Saturday, May 11, 2019

Saturday and Rain Again

I knew I should have bit the bullet and mowed the back yard last evening. I just didn't. I had hoped it would not rain but it did. Now the grass is wet back there and it will have to dry out before I can mow it.  Oh well!

I still have Sunday, Monday and Tuesday to do it. IF it doesn't continue to rain.

I got up fairly early again this morning. It was close to 5:00AM. I have had my breakfast and coffee and Chai and am working on my Cappuccino. I have watched some of the news but really have just been baking my cake for Tuesday. I will ice it when it is cool and freeze it tomorrow in the church's freezer. Bob will pick it up on his way to Independence on Tuesday.

Scott has agreed to let Ginger buy one of John and Leslie's Cowboy Corgi puppies so I imagine they will be driving to Nashville with the little fellow the last of the month. They are naming him "Sarge". He looks like a "Sarge" too. I hope Ginger's old dog, Chloe, will accept him and I hope the cat, Eddy, will too. They are very jealous of one another as far as Ginger is concerned. I will be gone to Branson with the senior center group and Karan over the last weekend of the month so I hope they will deliver him at a different time. I had agreed to keep Raven for them when they do their deliveries. Karan and I will be gone the 30th and 31st. John will be at Bartlesville's Sunfest the 31st of May and the 1st and 2nd of June. He is entering some of his art work in a booth there.

The timer just went off and I got the cake out of the oven and it is cooling now.

More later...

Well, the cake is cooled and iced and ready to be frozen tomorrow at church. I also took that big box the Bag Buddy came in and put it in the large trash container at the Caney car wash.  It wouldn't fit into mine. I wash my car there every week so I know they wouldn't care.

It's almost 8:30 AM now and I am pretty caught up with all my chores. The dishes are washed and put away too. In the morning, I will make up my coffeecake for the church school classes and ice it.

More even later...

I went to Independence this morning before lunch. I was looking for three prizes for the June bunco games. I am in charge of providing them in June. I didn't find anything appropriate. I also went to Goody's looking for  a purse. The one I am using now has come apart twice and I have just basted it back together. I didn't find anything I wanted to buy. I stopped at three different stores to look for those prizes but didn't find anything I wanted to buy. I did go into the Penn Avenue Beauty Shop up there that carries my makeup and bought some powder base. Then after that I went to the post office and bought stamps and then to Big Cheese for a personal pan pizza and a root beer.  That was my lunch. Then I stopped at Orschelens and bought another hook to hold a hanging plant I want to buy for the front of my apartment. That was the extent of my shopping and after that I came on back home.

I checked the state of the back yard but it was still too wet to mow. I hope to do it after church tomorrow afternoon. I hope it's dry enough to do it by then. I did deadhead my flowers again. I also want to bring that red mulch around tomorrow if the weather permits.Still haven't seen my hummingbird for three days now. I did see the little grey cat that I have been feeding out front. He/she was eating the cat food I have been leaving for it this morning. There is also a small yellow cat that comes to eat sometimes. He/she was checking the food situation here day before yesterday. And the starlings help themselves to it too. These two little cats look like they could be strays. They certainly are thin.

It's just now 8:00PM and I'd like to stay up until 9:00PM.  I have watched a couple of TV programs but there's really nothing on I am interested in watching this evening. I am recording two programs that come on at 9:00PM. I will watch them another day.

I have turned up the furnace again.  I got cold last night.

Friday, May 10, 2019

Friday and A Shopping Plan

I didn't sleep as well last night. I may have got cold. It is down to 42 degrees right now at 4:45AM. It also may be that the melatonin capsules don't work as well as the pills. I will give it a few more days and see if warmer weather makes a difference or if I just need to buy some more and different pills.

I did buy some red mulch when I was in Coffeyville Wednesday but it is in the trunk of my car. I think I will open it and fill a bucket with it and carry it bucket full by bucket full to the back yard  and put it in the flower bed. Maybe I will do that tomorrow. I also need to bake a cake tomorrow and ice it and then take it to church on Sunday and freeze it there. Bob can pick it up on his way to deliver cakes to Independence on Tuesday.

