Saturday, July 11, 2015

Saturday At Last

I got up at 4:45 this morning. I am having some trouble staying asleep any more. I had a cup of coffee when I came into the kitchen and later this morning at 7:25 will pick up Bob for breakfast. Missy is wanting to go outside so before long, at 6:30, I will go out on the carport with her. She's  beginning to be a pest about wanting to go out but I feel sorry for her to be stuck in the house for the rest of her life after she had had the run of the neighborhood over on Catalina.  She is just too vulnerable at 12 years old in this neighborhood.  There are two rather aggressive cats black one and one that looks a lot like her.

I hope Keith finds the time today to call me back. I want to visit with him. When he called yesterday morning, I was over in the children's department scanning bar codes.  Then when he called back last night, I was sound asleep. Scott told me he was working some horrendous hours trying to plug holes in the government's site so the Chinese cannot access all sorts of personal information of citizens.

More's 6:30 and time to take Missy out....

Well, I took Missy out but she only stayed out 15 minutes. Something troubled her and she wanted back in. She's there in my chair now and has been all morning.

Bob and I went to breakfast. Then I took him home. He had walked over. We had a very good breakfast buffet at Sirloin Stockade.  After I took him home, he was going to go out and check on Denise. She is still recuperating from her recent surgery. She did come out cancer free when she finally got the pathology report.

I have been reading a new book I downloaded from Amazon called Lost Apostles.  It is about the early days of our church and some of the leading members they lost at that time. I am determined not to go anywhere today but to just take it easy.  I do want to bake some cookies and if I'm going to do that, I'd better get in there and start.

Later I may go over to the Country Time Antique Mall and browse around.

More later...

I got my cookies baked.  Bob dropped in after he got back from Denise's.  After she got home from Leslie's last Saturday, she began bleeding from her incision and Dee took her back to the emergency room. She saw a doctor who  referred her back to Dr. Miller for Monday. On Monday he said if her incision didn't heal correctly, he might have to go back in there and put in staples. So, she will wait and see.

I did some browsing around at the Antique malls and didn't find anything I couldn't live without.  I'll get back to this later.

Bob came over and watched the news and then went home fairly early. Keith called and said he was rushing home to take Esther to the emergency room. She had some sort of intestinal blockage. He asked for prayers.  

I got to bed fairly early and awoke in the night concerned about Esther. I couldn't get back to sleep until I prayed for her and also for Keith, who was so alarmed. Suddenly I had a feeling of peace and I was able to get back to sleep. I turned it over to God. 

Friday, July 10, 2015

Friday At Last!

I will go in this morning and work two hours so I can go to Helen's funeral. She died of Alzheimers just like my sister. Her husband, John, is one of my classmates. Then I will go back to work after I change my clothes and work my last two hours.

We will have our leftover chili this morning for lunch.  I have already set the table. Then I will change back into my work clothes and finish my day.

I awoke at 2:00 again this morning but this time I got up and took a Benedril so I could go back to sleep.

Now I've had my cereal and one cup of coffee and now will get the second one and go out on the carport with Missy. She has been waiting pretty patiently.

More later....

I took Missy out for an hour and then went to work at 9:00 until 11:00. I then went home to warm up our chili for lunch. I ran a few errands after that and then went on to Helen's funeral. The funeral was less about Helen as it was a sermon. I prefer a celebration of the life of the deceased.

I got back to work immediately following the 3:05. I worked until 5:00 and got home shortly afterward.

Marilyn, my neighbor,  came over to thank me for keeping her carport swept off while she was gone of her vacation. She stayed until Bob came at 6:00. He stayed until7:00 and after he left, I took my bath and sat with Missy in the recliner. I could not stay awake and finally went to bed at 8:45.  My cell phone rang at 9:30 or so but I could not wake up enough to answer it. I later saw that it was Keith and I had missed an opportunity to visit with him

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Thursday and Housecleaning Day

Again, today I will do my laundry and clean the apartment. I will wait awhile to do that. Jeannie, my neighbor, is still asleep.

