Saturday, September 17, 2011

Big Saturday!

Well I had a big Saturday. At 7:00 AM just about the time I was to open my garage sale, it began to rain HARD! Lots of thunder and lots of lightning and rain. So I just left the garage door down for an hour. About 8:00 the rain let up some and folks began to come. They trickled in all morning. We sold a lot of stuff at rock bottom prices but we got rid of it. Out of about ten boxes, I had three left. Out of about eight boxes, Leslie had three.

Leslie made $38.00 and some change, I made $28.00 and some change and Bob, who brought hardly anything, made $3.00. Leslie brought donuts and Bob had his coffee. We enjoyed the fellowship. And...we got rid of a bunch of stuff.

Leslie helped me clean up. After they left I brought all of Leslie's textbooks in here and listed them on Amazon. All but five could be found there. Those five we will put in the next garage sale. They probably won't sell there but she paid hundreds of dollars for them. Amazon is our best bet.

When I got that finished, I took Bob's three dollars to him and we went over to Braums and had a hamburger. All in all, it was a good day. My garage is fairly clean now. I swept it out. And we had a much needed rain. I will clean it better after I get my house cleaned again.

I haven't mowed for well over a week and it really doesn't need it much.

I have the sermon tomorrow. I probably should look over my notes. :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Friday at Last!

What a huge day at work...just the way I like it.

I picked up my brother-in-law afterwards and we went to Cherryvale to a real nice buffet restaurant. We both ate a lot of veggies. Neither of us cooks anymore and we don't eat right anymore. We enjoyed the company too. He is a very nice man. I asked him what he thought of Pat Robertson's remark about divorcing a mate with Alzheimer's and he agreed with me that the man was a nut. I hope Pat Robertson never gets Alzheimers. Maybe his wife would divorce him.

I lay down in the recliner this afternoon with a warm cat on my lap and took a nap. About 5:30 I realized I hadn't been to the bank to get change so I got in the car and took off before they closed.

Leslie and John (my daughter and her husband) came awhile ago and brought some more stuff. Luckily, I found some more price stickers and helped them price everything and wiped everything down. It had been stored in their old garage and was a little dusty. I had wiped all my stuff off although most of it was from my house and was clean. That that I had stored in covered boxes just needed a lick and a promise.

I just hope it isn't raining tomorrow or all this work will be for nothing. I open at 7:00 so there will no breakfast out tomorrow. I usually start wrapping it up about noon or thereafter though. It will be interesting to see how it goes.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Tax on Soup Kitchens?

Eric Cantor's blog post was headlined "President Obama's tax on soup kitchens." That is misleading in two important ways. First, Obama did not single out soup kitchens for special tax treatment. And second, the proposal is not a tax on soup kitchens, or any other charitable organizations; it effectively increases the existing tax burden on a small percentage of households, which may indirectly cause disincentives for donations to soup kitchens. We rate the claim Mostly False.

See to the right here on my list.

Politics....It gets more ridiculous all the time...

I had my regular work day today but when I got home I just didn't feel up to working on the garage sale for some reason. I believe I have enough out now and there is a possibility we will have rain. I don't know how it will go if it rains.

I spent the afternoon just relaxing and watching TV. I had a TV dinner for lunch and a bowl of cereal for dinner.

This was just "one of those days".

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Back to Work

I go back to work today. Then this afternoon, I must work on getting things ready for Saturday's garage sale. Wouldn't you know it? Now they're forecasting rain. Leslie won't be helping me after all. Saturday is one of her events for Relay for Life. The entire thing may be called off if the rains come. Drat! The next Saturday is our Mission Center Conference so I won't be able to do it then either. We'll just have to play it by ear.

More later....

I had plenty to do at work today. Now I need to eat a bite and get out there and mark that stuff.

Well I worked in the garage a few hours until I got tired and cleaned and marked the stuff I dug out. I will have to do some more tomorrow and Friday. It's suppose to rain tomorrow and Friday so we'll see. As long as it doesn't rain on Saturday, I'll be fine.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Gone on Tuesday

I really should stay here and work on the garage sale since I got nothing done on it yesterday. But I promised Juanita I would take her to Bartlesville today so I must do it.