I woke up at 3:15AM and couldn't get back to sleep and finally just got up at 4:00AM. I may buy one of those "white noise" machines at Amazon. Some are only about $15.00.  And I never did get my Bag Buddy this week. I may have to ask Amazon where it is. I may still have the confirmation of shipping. I will check after breakfast.

I was called by Christopher and Banks yesterday afternoon and they are having a 40% off sale going on right now. I haven't bought anything new in months. I may go check that out. I really don't need a thing. I have a closet full of fall/winter things and another closet full of spring/summer clothes. But I could go look. I have been in the apartment for days since all the rain and colder weather has come in.

Right now, I need some coffee and oatmeal. I will get back to this after that.

More later...

I have had my breakfast and watched the weather and the weather does not look good. Lots more rain in the forecast. I am really tired of staying in though.  I want to go somewhere if only to look around. I will wait until 9:30AM or so and call Nancy to see if she wants to go too.

More even later...

I was just looking at my grass. I just mowed last Sunday...not even a week yet... and I will have to mow next Sunday or Monday....whenever the grass is dry this next week.  All this rain makes it uncertain which day I will be able to do that. It really could use it right now but with all the rain, it is wet. So I can't do it for awhile.

Always something.

I finally reached Nancy and she had been at the beauty shop. She wanted to go eat breakfast and so we did that at Eggberts.

She is going shopping with her three friends this evening and have supper in Bartlesville so she would not go with me. I understood that. I will either go alone or not go at all. I could mow but I hate to do that today because of my hair. I just had it done on Wednesday and mowing would probably make a mess of it. If at all possible, I would rather do it Sunday afternoon or Monday. I will wait and see.

No photo description available.

Aren't those beautiful!! They opened even further this afternoon.

I did go to Bartlesville and went to Goody's and Christopher and Banks but didn't find anything I wanted to buy. I filled my gas tank and came on back home.

More even later...

My Bag Buddy came this afternoon! I put it together and then I was afraid to wait until Sunday or Monday to mow so I mowed the front and the side yard and emptied the grass catcher bag into the Bag Buddy.  That was sure easier then trying to hold the black yard bag while emptying the grass catcher.  Now my next challenge is to lift it into the trash container.  I won't fill this bag any fuller or I won't be able to do that.

All I have left to do now is the tiny back yard and I will trust the weather will hold until another day when I can get to that. I am too tired now.  But mowing it is good exercise.

It's almost time for the news now so I will get back to this later.

I watched some TV after I took my bath at 7:00PM and then at 10:00PM, I went on to bed.  I was very tired. Mowing did me in!

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Thursday and Cleaning Day

I slept well until 2:00AM and then , sure enough, all that tea came through. I was afraid of that!

Finally after waking up twice, I woke up from a bad dream. I dreamed that I went on to bed and after awhile Missy came in and jumped up on the bed and joined me. That woke me up sad. I miss that old cat so much! I still sleep with the little stuffed Shar pea dog. Somehow, that comforts me for the loss of Missy.

Anyhow, about 4:00AM, I just got up and came in here on the computer to read my e-mail, my new e-Chronicle and blog.

Today I will vacuum my apartment.

By the way, I did notice that Suzanne has advertised the neighbor's side of the duplex for rent in the Chronicle. It will be available on August 1st after Alice moves out around July 15th. 

Now I will need to drink my coffee and eat my oatmeal. It is 5:35AM.  So more later....

I got that done and cleaned up too. Now it's 6:50AM and I haven't done a thing but blog. I will go watch the news and eventually vacuum the carpets.

So, more even later...

I got the vacuuming and the bare floors washed and finished now and have been messing with the computer in the den all morning and finally think I have it going again.  It wouldn't connect to the internet with it's USB wireless adapter.  I just kept messing with it and it is finally back online now.


I will try to call Nancy after awhile but right now I am just going to go to the library and get something new to read.  It's 10:40AM right now.

More even later...

I tried to call Nancy but she wasn't home.