My friend John's wife died on Tuesday and the services are tomorrow at 2:00.  I will try to attend the services.  I will ask if I can work two hours tomorrow morning and two hours late tomorrow afternoon.

This morning I got up at 4:00. I was awake at 2:30 and didn't ever really get back to sleep. I should have taken a Benedril cap but I just didn't want to get up again. So undoubtedly, I will be very tired this evening.

We will have our leftover hamburger pie for lunch and have salad with it.  Then tomorrow we will have our leftover chili. I don't know what I will do on Saturday.  Sunday Bob and I will drive over to the church's campground for the services there.

More later....

Well, I got the apartment cleaned and everything shines. I also read a magazine. I have two to give to Bob for himself and Denise now.

I took Missy and went out on the carport to enjoy the rain. While we were out there, a tremendous clap of thunder hit and Missy immediately wanted to come back in. She's up on the sofa now....napping.

Bob is delivering Meals on Wheels for Barbara today so he will be a little later for lunch. He has a doctor's appointment in the morning so he will not go to exercise classes. I have given them up. I get plenty of exercise at work.

More even later...

Well, that was true! I did too aisles today and was even more exhausted. I also put away several baskets of DVDs and filed.

While I was scanning in the children's department, I had to put the tablet on a small stool. The children's department was full of children They had some sort of event going on over there and there were children and their parents everywhere.   Finally it thinned out. One child was going to pick up the tablet and I said "if she does that, I will lose all my work". The mother finally took her away. I was almost finished when I noticed my program was gone and the bars I was scanning were going onto some other page in the scanner. I went to find Katie over at the adult side and she had someone in her office with the door closed. Adrian and I searched the table by date for the correct page and finally found it. I had no idea where it skipped to a different page so I asked Cindy to look up the last bar code I had scanned. She found it and I searched through the books to find where I lost the tablet. I only lost about a dozen books so I rescanned those and finished the aisle. Whew!

When I went back to the adult side again, there were several more dozen DVDs to put away and I finally finished up  at 5:00. I go in about 20 minutes early so they get a bargain in me. Plus the program pays my salary so to the library, I am free.

I went home exhausted. Bob came over for awhile but went home early. He must have seen how tired I was. I took my bath and did my usual routine. I went to bed at 9:00.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Wednesday and Chili

It's in the 60's this morning and it's raining cats and dogs.   It began raining seriously in the night. I finally got up at 4:30 and dressed and had my breakfast. I had a banana and some more of Bob's banana nut bread with my coffee. Missy wants to go out but it's just 5:30 now and we have to wait until daylight.

I dread work again today. I probably will be scanning bar codes in the children's department again. Also with this rain, many people came in to take home DVDs yesterday and they will be bringing some of those back too. I have no idea what awaits me at work today. I am still considering quitting the job. It is so stressful and my knees are hurt from kneeling on them putting away DVDs on the bottom shelves and books on the shelves in the children's department and also my hands swell from pulling the new fiction out of the shelves to make room for more even newer ones. I am too old to be getting down on the floor that way. Getting down is not that hard but getting back up is the hard part.

We will have chili today since the weather has cooled down to 65 degrees. Then tomorrow we will finish up our  hamburger pie from Monday. We ate at Big Cheese in Independence yesterday after my hair appointment and our trip to Wal Mart there.

Missy is lying beside my chair and patiently waiting now for daylight. She wants to go outside.

More later....

Well, she went out but was disappointed to find that it was raining. She wanted back in. I took her out twice but she was not happy about the rain and came back in. She's in my chair now sleeping.  I have the chili on for lunch. It is in the slow cooker.

Bob came over for awhile before going home to get ready for exercise class. I have decided I get enough exercise at work and do not want to go anymore. It's too noisy. I get enough noise at work too.

