Saturday, July 17, 2021

Saturday and Dusting

I slept much better last night even though I was up once in the night. I was up at my usual 5:00AM this morning. And I am eating my breakfast now. It is 6:00AM now. I didn't get a lot done yesterday but working on the puzzle and reading. I did get the yard trimmed and swept off the walk and driveway. 

I am dressed and ready for the day today. I have been having trouble with my TV picture tearing. I have talked to Cox about it and they seem to think it is my Tivo. They say it is an older model and as it ages it causes problems with reception. Personally I think it is Cox. I know I am not giving up the Tivo. I enjoy recording programs when I am not going to be here to watch them. And it gives me access to all sorts of movies and older (and better) TV shows through Amazon Prime.

I am going to go check out the weather and check out the cat situation too and will get back to this later...

Both Blondie and Scruff were there to be fed. They both ate and I brought the bowls in out of the  weather. 

I see we have a 50% chance of rain today and the rest of the weekend. I will have to watch out for the hanging plants and the solar kitty.

I got my hedge trimmed just in time. It's raining now. I brought in the solar kitty just in time too.

It's 9:21AM now and I just brought the plants into the apartment before the rain destroys them. I brought the glass topped table in with the one from the patio because as hard as it's raining they would just be destroyed. The one from the front, I just put under the shelter by the front door. Hopefully that will be enough to protect it.

More later...I'm not going anywhere in this rain. I have been reading all this morning and watching for the rain to get harder so that I have to protect my two plants.

Another puzzle finished and this time 500 pieces. It took me three days. Karan gave me this one.

 May be an image of indoor

The back flowerbed is thriving!

May be an image of African daisy and outdoors 

And this one is overpowering the flowerbed. 

May be an image of outdoors 

Everything grew and grew! Good pasture dirt makes all the difference.

After the rain stopped I put the hanging plants back out. They are doing well.

Here's the one out back  with the hummingbird feeder.

May be an image of flower and outdoors 

 This down here below is the one out in the front.

May be an image of flower, outdoors and brick wall

More later...I will go watch the CBS evening news.

Well that didn't work out. Cox is having trouble with the TV signal in our area so I read instead until 7:00PM when I took my bath. I read until 9:00PM and then went on to bed.


Friday, July 16, 2021

Friday and Dusting

I slept fitfully last night.I had a backache and I got up and took some Aleve for that. Then I had foot cramps and I took some  Hyland's Restful Legs for that. I finally got back to sleep and slept until 6:00AM, which is late for me. I am having my breakfast now and it's 6:45AM. I haven't yet checked on the weather or the cats. I know it rained last night because I heard the lightning while I was getting back to sleep. My only chore today is the dusting. 

It must have rained hard because the hanging plant in the back has lost a lot of it's flowers. I will have to go out and sweep them up after a while. I haven't yet checked on the one in the front. It may look bad too. I will go do that now and get back to this later.

Looks like rain the next three days. The hanging plant in the front looked just as beat as the one in the back. Pitiful!

The only cat that came for breakfast was Scruff. She ate and left. Actually she lay under the hedge on the cool wet ground.  I took the food in twice. I am trying to get her to eat her fill at one time so I won't have to leave that food out  there. 

An hour later Blondie came to eat so I had to put the cat food back out there for him. When he finished, I took it back into the garage and covered it. I don't want the flies in that cat food. They are so nasty.

I will stay in today and work on my puzzle. It will rain most of the day and I just washed my car on Wednesday. Actually it hasn't rained all day...just last night. It is to rain the next three days..probably at night.

Suzanne and Steve are taking a break and going to be gone for a week. She told me about it yesterday. She is going to ask my next door neighbor to find another apartment before December 1st, when his lease is over. She has asked him to keep his son's dog in the garage but he evidently ignores her because I see him letting it out in the back yard to pee. He keeps it in the den evidently. Also he doesn't mow weekly and that is in his lease. He waits until it just looks terrible and mowing weekly is in his lease too. Too bad. He just does his own thing.