I also missed going to the library. Instead, I downloaded one of my favorite old movies "The Goodbye Girl" and watched that. It's too chilly to go anywhere today anyhow. It's still 50 degrees and cloudy.  I even have the furnace back on 71 degrees.

 Image may contain: plant

Guess what!! I just got flowers from John and Leslie for Mother's Day!!

I have put them in the vase that came with them with a packet of plant food and the sleeve that they came in (for 24 hours..for support while they open).  It looks like lilies but since they aren't altogether open yet, I am not positive! They say it will take 24 hours for them to open all the way up!

The note reads " Happy Mother's Day! Hope this brings you some spring color to your inside. You are working hard on the outside with flowers. Need to make sure you have some to enjoy inside! Love you.. Leslie and John".

Isn't that sweet! Thanks so much John and Leslie!

Cowboy Corgis wrestle with their poor mama. Poor mama! But she will miss them when they're gone! Thanks to my son-in-law, John, for this cute photo!
Image may contain: dog

Latest Cowboy Corgi pups for sale! Due to be delivered on May 25th.

Image may contain: dog

No photo description available.

No photo description available.

No photo description available.

They have four boys and three girls. One girl is sold already! I have not posted her photo here.

My Schwan's rep just came and I got my latest order. They have a couple of  new items that look good. Maybe I will order them next time.

I just noticed Scott and Ginger have posted some newer photos of their home. The windows are all in now since it has been raining.

 Image may contain: sky, house, cloud, tree and outdoor
It's coming along slowly. It would help if the rains would stop, I am sure.

I hope this cooler snap doesn't get my flowerbed flowers tonight. I put my summer PJs on and just now changed back into my winter PJs. 

It's 6:30PM now and I will take my bath soon and put my pjs on and get ready for bed. I will go to bed at 9:00PM.

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Another Good Night's Sleep

I slept well again last night...even through the storm. I could hear it thundering and lightning and raining but that sort of noise just helps me sleep.

It's a good thing I got so much done yesterday because today will not be as productive.

I have a 10:00AM hair appointment in Coffeyville and I had planned to get a few things at Walmart first but I am not sure that is going to develop in this rain. I am thinking of having breakfast at their Eggberts...with Bob, if he wants to go. I have his Hazelnut coffee in the car.

O.K. I will pick him up at 7:30AM for breakfast.

More later...

My daughter posted a new picture of those darling Cowboy Corgis. She says they found a shady place to rest.

Image may contain: dog
Aren't they cute?  It's a good thing my landlady won't let me have a puppy or I would be begging for one of those.

More even later...

I did have breakfast with my brother-in-law, Bob, at Eggberts in Coffeyville. In fact, he bought my breakfast. We caught up on family news. After breakfast, I took him home, went to the bank and out to Walmart to buy my few groceries for the week. Then I went to my hair appointment.

After that, I went back to my apartment in Caney and did some laundry. I watched some TV and also later in the day did some rearranging in the garage again.

My grass blower came yesterday but the Bag Buddy never did. It should be here today..I hope. When I mow on Sunday, I will want to use it to hold my big black grass bag while I empty the mower bag.

I had a milk shake for supper. I just couldn't get interested in anything else. I drank a lot of tea during the afternoon and sat out in the sunshine in back and enjoyed my flower bed.  I may regret that tea later on tonight.

I later watched a couple of episodes of Forensic Files on Amazon Prime. 

I took my bath at 7:00PM as usual and went on to bed at 9:00PM...also as usual. I was very tired although I hadn't done anything much all day except my running around. 


Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Tuesday and Storm Forecasts

I slept great last night. I don't believe I woke up at all during the night. I got up at 5:00AM as usual and had my oatmeal and coffee and juice.

I see we are forecast for storms today and perhaps even hail. I hope the hail (if we get it) doesn't get my flower garden.  I would hate to have to buy and plant everything again. I will keep the car in the garage. I am supposed to get my Bag Buddy and blower today from Amazon. I hope they will come today. Tomorrow it is supposed to rain too. My hair appointment is also on Wednesday. I will take my umbrella. I have three or four things on my grocery list for tomorrow. I will try to go out to Walmart while I am in Coffeyville and get the things I need.