I called to see what the balance is on my car loan.  I will take that information to First Federal and see if they can beat the interest rate.

More later...

Well, because of the age of my car, First Federal had the same interest rate so I will stay where I am, I guess.  I owe nearly $4,000 on it so I will try to continue doubling the payments until my program expires on September 30 2016. Then I may use some of my savings to pay it off if it's not paid off by then. I'll play it my ear.

I worked this afternoon first at putting away hundreds of DVDs and then and once again had to scan bar codes in the children's department. I only scanned one hour.  After that, my knees began bothering me.  I went back into the adult library and did some more work there.  I certainly don't want to damage my knees.

After work, Bob came over to read the paper and watch the news. He left shorty after 7:00 and I did my usual....took my bath, put my pjs on and watched TV from the recliner with Missy on my lap.
I fell asleep in the recliner so I just went to bed.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Tuesday and Hair Day

I slept well last night even though I went to bed at 8:30. I got up about 4:45.  I had forgotten to take the trash over across the road. I did that as soon as I had my breakfast of banana nut bread and a banana.  Missy wanted to go out but it was dark outside and I would not let her out. In another thirty minutes I will take her out.  She loves being outside. It's supposed to rain today and the rest of the week so she may not be as comfortable with being outside.

Bob and I will go to Independence this morning so I can get my hair done and he can go to their Wal Mart. He wants to see if he can find a folding lawn chair.  I want to get a few groceries myself. I went to Country Mart to get potatoes over the weekend but all they had was ten pound bags and I want a five pound bag. So I will get it at their Wal Mart while we are out there. Then we will go to Big Cheese and each have a mini pizza.

When we get home I will go to work. Lord only knows what I will do there now that Katie is back.

More later....

I put away three  double decker basketfuls of DVDs first...a huge job. Then I shelved 25 or 30 new fiction books and filed newspapers. Then at 3:00, Katie had me scan bar codes in the children's department. It was down on my knees or sit on the floor. Finally, I asked Cindy if she had a ruler and she gave me one to use as a marker. Some of these children's books are very thin and it is almost impossible for me to keep track of where I took one out. The ruler helped a lot. I finished the other side of the bookcase I started last week. It took me an hour but an hour was all my legs and knees could stand. When I got home I was very tired.

Bob came over after that for wine and to watch the news and American Experience. He couldn't make it past 7:30 and went home.  I took my bath and put my PJs on and tried to get Missy to come in and keep me company.

She was angry that I wouldn't let her back out on the carport.  I went out to get my newspaper and she was going to go out too. I told her "back" several times but she would not get back so I just took her and turned her around and gave her a gentle shove away from the door. She spit and growled to me and pouted the rest of the evening. Finally after I sat in the recliner and called "sweetly" to her several times, she deigned to come get into my lap. I watched all of American Experience and then went on to bed. She soon followed me.

Monday, July 6, 2015

Monday and Back to Work

I slept well last night. I did wake up at 2:00 and went to the bathroom and again shortly after 4:00 but I just went back to bed until almost 5:00. I get way too tired if I get up any earlier.  

I dread going back to work this afternoon. There will be hundreds of DVDs to put away. That usually takes me from 1:00 (I usually go in early..about 12:40) until 2:30 or 3:00.  Then they continue to come back  the rest of the afternoon. In between times, I put away newspapers, magazines and new fiction books.

I don't know if I will go to exercise class this morning or not. The same exercises eventually bore me. I started these exercises to work out the pain in my arms, caused by some of those antibiotics I took for the erysipelas I had in 2013.

Missy is crying to go out onto the carport and I am trying to get her to wait until  6:30 and it is plenty light out there. She doesn't need any surprises.  She can wait another 15 minutes. I have had my first cup of coffee and my banana and some of Bob's banana nut bread.

Now I am on my second cup of coffee so I guess I will take her on out.

More later....