I have been working on my puzzle for a couple of hours now and I think this one is the hardest one I have ever done. Karan gave it to me and she got it done so surely I can do it too.:) (although I wouldn't bet on it.)

I am taking a break now and having my lunch.

More later... 

I got out and trimmed the yard this afternoon. The baskets are looking better since the sunshine came out. I cleaned them up the best I could but the sunshine made them look much better.

We were notified today that Montgomery County is now in the red zone again so we will not be having church in the building again.  

I am to give the benediction on Sunday evening for our Mission Center Zoom worship service. I will watch Toronto's "Beyond the Walls" service on Sunday morning. 

Leslie was supposed to have notified everyone of the change. I hate that we won't be in a building again.  I miss the fellowship. I contacted Phyllis Fredensborg. She has a part time job and I called her store to tell her. This is mostly because so many people won't get vaccinated and the Delta strain is spreading like wildfire everywhere.

More later... 

I read until 7:00PM when I took my bath and the at 9:00PM, I went on to bed.

Thursday, July 15, 2021

Thursday and Apartment Cleaning

I slept fairly well although I woke up before 5:00AM and realized I really didn't want the laptop in the living room. I always had to shut it completely down to take it in the dining room and put it on the server and I didn't want to have to do that. So, I got up earlier and took it back to the den and set it back on the TV tray. Then I took the big red extension cord back to the garage. I also was not sure I could use the printer from the living room since I have to open the desktop computer and put in the password to even use the printer from the laptop. They are somehow connected. I am not sure how.

Anyhow, this will work fine. And I don't really need three computers anyhow now that the notebook is non functional. I put it away in the closet in the bedroom.

Today I will clean the apartment again. First I will mop the bare floors and then after the news, I will start the vacuuming.  I can't imagine where all the dirt comes from since I vacuum every week and wear slippers in the house, but I always get a large wad of dirt when I clean the sweeper up. The only thing I can think of it is the dirt from the former tenant. She was handicapped and could not keep the apartment clean. Suzanne did say she had the carpet cleaned before I moved in but there are good cleaners and then there are the others. Oh well, I would clean every week anyhow...habit. It's 6:00AM now and I have had my breakfast and am working on my chai. 

I will go check the weather and later, the cats. Strange...I only have two cats coming to eat anymore. I never see Inky or Scruffy anymore..only Scruff and Blondie.  

It's 8:13AM now and all the floors are mopped and all the vacuuming is finished except the dining room rug. I still have the dusting to do too but that's not a priority for today. I can do that tomorrow if I play out today.

More later... 

After I finished cleaning  I went out to Eggbert's to have my chicken salad. Then I went to give blood. I was deferred. My iron was low again. Strange...I have been taking a multivitamin with iron and Vitamin D. They suggested I have an orange before my next donation appointment or an Oreo cookie. I'll try that next time.

I got everything done this morning except the dusting. I will do that tomorrow. I am tired now. 

I will go back to my book or my puzzle.

More later... 

I did go back to my puzzle and worked on it all afternoon. I took my bath at 7:00PM and will try to stay up to watch "Bull" this evening at 9:00PM. I hope it's not a rerun. Then I will go to bed.

Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Wednesday and a Hair Appointment

I slept much better last night. I was still up at 5:00AM but that's my usual rising time. Now I had better get my breakfast. I am hungry. I'll be back to this in a minute or two.

I have my breakfast here now. I will just blog while I eat. 

I will have to pay my car insurance and rental insurance while I am in Coffeyville this morning. I hope that agent will be in her office. Otherwise I will have to mail my check in. I would rather pay in person.

I didn't hear any more from that factory outlet in this morning's e-mail. I was hesitant to order online from a factory outlet anyhow. I never like to use my debit card for online purchases.  It's scary. With Amazon, I have a separate credit card and that's all I use it for. They pay the postage with any returns too. I have only returned anything twice with Amazon...this battery and an electric ice crusher that didn't work. They refund through that credit card.