I mended my screen door yesterday evening. It had come loose along the bottom. I got some small white nails from my toolbox and used my tack hammer to stretch the screen back along the bottom of the frame and tack it in place. I want to be able to open my back door without worrying about flies and mosquitoes.  I would like not to start using the air conditioning too early. That sticks me in the apartment when I want to be outside. I still want to get three more of those large red blocks to enlarge my patio. I would like it to be large enough to accommodate both my chairs out there.  Three more of them should do it.

I heard from Dean this morning. He wants to come down and go to Woolaroc this summer. I told him that would be fine.

I saw on the CBS news last night that they are replacing Jeff Glor with a woman commentator, Norah O'Donnell.  He was doing well in my opinion and I am not happy with CBS news for that decision. I imagine that decision was made because they have a new woman CEO at CBS News. I may change my news viewing to either NBC or ABC.

More later...
 Image may contain: indoor

My latest project. I cleaned and organized my garage and put all those empty file boxes in the attic.

The mower and the trash container are on the the other side of the garage.

The blower came this afternoon but I had already swept off the garage. I was looking for the Bag Buddy but it didn't come today...probably tomorrow.  I won't need it until the weekend anyhow.

The air conditioner people came this afternoon though. Suzanne said she would send them out to check it over and she did. They added a little Freon to the until. He said it was 21 years old  so it was losing a little Freon.  I'm glad it's ready for the season now though. I don't want to turn it on until I really need it because I will tend to stay in the apartment when it gets hot and I need the air. I want to be able to go outside comfortably and in the spring I can do that.

It's about time to eat my yogurt and watch the news.  I had my tomato bisque soup with cheese and crackers for lunch. I had that with some peach tea and followed it with a ice cream bar from Schwans.

About 7:00PM, I will take my bath and put my PJs on and wait until 9:00PM to go on to bed.

Monday, May 6, 2019

Monday and Interrupted Sleep

I would have slept well last night but at midnight the storm woke me up and then at 2:00AM I got an alarm on my phone that said we were under a flash flood warning. I am nowhere near any water here. So that annoyed me. From then on I slept fitfully.

I got up some time after 4:00AM.  I was sure glad I got all three yards mowed yesterday afternoon and last evening. I even used my new trimmer and trimmed everything.  It's not daylight yet so I don't know if the storm damaged my new flowers or not. I will check that out when it gets light outside. I need to get some mulch when I go to Coffeyville on Wednesday for my hair appointment.

Right now I am going to go fix my oatmeal for breakfast and drink my coffee and watch the weather channel on TV.

So more later...

I have checked my flowerbed and nothing appears to have been damaged. I am so glad I got the yard done yesterday. It would be soaked today.

 Image may contain: grass, plant, tree, outdoor and nature
Notice what a neat job the trimmer did in the front yard.

 Image may contain: plant, grass, outdoor and nature
It did a neat job in the back yard too.

Dean e-mailed me yesterday to see if I would be interested in going with him to see Woolaroc down south and west of  Bartlesville. It has been years since I have been there. Bob and I took Ashley when she was in high school. I told him I would be interested in seeing it again. He just needs to tell me when he plans to come. I am scheduled to go to Branson the last weekend of this month with the seniors from the senior center. Also, in June, I may attend the short reunion over at the church's camp grounds. I think it's June 12th through 16th. Outside of that, I have no definite plans. He hasn't been there since he was a child. He would like to see it as an adult.

More later....

I went out awhile ago and pulled the mower out of the garage to empty the clipping bag. When I finished the side yard last night, I was too tired to do it then. So I did it just awhile ago. I dipped the clippings out hand over hand this time. The black bag was in the trash container and too heavy for me to pull out again. The mower clipping bag was about 3/4 full too. That was from the back yard and the side yard. It took me a little while but I wanted to get that done.

Then I swept off the drive and some of the garage. I want to get a blower to keep my garage clean. I could also use it to blow off clippings that get on the sidewalk and drive.  I will check into that at Amazon. I still need to find one of those wire racks you can put your black plastic yard bags over and dump the clippings into it standing up. I don't know what they are called. The clerk at Lowe's looked online but he didn't find anything that answered that description. They may not make them anymore.