We hadn't been out more then five minutes and Bob came. He sat with us for twenty minutes and drank his coffee then went back home to shave and get ready for exercise class. I went in the house to let Missy get a bite to eat and then got the laptop and came back out.  I still can't decide whether to go to exercise class or not.   I certainly get plenty of exercise at work. I don't exactly know what I will do if I don't go to exercise class. I could work on my sermon and that would probably be a good thing to do.  Once I get it finished I won't have to deal with it anymore.

We had our lunch and now Bob has gone home to get his laundry. I will be gone to work before he gets back.  It's time for me to leave now.

More even later...

I spent most of the afternoon putting away DVDs. I did manage to find three that had been lost in the machines.  Also I put away the new fiction.I had taken the green stickers off several dozen last Thursday to make room for more new fiction and now that bookcase is full again. I could get the last few books in the bookcase. It was that full.  I told Carolyn about that and she will have a bunch more for me to remove green stickers from on Tuesday. Also, Katie is back Tuesday so there may be more scanning.

I was tired when I got home and Bob came over to watch the news with me. We had a bowl of ice cream instead of our usual glass of wine. He left sometime after 7:00 and I took my bath and put my pjs on and sat with Missy in the recliner. I went to bed at 8:30.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

Sunday Again

It's Sunday again and I preside at church again this morning.  Luckily Bob and I went out there yesterday and I ran off the bulletins and some church school material for the class. He took the mower out there and put it in the shed at the church. He and Phyllis had bought it and donated it to the church for the trimming while the members were doing the mowing.  Nowadays we pay a man to mow for us. It's just too big a job for us old people.

We had a real good time and a great meal out at John and Leslie's last night. John grilled chicken, I took my potato salad, Cyndi brought a good salad, and Leslie had made homemade ice cream. Dee and Denise did come. Dee drove. Denise isn't supposed to be driving yet. I did get sick after dinner  and have diarrhea though. I had some more when I got home but then took a dose of Pepto Bismo and that seemed to stop it. I awoke early this morning sweating so I guess some fever broke. I am a little weak feeling but otherwise fine this morning.

I worked on my sermon for the 19th yesterday. I didn't get much done though. The theme is Pursue Peace and it should be a great theme. I will work on it some more this week. We dismissed services for next Sunday and hope everyone goes over to the reunion grounds at Racine, Missouri, for the services there and to spend the day. I will make up a sign for the door at church.

I don't know where our group will eat after church but I hope it's not Mexican. I don't think my stomach is up to that today. I think I will make hamburger pie for tomorrow's lunch. I have salad from Leslie's dinner and hamburger pie has green beans in it.  That will be an easy meal. I will have some more pears and cookies for dessert.

Missy wants to go out and it is getting light so I will fix another cup of coffee and take her out for awhile.  She loves to go out and listen to the birds.

More later...

I sat out with Missy off and on for an hour and a half. She was real good this time and stayed close to home.

We did eat at El Pueblo after least seven of us did. I tried to be conservative and so far I feel fine. 

I got my congregational newsletters finished and out on the mailbox. Now I am sitting down listening to the music on the TV....relaxing. It's 2:30 in the afternoon.  It's too hot to take Missy out. She would want right back in.

I am doing a small load of laundry right now so will need to listen for the alarm when it finishes.

Bob will be over at 6:00 to watch 60 Minutes with me.  I know it will just be a rerun.

I need to go out and water my flowers. I was expecting rain today and it didn't develop. Back later.....
 They were really parched so I gave them all a god watering. I really expected rain today. This is the above the ground bed my son-in-law, John made for me.

This is the one I built last year against the apartment building.

And these are the pots I put together the first spring I moved here. This is the third summer I have had them. In February it will be four years I have lived here.

The 13th of July, our new Brahms ice cream store is due to open. They tore down the old one last winter and were supposed to have the new one finished March 1st. Well this is July 5th and they are finally getting it finished. I won't be going right away. They will be swamped!

More later....