My hair appointment is at 9:15AM.  I will leave here about 8:45AM. It's only 6:18AM now so I have plenty of time. 

More later...I want to go check the weather.

It looks like we have a chance of rain for five days. Hopefully it won't all develop. I want to get my yard mowed sometime this week....Thursday or Friday, I hope.

Both Blondie and  Scruff came for their breakfast. When they finished I brought their food into the garage and covered it..

I got all the flowers watered until evening. By then the water will have evaporated or been used by the plants. So in this kind of weather, I water twice a day.

It's 8:01AM now. In about 45 minutes, I will leave for Coffeyville.

So, more later...I left for Coffeyville at 8:45AM and got there just in time to go to the bank and then to the beauty shop. I got my hair done and then decided to go get gas. As I was leaving the beauty shop Leslie texted me to tell me Montgomery County was now in the red...which means we had to cancel the Labor Day retreat. We have too many covis19 cases to have th retreat. Leslie will keep tabs on the church's site to see if we have to cancel church services too. I will be surprised if we don't. We may have to go back to virtual church services again.

Unfortunately, a train was stuck on the track out by the Woodshed and everyone was turning around and heading back to town to use Walnut street. When we got there, we found another train was blocking Walnut Street.  I went on out to Walmart and got the three things I needed even though I had intended to get them at the Caney Market. When I got through there and got back to Walnut street, the tracks were cleared so I went out to Woodshed and bought my gas. I was going to take the Buckeye road back to town but I noticed the train was STILL blocking that road so I took Walnut back to town too. 

I stopped by the Shelter Insurance office and paid my car insurance and the rental insurance too.That was over $300. altogether...a chunk of money!

Then I dropped by Karan's and left the newspapers for the animal shelter. She appeared not to be home. 

Then I came back to Caney. I stopped at the Caney Sonic and bought the kids Wacky Pack with chicken strips and tater tots and a tiny coke...all for $2.18. (On Wednesdays that's a regular special.) I am full now.  That should hold me until late afternoon when I have my banana for supper. 

I intend to read now.

I went over to Nancy's and Sandy was there visiting too. I stayed until 6:18PM and then came home to watch the CBS evening news which I had recorded.  I will watch that before I take my bath and read again. 

More later... 

And that's what I did.I went to bed at 9:00pm..Very tired!!

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Tuesday and a Mess

I slept poorly last night. I woke up several times in the night primarily about the laptop battery situation. The factory outlet store I ordered the second one from contacted me before I went to bed and said my living address was different from the mailing address I got my bank statements from and I needed to contact the bank and get that remedied before they could fill my order. I got out my bank statement and that was not true. Those statements come to this address where I live. I corrected them and told them they were mistaken and if they didn't want my business, they could just cancel the order. I will just leave the laptop plugged in. I don't need any more hassle after yesterday.

The only good thing about yesterday is that I got my dusting done. I even took everything out of the curio cabinets and dusted them and the inside of the cabinets too. I also kept the flowers watered morning and evening.

The Kindle is fully charged again now so now I will read again. I will need to download three more books from Amazon first.

I have had my breakfast and am working on my coffee now.

I will go check the weather and the cat situation. Back to this later....

I checked out the weather and it looks like we may have five days of rain over the weekend. There were two cats, Blondie and Scruff, out there for breakfast.I go them fed and when they were finished I brought in the cat food. I watched the CBS news and also watered the hanging plants while that was going on. Most of it was old news anyhow. I put the solar kitty out to catch some rays while the sun in shining. 

Then I had one of my chicken pot pies for lunch and one of Dean's diet cokes he left for me. 

I got my new Consumer's Report magazine in my mail and read most of that. About 1:15PM, I tried to call Nancy but she must be sleeping.  She sleeps to evade stress of worrying about David, her son. I let it ring 5 times but no one answered. I may drive over there and try from out front.  I haven't seen her in several days..what with the dealing with the laptop computer battery and all.