I'll check myself.  More later...

I found the "bag buddy" on Amazon and ordered one. It should be here tomorrow with my one day delivery.  While I was at it, I ordered a leaf blower too. It too should be here tomorrow. And are both getting free one day delivery. That will make keeping the garage clean much easier.  I need to get some gas for the mower now. It's getting low in the can. I will need to mow again next week.

More later...

I went up to Casey's and filled that gas can 3/4 full of gas.  Then I got the tool kit and mended the screen so I can leave the door open here in the den without letting in flies or mosquitoes. While I was doing that, Suzanne and her grandson, Scout, came and cut my hedge. I went out and helped them clean up. Suzanne is going to send an air conditioning man out to check my air conditioner now.  Alice has already had hers on but I don't want to turn mine on until it gets hot.  I will be sitting in the house all the time if I do that.

The hedge looks very good. Her grandson is 13 but is a good worker. It is 5:25PM now and is 80 degrees out there.

 Image may contain: plant, flower, outdoor and nature
This is the hedge after they finished trimming it.It has a low place in the center but maybe it will fill in eventually. It looks a lot better.

It's almost 5:40 now and I want to watch the news.

More later...

I watched the news and a couple of episodes of Forensic Files before taking my bath and going to bed at 9:00PM. I was very tired!

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Sunday and Another Good Night's Sleep

I seem to have fixed my poor sleep pattern by increasing my Melatonin dose to three 10mg each night. I am so glad. I still get up at 5:00AM just as I always have but I am rested. After all, I go to bed at 9:00PM.

Anyhow, I have dressed and had my oatmeal for breakfast and even have my coffeecake done. I will ice it after it cools.

I plan to leave for church at 8:30 or so. I like to be there at 9:00AM even though the church school class doesn't begin until 10:00AM. That gives me time to see if the church is clean and the trash has been emptied and cut the coffeecake and get the paper plates and forks out. Bob A., my brother-in-law, usually makes the coffee. He is head deacon.

I think Great China is open again now. They always take April off and close so they can go back to China and visit their families. I was through there yesterday morning early on my way to Cherryvale and their cars were there although it was still too early for them to be open. I will see if Phyllis wants to eat there with me after church.

O.K. The coffeecake is done and iced and the kitchen cleaned up. I have finished early. I still  have about 45 minutes until I leave for church. The next time I am in Coffeyville, on Wednesday, I will need to buy another coffeecake mix. ...before next Sunday. That was my last one. I probably ought to buy pecans too at the health food store. I have about a cup left. That not quite enough for the coffeecake.

More later...after church and lunch...

The lunch was good and a group of eight of us did eat at Great China. Phyllis didn't go. She had too much to do this afternoon. But Johnna, Kim and the Brooks family did go.

I got home and filled up the mower with gas and mowed the front and a part of the back before I played out. I came in the apartment to drink some water and rest awhile. I will go back out later and finish the back. I am not sure I can get the side yard mowed today. I may have to take a chance on "no rain" and do it tomorrow.  I have not played out in the past but maybe it's because I am doing it at 2:00PM instead of waiting until evening. I am pretty tired and sweaty now.

More later...

Well, I went out about 3:30PM and finished the back yard and began the side yard but just didn't have enough energy to finish it.   I did empty the bag of the clippings. I will do the side yard tomorrow if it doesn't rain. Maybe I can get it done early before it rains and before it gets too warm. It is 73 degrees here now.  It may be easier earlier in the day too...before I am tired.

I never did finish my mowing this evening but I did hook up my little lightweight Works trimmer and trimmed all that I had mowed. It worked fine! The trimming turned out fine and afterward I swept the clippings into the grass.

I did it! I went back out at 7:15 and finished mowing the side yard. I put the mower away and will empty the bag later...probably tomorrow. It is nearly 8:00PM now and I need to take a bath and get ready for bed.

I will go watch some Amazon Prime TV now. After that is over I will take my bath at 7:50PM and plan to go to bed at 9:00PM as usual.