I got a very good night's sleep last night after a terrible one the night before. I even fell asleep in my recliner yesterday evening.

My son finally got his new car yesterday and he is delighted. He says it's got every gadget under the sun. He called me on the hands free phone awhile ago on his way to get it tagged and registered. I am so happy for him.

I fed and watered the animals this morning and also watered my baskets but they look pretty pitiful. I may just throw them away if they don't pick up.

More later...

I picked up Juanita at 9:30 and we went to Bartlesville for the day...walked the mall and then went to Dink's for lunch. We had a good time. I was home by 3:00.

She bought a sale shirt and a nighty. I only bought my lunch.

When I got home it was 97 degrees and the animals wanted in the kitchen. So they are lying here now enjoying the air conditioning.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Busy Monday

This should be a busy day. This morning at 8:30, I am going to have some blood work done at the doctor's office. It's been several years since I've done that and my doctor is going to close her practice here and move it to Nowata, where she will serve the Cherokee Indian Hospital. I hate that. I like her very much. Now I will have to figure out what doctor I will change to...again. Not that I need a doctor but at my age, I will need one of these days. I don't have a lot of use for doctors. But when you need one, you need one. And eventually we all will.

Then I will come home and work on cleaning out my house for the garage sale. I've done this once after Bob died last year but I need to do it again. In fact, every year I do a garage sale just to keep things cleared out. I believe my daughter is going to put some things in it. And my brother-in-law may bring over some things too. I'm also going to clean out my linen closet. There a lot of "decorations" in there. After I get out of the doctor's office I will put the ad in the paper for Friday. Then I need to get the license for the garage sale at City Hall.

Then I will stop at the Orchelon store and the dollar store and get some dog food and cat food and a few things for oatmeal. Oh yes, that's for Slinky too. This morning I had to give him Malt Of Meal because I was out of oatmeal. When it gets light, I will take him for a walk.

Then later this morning I will wipe down all the stuff I had stored in boxes and make sure it's all neat. It sells better if it's clean. I need to get a lot done today because tomorrow I will be taking Juanita to Bartlesville. Then on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings I work. So if I don't get it done in the afternoons, it won't get done. And, frankly, I'm not much good in the afternoon.

Next week, after the garage sale, I need to get my flowerbeds cleaned out and mulched for winter. Soon it will be time to rake and I want to get to the flowerbeds before that mess begins. I still have my other fall projects too. I want to paint the trim on my house yet. Eventually Richard and Jeff will work over my fence in the back yard. It's beginning to lean. Something all the time.

I didn't work much on the garage sale stuff. Bill, an old friend, came down and installed my water filter for my refrigerator and then took me to lunch. After lunch he put a new lock in my front door. The one I had would no longer lock or unlock with the key. He fixed it.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Nine Eleven

I remember that day like it was yesterday. Bob and I were living in Independence, Kansas and watching Good Morning America when they were about to cut to commercial and Charlie said, "Hey, cut back to this window. Something just happened here. A plane just flew into the World Trade center.

At first they thought it might be an accident like the day the plane flew into the Empire State Building. But then the second plane hit and they knew it was a terrorist attack.

We watched it all day even after the towers fell. Horrified.

Later that next day, Bob, who had been volunteering for the Red Cross for twelve years, was deployed. He had had 13 weeks chaplain training in the late 1980's and was able to join with the SAIR group of chaplains that specialized in airline disasters. He stayed four weeks in the fall, arriving the day after the disaster. Then he was called back in January for four more weeks. It was a traumatic experience but he handled it like a pro. He was especially impressed with the grief dogs that came in and laid their heads in the laps of those grieving.

More later...

This morning at church, we commemorated the day and prayed for the survivors. We also prayed for peace. Our world will never fully recover until we have peace.

Afterward eight of us went out to eat together. Then I came home and began my letters before the Alzheimers Support group met at 2:30. I attended that until 4:00 and then came home to feed the animals and finish this blog.

Tonight I will attend the Living the Questions group at Howard and Judy's. Now I hope to get the letters finished after I finish the blog. There's an opening at Windsor and I called Cyndi. Her mother is over at Ponca City and they are not happy with her care over there. Maybe they can move quick enough to move her to Coffeyville to Windsor Place's Winston Unit.