More later...

I got hold of Nancy at 1:15PM and went over to visit with her. We decided to take a ride since she had not been out of the house in days. We drove up to Independence and all around Independence and enjoyed a lovely day.  I got back home at 4:20PM.

Nancy talked with David briefly this afternoon and Teresa, his wife, is going to make arrangements for Nancy to go out to North Carolina to visit them..perhaps for a week. She is going to ask Dale, her cousin, to go with her. If he can, he will take them to Tulsa to catch a plane. I will know more later...I will go watch the news right now and eat a banana for my supper. I will also check on the cats again. They may come back for supper.

More later...

Only Blondie came  back for supper this evening. I fed him and then when he was finished, I took the food back in the garage and covered it.

 I watched PBS for awhile and then turned to the evening CBS news.

I watched the CBS news and then took my bath and put my p.j.'s on. I will watch some TV and then read until bedtime. I started another book this morning but swept off the walks and porch area and put away the trash receptacle and watered the hanging baskets and did a load of  laundry and dried it and put it away. It's 7:34PM right now.

I have given up on getting a new battery for the laptop. I took my heavy duty extension cord in and hooked it up behind the sofa and plugged the laptop in it. That way I can watch TV and blog in the recliner too. That will be fine. 

I had another message from that factory outlet. They insist my bank site will not accept their payment. So that's fine. There's nothing wrong with the bank site and nothing wrong with the debit card either.

Tomorrow I will get my hair done around 9:15AM . It's time for a haircut too. Tonight I plan to go to bed at 9:00PM or so. I didn't sleep well last night because of the laptop nonsense.


Monday, July 12, 2021

Monday and an Expected Battery

I slept fairly well last night although not as well as usual. I had the concern about the laptop battery I am expecting today from Amazon. I don't know whether to shut the computer down to charge it or let it charge while I use it plugged in. I will need to consult with Keith about that. I don't want to ruin a new battery. 

I am dressed and ready for the day. I don't have a thing planned for today. It is 6:19AM and is getting light out there. I put the solar kitty back out there to catch some rays if there are to be any.  I guess I will go turn on the TV and check out the weather. Then I will check out the cats. I will get back to this later.

It looks a 20% possibility of rain tomorrow and Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 

This picture is of my front yard. My neighbor's tree is dropping leaves and they blow across the street and were on my yard this morning. I went out and raked. I picked up a half a black yard bag of leaves I had raked off my yard this morning. This is how it looks now.

May be an image of tree and grass 

It's 9:20AM now and I have been half watching the CBS news and texting Keith at the same time. 

My laptop battery should be here today if I'm lucky. I will shut down this laptop and put in the new battery to charge. Hopefully, after that charges, I will be able to take this laptop in the living room and blog. 

More later....

I see my next door neighbor's black dog is back over there. He just let him out in the backyard to pee. I have never seen the son. But every once in awhile I see the dog being let out to do his business.

But that's Suzanne's business....not mine.

Well,I got the laptop battery and it fit right in. It was the right numbers and type but it had an additional little round hump on the back of it and it was just enough additional to keep the laptop cover from opening. So I called Amazon about it and printed off the labels to put it back in it's box and  taped the labels on it and took it down to Bartlesville to the UPS store and sent it back. That was weird. It fit right in and was a type Dell GF952 1525 and everything. I will have to try again to get EXACTLY the right battery...if such a thing even still exists.

I  found one at a factory Outlet Store and I should get that one in 3 to 5 days. The salesman assured me that it was not even a "replacement" but an "original" battery for my laptop. I hope that works out. If it doesn't, I will have to return that one too.

I did get my dusting done at last. I had put it off for three days.

It's after 6:30PM now and I will go take my bath and get ready for bed and see if my Kindle has charged enough  to read with it. It seems like I am constantly charging that thing. I am in the middle of a book and it told me it needed charging. I plan to go to bed at 9:00PM

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Sunday and More Rain

I slept well last night and was up at my usual time. I read until 9:30PM and finally went on to bed. 

