...yesterday. So I will have to work an extra hour for four days this week to make up for the loss of this morning. I got Carol, my hairdresser, to work me in this morning at 9:30 instead of tomorrow.

Tuesday next week is the church's Valentine banquet and my 9:15 hair appointment on Tuesday so next week my day off will be Tuesday too. I moved the class reunion meeting to Tuesday afternoon and also my doctor's appointment which is presently Monday morning at 9:30 to Tuesday. The doctor wouldn't take me back as a patient unless I went in to see him and wouldn't refill my prescription for Levothyroxin, which I take for my low thyroid unless I came in to see him.

The following week is President's Day on Monday so that will have to be my day off even though that Tuesday is another day we take cakes to Independence so I will take the morning off and make up the four hours lost the rest of the week.

I have nothing scheduled for the last week of the month yet so I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. I have no idea when I will have the time to job search.

What a predictament. And yet, I can certainly use the money. Maybe I can work it out with that flexibilty.

Monday, February 6, 2012

A Minor Catastrophie

Last night was a huge success until I started to serve my dessert. I had 14 here and my small living room was packed. It's only 15ft by 15ft. But that was really not the problem. The catastrophie happened while I was serving brownies with ice cream and a variety of teas and reached up to the top shelf of my cabinet to get cups.

Suddenly the second shelf came down. The plastic shelf holder had broken. Dishes went everywhere including one that hit me in the face and on the lip. The dishes that fell only to the cabinet top, did not break and even some that fell to the floor did not break. But I did lose five saucers and three cereal bowls. Broken dishes were all over the floor and cabinet tops along with the sugar from the sugar bowl. Those who were helping me serve came over the barrier (yes, Slinky was in and had gone to bed in the utility area) and helped me sweep up. I not only lost the dishes but my lip was bleeding all over the place. Its swollen this morning and sore but that's the extent of the damage.

The dishes are 35 years old and out of stock years ago but I can replace them from They will be expensive that way but I will need to fill out the set again. I have replaced two salad plates from them that were broken over the years.

Slinky woke up and came in the kitchen to see what all the excitement was about. He did go back to bed when everyone left and I turned the TV on for the 10:00 weather.

That's enough excitement for awhile.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Another Bad Night

Last night was another bad night. Slinky woke me up every fifteen minutes after three o'clock. I am pretty tired today. I won't be able to get a nap today since I have to bake brownies after I finish my congregation's letters this afternoon. I have the Living the Questions group tonight. And I have Church School and church this morning.

I need to get some more ink cartridges and some paper before I can print those. I used all my black cartridge with those envelopes and letters. I can use the color cartridge and just pick up some paper at the dollar store.

Last night I dreamed the house burned down. When I woke up I began thinking about what I would have taken if I had had time to get anything. I decided on both animals, my cellphone, my kindle, my laptop computer with all my work on it, the thumb drives with everything saved, and my digital camera. I would lose all my picture albums but I couldn't carry them anyhow. There are too many of them. The furniture would be replaced when I rebuilt the house. The books on my bookshelves are in the process of being sold on Amazon anyhow. I would lose the desktop computer too. I mainly use it for backup anyhow. I don't really like Windows 7. But one of these days this laptop will die and I will be forced to use Windows 7.

Tomorrow morning I will help my brother-in-law do his taxes.

Tomorrow afternoon I will bake my two cakes for the Christian Church's dinner Tuesday evening. Bob A. and I will take them up there on Tuesday.

Wednesday I have a 2:30 hair appointment and I will take Juanita to lunch if she is up to it by then. She has been having more problems with her eyes and also one knee is swelling up and hurting badly, keeping her awake. Getting old is not for sissies. She turned 90 last October.