This morning I was up close to 5:00AM, made the bed and dressed and got myself ready for church. I am having my breakfast now and it's 5:38AM.  

It's supposed to storm again today. I hope it won't hail because my car would be damaged setting out in it. Everyone's else's would be too.

I haven't had the weather on yet nor have I checked on the cats. It's not even  6:00AM yet and I usually don't feed them until sometime between ..6:00AM to 6:30AM....around that time.

I put away the notebook computer this morning. It had been plugged in all night and half the day yesterday and never did charge. And it had a new battery too. I was never able to get it past the error message that came up again yesterday. Keith now thinks it is a hardware problem. I have ordered a new battery for this laptop and it should be here Monday...tomorrow... according to Amazon. Hopefully it will charge. I will leave it plugged in until it says it is fully charged and use the desktop computer until then. 

It's nearly 6:00AM now. I will go turn on the TV and see what the weather station has to say. If they are still predicting storms, I will bring in the hanging plants again and set them on dinner plates out of the weather.

We have a smaller chance of rain today. Unless it begins to rain before I leave for church, I will leave the plants out.

Scruff and Blondie showed up for breakfast and I fed them. I am pretty sure Scruff is pregnant. Her tummy is kind of large and I think I see some movement in it. Time will tell.

I watched "Hope in the Morning" this morning. It's interesting how they help wild animals and then turn them loose in the wold to make it on their own. 

It's 7:11AM  now. I won't leave for church until 9:00AM. Church doesn't start until 11:00AM. Leslie is speaking this morning. When I get there early, I sweep up the mess at the front door...and any other mess I find. 

More later....It's 7:50AM now and I will not be leaving until 9:00AM. It appears the rain won't start until afternoon and I hope that's correct. I will be home by then. I have set the solar kitty out to catch some rays this morning.

I have also texted the congregation that I hope to see them at the services this morning. I hope that helps attendance. This pandemic has really affected our attendance. The counties all around Montgomery County are in the red zone...meaning they have too many cases of the virus to hold services. So far, our county, Montgomery County, is holding it's own in yellow.

The bulb has gone out in my camera on the desktop computer. I guess that means I won't be able to watch the Mission Center worship service this evening. Leslie is speaking there too this evening. I just bought that camera during the pandemic. It didn't last long.

More later...

I left for Coffeyville at 9:00AM and went to get gas when I got there. Then I went by Karan's and left the newspapers I had saved for her for the shelter. 

From there I went to the church and swept off the bugs in front of the church. I turned on the PA system too and made up a sheet for the attendance. There were 19 of us there today..which is not bad for our small congregation.

Leslie had a very good sermon! I texted her after I got back to church to tell her. Phyllis and I got away before we had an opportunity to tell her.

Then four of us went to "Just Us" to eat out. It was very good and Rick bought all four of us our lunch.

After lunch, I took Phyllis back to the church to get her car and came on back home myself.

It doesn't appear we have had any rain here. The plants both look good. I will keep an eye of them though. I don't want them to drown in the event rain does start here.

More later...

I went out to Leslie's to have her test out my laptop to see if it had a camera. It did. I just didn't know it did.The dot we found on it that was a camera was dark and needed to be cleaned off so we could get a picture. She set up an account for me and saved the password so I wouldn't have to mess with that every time I used it.

It's not raining here now. The sun is shining. Evidently it can't make up it's mind what it wants to do. Leslie says it's raining out at their place now. 

It's 4:21PM now and she will be speaking at the Mission Center site at 6:00PM. I will record 60 Minutes this evening at 6:00PM and watch it later.

More later...;The laptop wanted me to do a backup of the drive. Luckily I had some DVD RW's that were blank so I have begun a backup of that drive.

Now as soon as that is finished. I will take my bath and watch the recording of 60 Minutes.

I plan to read until I go to bed after that.

It is 7:20PM now.

More later...I read until 9:30PM and then went on to bed.